To Retire… Or Not To Retire?

Some of us quit working in our fifties, happy as can be. Others, though, are starting new careers and looking for new adventures during their ‘second halves.’ Just as we redefined marriage, sports and sex, we’re redefining ‘retirement.’ When we asked at what age you’d like to retire, this is how you responded.

Retirement Calendar

“My husband retired at 45 as a 100 percent disabled veteran. I went back to work to save my sanity. He spends his days volunteering all over town. I see myself working until I’m 65, because I need to be able to support myself if anything happens to him.”
Katie O’Berry

“Never…I did and I’m bored …looking for a new ‘adventure’ in 2017.”
Eloise Lisa Harrington

“When I get up in the morning and don’t enjoy working any more.”
Dianne Becker
I considered myself retired after I left my manager position in a high-end footwear company and had my first child.  I considered going back, but my boss, who I was very fond of, transferred to the major city store and they were selling off the shop I was managing. So, the atmosphere would not have been the same and I was lucky enough not to have needed to go back to work out of necessity. I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum. That was 28 years ago…”
Carine Munro

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