You Couldn’t Wait Until They Moved Out! Now, You’re Moving In With Them!!

We asked whether you’d move in with your adult children, and got the best answers yet, hands down, to any question we’ve asked during the last few months. Check out Deborah’s response. Funny lady.

A few of you also told us what it’s like to be the “kid” and move in with YOUR parents. Ladies, you’re the best. We love you!

“Oh heavens no. Almost everything that they were taught at home, they tossed out the window.”
Vickey Kilde-Goeden

“My mother is on social security and the cost of living is more than she can handle. She now lives with me and I am glad. I’m single.  My children are grown and married. I have 1/4 acre and a 1,500-square foot home. We keep each other company, and I know she’s safe.  I gave her the master bedroom with its own entry, so it’s like a studio apartment.  We both have become closer and more respectful to each other’s privacy. I’m glad I asked her.”
Marina Chavez

“Research says loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking. I’ve lived through both. But it was the loneliness that nearly killed me. Had my daughter lived closer, I probably would be in my own home. But I moved 1,500 miles to live with her. It’s working good. And now I not only have my daughter, I’ve made several new friends.”
Glenda Trammel

“Living with my daughter now. Was able to purchase a new car and save a lot on rent. I also babysit my five-year-old grandaughter who has autism. Realities of retirement, folks. We get along ok, although we have our moments.”
Andrea Teresa

“I totally wanna live with Summer and take care of her babies!!! But in the guest house, in a quiet area of her huge estate I’ve told her to buy for us. She’s my retirement plan!????#kiddingnotkidding
Tracy Oliver  

“I think with the economy like it is and the hardships people often face that living with family members may become more and more common. I think with some space in the home it would work out fine for many people.”
Ruthie Moreland Wray

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