How To Choose The Best Necklace For Your Outfit

You’re bound to hear “oohs” and “aahs” when you follow a few simple rules and pair just the right necklaces with your outfits. Since this is the one piece of jewelry that takes center stage, it always looks its best when the length, color, size and shape complement, rather than clash with, your ensemble.


1. Your neckline shouldn’t obscure the necklace, so if you’re wearing a scoop-style top, for example, your necklace should either hang a couple of inches below or above it.

2. Your necklace shouldn’t fight with your neckline, so if you’re wearing a top with a feminine princess neckline, pair it with a necklace that has delicate, smaller stones or charms, rather than a chunky, overpowering piece.

3. If you aren’t wild about your neck, stay away from chokers or high necklaces that draw attention to it, and instead choose pieces that hang closer to your breastbone.

4. If you’re a petite, slender woman, smaller-scale necklaces will be more flattering than big , heavy pieces.

5. Delicate necklaces tend to get lost if you’re a larger woman, whether you’re tall or short, but don’t choose necklaces that are dramatically oversized, either.

6. When you’re layering, make sure to choose necklaces of slightly different lengths so they’re not hiding one another. Also remember to layer necklaces with complementary styles, stones and weights.

A shortish necklace of irregularly shaped, large pieces of turquoise, for example, would look silly with a longish chain featuring small round cubic zirconia stones. But the cubic zirconia chain could look smashing with another chain of delicate seed pearls.

7. Big and bold print tops are often better left unadorned since they make it hard to see the necklace, anyway.

8. Colorful necklaces look best against solid tops. The colors in the necklace don’t have to exactly match your top, just as long as they complement it.

9. Black necklaces, on the other hand, can look dramatic on patterned clothes, as long as the pattern doesn’t make the necklace invisible.

10. Don’t wear necklaces that can catch on open weave sweaters and create tears and holes.

11. A dressy necklace can bring new dimension to simple black slacks and a modern white shirt.

Here, we highlight four necklaces by designer Bess Heitner, and recommend outfits from Chico’s wonderful new fall collection that would show off each magnificent piece.


Bess’s dramatic black Venetian glass necklace, featuring a colorful mini mosaic, would be a standout on a lightweight, fluid jacket with a simple tank top, Chico’s textured striped dress, or modern white shirt.

Bess’s stunning malachite copper collar would make beautiful music with Chico’s faux suede jacket with soft knit sleeves or faux suede fringe jacket

Imagine this collar of multi-color jasper paired with a crushed textured jacket or an elegant and easy blouse with a sophisticated sheen   

Pair this multi color coin pearl necklace with a cozy supersoft shirttail sweater,  a button-down sheer shirt with soft embroidery, or a soft denim classic shirtdress.

Bess is generously offering FOFs a 20% discount on any necklace in her collection. Please enter code FOF at checkout.

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