10 Ways To Avoid Black Friday Shopping Madness

The idea of actually entering a store on Black Friday instills downright horror in some of us. Then again, we can always plop ourselves in front of our computers–in our comfiest clothes–and take advantage of the earth-shattering deals online.

But not everyone thinks about spending money the day after Thanksgiving.  Some of us have other plans. Like these!

“I plan to buy extra time with my family. Sleep in late and snuggle up to my husband. Put up Christmas decorations and maybe order our Christmas cards. Eat leftovers and that night we’ll watch a Christmas movie.”
Mary Beth Howard Kelly  
Ziltch! I’ve never shopped on Black Friday & never will. I plan to curl up on the sofa to read.”
Robin Lewis Taylor


“(Buying) gas, maybe some food to go visit with family or people who can’t get out. I know I’m NOT giving in to the hype of Black Friday, whatever I do.”
Sherril Pentecost
“Getting my hair colored. Patronizing Small Business Saturday is more important.”
Cheryl Critelli-Neubauer


“Nothing, I don’t believe people should be so materialistic & should give things from the heart, filled with love!”
Jacque Mishler


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