10 Ways To Avoid Black Friday Shopping Madness

Nothing. I’m off to Poland where Christmas still means something.”
Krysia Sonko


“e-book to read all day on the couch. Maybe put up some decorations. Have leftovers, read some more, play some games on the computer, watch a couple movies. Sound perfect to me. I have never gone out on Black Friday and do not intend to start a tradition now.”   
Jana Johnson Lionberger


Donate to an animal charity. (Black Friday) is obscene consumerism.”
Julie Jeacock
Nothing. I refuse to buy into the madness that is Black Friday. I’ve worked Black Fridays in retail and it’s a retailer’s nightmare, even if it does pull up profits. Now that I’m semi retired, I stay home and just enjoy a nice long movie marathon with popcorn and cocoa.”
Lona Smith


Nothing. I’m going to enjoy my day with my daughter. Best gift ever!”
Michelle Solvang


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