15 Things To Absolutely Avoid From Halloween to New Year’s 2015

1. Cooking a holiday meal, by
yourself, for 25 guests

Cut down the number of guests or get some help!

2. Complaining about traffic

We all know holidays bring on heavy traffic. If it irritates you so much, stay home.

3. Buying a gift you can’t afford

It doesn’t matter how much you love it or to whom it’s going if it will put you in debt.

4. Buying bad gifts

Spend a little time thinking about what they like, not what you like.

5. Drinking too much in front
of your boss

You never know what he’ll think of you.

6. Putting excess stress on yourself

If you’re going to thoroughly clean the house, don’t wait until the last minute.

7. Indulging in holiday treats every-
where you go

Avoid the temptation because you’ll surely regret it later.

8. Confronting a relative or friend

It’s not the time nor the place, no matter how much he or she bothers you.

9. Letting your kids delay their college
applications, which are due
January 1

You don’t want to be editing their essays while the ball is dropping in Times Square.

10. Being insensitive to tensions between your guests

When you’re preparing your guest list, try to avoid potentially unpleasant interactions

11. Leaving out fragile objects

If you’re worried that you’re priceless vase will be broken, put it away before the party.

12. Showing favoritism in gift-giving

If you’re giving a more significant gift to one friend than another, do it privately.

13. Cutting it close when going
out of town

Leave earlier to avoid traffic or weather delays, so you won’t be a no-show.

14. Ignoring religious differences

Be aware of your guests’ traditions and beliefs so they don’t feel excluded.

15. Supplying the neighborhood kids with sugar-laden Halloween “treats”

Candy corn has no place rotting the teeth and playing havoc with the stomachs of little kids.

What do you avoid
during the holidays?

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0 Responses to “15 Things To Absolutely Avoid From Halloween to New Year’s 2015”

  1. kai says:

    I avoid my family. Last year I donated gifts to the homeless shelter & wrapped every one, which was a very heart healthy experience. This year I’m giving to food pantries. It is so much more fun to give than receive – especially when given a family like mine.

  2. Kathy DeCicco says:

    I wish I could be put in a medically induced coma the day before Halloween, and be taken out of it on January 3rd. By the time the holidays actually arrive, I’m so sick and tired of the media and retail saturation I could scream! What ever happened to holding off on Christmas until after Thanksgiving? Am I just a Scrooge, or does anyone else feel like this?

  3. Bess Heitner says:

    I avoid the holidays! Except for thanksgiving which is my favorite holiday in the year because I and a group of good friends get together and enjoy each other with no stress. I have the whole dinner catered except for the turkey. I love decorating and pull out all the stops to create a stunning decor. Many years ago I got a fortune cookie that said “fools pursue pleasure regardless of cost” that has been my life’s motto and I plan to have it engraved on my tombstone if I can afford it.


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