The Age You REALLY Want To Be

We received an overwhelming response when we asked you this question on our Facebook page:

If you could be any age now, what would it be?

Over 650 comments poured onto the post, and we read every single one. They were funny, thoughtful, warm, insightful, honest and touching. We’ve chosen some of our favorites to share here.


“I like it right here, at 56. My life’s ups and downs have brought me here and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I am still happily married to my best friend, 37 years and counting. Two grown sons who are thriving in happy marriages and they have given me 7 beautiful grandchildren. I am as happy as I can be right here.” Teresa Mathews


“62 works… I can finally decide what I want to do when I grow up! I can live for myself now…and just enjoy everyone else!” Linda Morrison Boucher

“The age I am now. I love my life with my husband, have wonderful children, stepchildren, grandchildren. I have loved every phase of my life so far and feel that we need to live in the here and now, otherwise we are wasting precious time – we only get one life, love it. It’s a privilege.” Irene Beckley


“I love the age I’m now not old and not young. I’m loving retirement, my partner, my son and daughter in law, two beautiful granddaughters, my home and my garden. My life has been a journey I’m still traveling. I’m content.” Cathy Justice

“I am happy where I am .In today’s world, I feel sore for the younger generation who have to come up against all of the dogma and the crap there is going on. I know when I was born in the early 50’s we were coming out of the post war era but folks were far more kind….I glad I’m not young any more !!!!” Ann Garside


“Fifty, but knowing what I know at 77!!!” Avril Bell

“50, before the aches and pains I have in my 70s. Also was more mobile. But accept being 77, it’s my body just can’t keep up with my mind.” Linda Orwick Reed


“My favorite years were when I was in my 30’s! But the 50s are right there too!!” Sheryl Street

“Would turn back the clock to 50. Just got divorced, got my townhouse, felt like I was on top of the world. Miss Independent! Now 63, sons do their own thing, best girlfriend of 30+ yrs died 3 years ago. And don’t have grandchildren yet!” Christine Randa Kincaid

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  1. Bunny Slave says:

    Which age would I be? My age today; tomorrow? One day older then today… Next month? One month older then this moment..


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