Why We Love Different Seasons

Like a woman, each season has its unique allure. You told us which is your favorite, accompanied by some lovely descriptions explaining why.

“Definitely summer, I feel more comfortable in heat than cold, I love the ocean!” Elaine Karsten


“Here in Australia, I would say spring, when it’s still a little cool ? but getting warmer days towards summer. Sadly, this spring has been cold and very wet, a continuation of winter. I am a bit over it now. Come on sun, please come out..⛅” Carine Munro
“Definitely autumn! Love the fall colors of the leaves. Throw on a jacket and go for a brisk walk, or car ride through a state park. Drink some hot chocolate and curl up with a good book.”
Diane Wilkins

“Autumn, with spring as second. In autumn, warm days and cool nights, gorgeous colors, spices prevalent in foods, a lightweight sweater, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and watching leaves drift in a light breeze, lower humidity.”
Debra Gates Vallett
“I’m more comfortable being warm, so I would say summer,  I also love autumn. It’s such a cozy time of year.” Laura Belle


“It’s most definitely absolutely certainly fall and winter. I just love the cold.”
Pauline Ann Gaxiola
“Spring, when the earth wakes up!” Terry Kessler-Mccarthy

“I’ve learned to appreciate something in every season. In the winter, there’s a silence of hibernation and the smell of afternoon coffee. In the spring, longer days and warmer afternoons make being outside a beautiful experience. In the summer, there’s the smell of sunscreen and tanning oils which reminds me of a time when it was OK to lay on a beach and listen to water come up to the shore. In autumn, there’s the anticipation of a new school year with new school shoes and pencils with new erasers. I like all the times of the year, except Christmas. Keep Christmas to yourselves as it’s overwhelming as well as overrated.”
Melissa Everett Berger
“It’s hard to pick, since we have four seasons, and there is good to every single one. I like spring because life is renewed; summer, the foliage is in full bloom; in fall, you know the heat won’t get over 80 and the colors are so vibrant, and, in winter, SNOW! If I had to go to just three seasons, I’d drop summer” Susan Stompf


“Fall. All legends are born during fall. I’m one of them! ????” Isabel Garcia
All of the seasons, except winter. I am too old for the cold-cold.” Jacquie Edwards



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