To Retire… Or Not To Retire?

Some of us quit working in our fifties, happy as can be. Others, though, are starting new careers and looking for new adventures during their ‘second halves.’ Just as we redefined marriage, sports and sex, we’re redefining ‘retirement.’ When we asked at what age you’d like to retire, this is how you responded.

Retirement Calendar

“My husband retired at 45 as a 100 percent disabled veteran. I went back to work to save my sanity. He spends his days volunteering all over town. I see myself working until I’m 65, because I need to be able to support myself if anything happens to him.”
Katie O’Berry


The Age You REALLY Want To Be

We received an overwhelming response when we asked you this question on our Facebook page:

If you could be any age now, what would it be?

Over 650 comments poured onto the post, and we read every single one. They were funny, thoughtful, warm, insightful, honest and touching. We’ve chosen some of our favorites to share here.


“I like it right here, at 56. My life’s ups and downs have brought me here and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I am still happily married to my best friend, 37 years and counting. Two grown sons who are thriving in happy marriages and they have given me 7 beautiful grandchildren. I am as happy as I can be right here.” Teresa Mathews

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Reap The Benefits Of Learning Without Upending Your Life

It may be ages since you’ve set foot in a classroom, but you’d like to study medical technology because the health field is booming and countless opportunities would be open to you.

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11 Italian Women With Smarts, Style & Success

To celebrate our wonderful giveaway to Italy, we are showcasing eleven exceptional Italian women, who confirm that it’s entirely possible to have both brains and beauty!

September 1890- November 1973

A rival of Coco Chanel, Elsa was a prominent fashion designer between the two World Wars. She collaborated with artists, including Salvador Dalí, and designed for celebrities such as Mae West.

marella-agnelliMay 1927-

The widow of former Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, Marella was born Princess Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto, and is an art collector, socialite, style icon, writer, landscape designer and photographer. (more…)

This Free Online Course Could Change Your Life

It may be a long time since you’ve set foot in a classroom, but today you want to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, to be successful in our dynamic world.

You might be on embarking on an exciting new challenge. Perhaps you’re changing jobs or your career. Or maybe you’re going back to work, after years, now that the kids are far from kids.

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45% Of You Hate WHO?!

Helping to Support Our Adult Children (21+)

It’s always enlightening (and entertaining) to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues. We’ll run a thumbnail synopsis of the results the following week.
Today, the issue is: Helping to Support Our Adult Children (21+).



Couples That Plan Their Retirement Together, Retire Happily Ever After

Sally and Bob are a hard-working couple approaching 60. Sally is a hospice nurse and Bob is a high school principal.

Married 29 years, they’ve always planned everything together, from family vacations to financing their two kids’ college educations. But now that they’re separately starting to think about their financial futures, each is reluctant to bring up this really important subject that will affect the rest of their lives.

If Sally and Bob sound like you and
your partner, keep reading.


Could You Support Yourself During Tough Times?

This post is sponsored by Edelman Financial Services.

Chances are, you know a woman who was left financially strapped after her husband died,
or she went through a horrible divorce.

Don’t let that woman be you.

Last fall, we learned about important seminars that empower women to take control of their financial futures. No, these are not “get-rich-quick” schemes, but are valuable lessons detailing nine steps to help plan your financial future and retirement. Not only will you learn the skills to protect yourself in both good times and challenging times, but also your loved ones as well. Can one 90-minute seminar help a woman take control of her financial future? Absolutely! Consider how Rose Bach did it.


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“My Granny Is A Pin-Up Girl”

Sandra Wilson embodies the word “reinvention,” in more ways than one.

She went from being a cosmetologist to a middle school English teacher, and then added “pin-up” model and magazine owner to her resume when she was almost fifty. Between everything, she raised two daughters, trained for and participated in a triathlon and didn’t let a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis stop her. Sandra tells FOF about her motivations and accomplishments.

How old are you?

I just turned 53.

Where do you live?

Richmond, VA, for the past six years.

Married? Children?

I am divorced, have two daughters, 32
and 33, and three grandchildren.


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