{Family} How Long Should your Adult Children Live at Home?


“Would love a suggestion on how to deal with adult children living at home,” wrote in one FOF, and we are pretty sure she’s not the only one looking for answers. An unstable job market has led to the rise of what has been dubbed as the Boomerang Generation, the era of kids who return home after college. The U.S. Census Bureau reported a 5% increase in the number of young men (ages 24-34) and 8% increase in the number of young women living with their parents for the period between 2005 and 2011.

So, what’s an FOF to do? We chatted with Christina Newberry, author of  “The Hands-On Guide to Adult Children Living at Home” to get some answers. Here, she offers advice on how long your adult children should live at home (her answer may surprise you!), how to adapt your parenting style to this situation, and the best exit strategy to help your child gain independence and for you to reclaim that empty nest–once and for all.

Enter to win a copy of her book by answering this question in the comments below: how long did your adult children live at home?


Can you offer five basic tips for dealing with your adult child living at home?

  • Have a plan. One of the biggest sources of conflict are the different expectations in terms of behavior, rent, and family dynamics. Have a conversation about expectations, and put together a contract that everyone agrees to.
  • Be really aware of the financial consequences. There’s a perception that when an adult child moves back home it won’t cost anything, because their old room is empty–it’s just not true. There are financial consequences in terms of food, gas, electricity, and more. It’s important to figure this out together and decide how the family is going to deal with them.
  • Set a timeline on how long your child is going to stay at home and have a plan on how they can work towards independence.
  • You can’t parent adult children and young children the same way. You can’t just take up parenting where you left off. That whole ‘I’m your mother and I said so’ doesn’t work anymore. If they’re living in your house, you absolutely have the right to set guidelines, but it needs to be done in a way that acknowledges your child is now an adult.
  • Remember to take care of yourself and your own relationship with your spouse or partner. That relationship can really suffer when there’s an adult child living at home–especially if the parent is the child’s stepparent, they can end up feeling squeezed out.

How long should you allow your adult child to live at home?
It should be based on why the adult child is moving home. Once you know the reason, you can think about a reasonable amount of time for the adult child. When an adult child is home after college and needs a time to get established, the guideline that I use is up to a year and a half. If it goes beyond two years, it’s become a permanent living situation. The parents and the adult child [then] need to re-evaluate why the adult child is still there. Re-focus on the fact that the adult child should be attempting to become independent, and figure out a way to make that happen.

What if your adult child has always lived at home? How do you establish rules and create an exit strategy for them?
In some ways [this is] easier, since the relationship evolved slowly rather than with the shock of an adult child returning home who has developed habits and [is] used to living independently. The family should still have a meeting–the challenge is figuring out when it is appropriate [to have the meeting]. For some families it may be as soon as the child graduates from high school, while for others it may be after college graduation. But other than the timing of the meeting, all the strategies stay the same.

How can you get your adult child to pitch in around the house without turning it into a fight?
Talk about the impacts of their living at home so that they understand that it’s impacting their parents lives. Once they understand that, they have a better sense of why they’re being expected to help. Adult children living at home often don’t understand that they [may be] causing their parents stress and unhappiness. Parents can be more honest about what their needs are, [and] that keeping the household running is part of their [child’s] responsibility as an adult.

What rules or boundaries  should be set regarding your adult child having their significant other over?
Unless the parents have serious concerns about that person, I think it would be unreasonable [for them] to say that this person couldn’t come over during the day. As far as staying overnight, that’s a call that the parents have to make. It’s not reasonable for adult children to expect their parents to allow them to have their boyfriend or girlfriend stay over if it’s not something that the parents are comfortable with.

How can a parent allow their adult child to feel more free to live his or her life while they’re still living at home?
[By] understanding the difference [between] rules for your house and rules for your child’s life. The parent is in charge of their house, and it’s their responsibility to put rules in place to make [the parents] feel more comfortable. [Whether] the adult child is paying rent, whether or not they have a curfew–those are house rules. When it comes to life rules, that’s when the parent needs to let the adult child figure things out on their own. The parent can say the boyfriend or girlfriend can’t stay over, but it’s not reasonable for the parent to tell the adult child that they’re not allowed to stay over at their boyfriend or girlfriend’s house, because that’s something in terms of the adult child making their own life decisions.

How can you help your adult child choose a career path without being too pushy?
You should not be giving advice unless it’s asked for. Parents can end up causing problems when they’re just trying to help. It’s becoming more common for parents to do things like write their kid’s resume or call potential employers on their child’s behalf, [and] that is just an absolute no-no. You need to let your adult child figure out a career path on their own. [The parents may] have some contacts that they would be able to put their child in touch with, but they shouldn’t call those contact on their child’s behalf. [But] there’s nothing wrong with suggesting that their adult child give one of their contacts a call.

Is it possible to teach your adult child to budget and save while they’re living under your roof?
An adult child living at home should pay rent in virtually all cases. Obviously it’s not going to be market rent, but the adult child should have some kind of payment. It gets them in the habit of knowing that they’re going to have a monthly payment once they’re paying for their own living expenses. In some cases, adult children living at home have no income coming in whatsoever, [but] there should be something equivalent to rent that the adult child physically earns through labor around the house. It’s a good idea for parents to sit down with their adult kids and figure out a budget, so that they really understand how much money they need to afford living independently.

What can you do if you find illegal drugs in your adult child’s room?
If it bothers you that it’s in your house, but you’re not concerned that it’s going to have a major impact on your child’s life, make a point that it’s not acceptable. If it’s a more serious kind of situation where you’re worried for your child’s safety, you may need to get help from someone in your area who has expertise and can help you come up with a strategy to fit your situation. Keep in mind that if you do get the police involved, you can’t undo that decision, so you need to think about this before you do it.

What if you don’t want to kick your adult child out but they constantly lie and are disrespectful?
Sit down with your adult child and explain that you don’t have to let them be there. It’s important to make the adult child aware that once they reach a certain age, that [your] responsibility of having to take care of them isn’t there anymore, and [that the parents] are letting the adult child live at home just because they love the adult child. If the adult child has behavior issues that are causing the parent to be uncomfortable, then maybe [the parents] should think of ways they could help that child without them living in their home.

What resources can you give your adult child to make the move out process as simple and safe as possible?
While not all adult children will move out, there often comes a time when moving out is the best possible situation for both you and your adult child. If this is the case for you, there are many ways that you can assist your child in smoothly transitioning to their own living space. When it comes to locating an apartment, let your child take the lead on starting the search, as this is their first step in becoming independent. It’s ok to offer your help, though. Try suggesting apartment search tools like MyApartmentMap or PadMapper. If your child decides to conduct their search another way, that is perfectly fine, as well. Another resource that may be worth suggesting is a tenant screening service like SmartMove. As your child submits rental applications, they will most likely need to provide private financial information before getting approved. Make sure they are doing this in the safest way possible by using an approved and secure tenant screening service. It’s important to remember that as they make the move out of your house, you should offer support in any way that you can while still allowing them to be autonomous in this new chapter of their life.


Enter to win a free copy of Christina Newberry’s book, “The Hands-On Guide to Adult Children Living at Home,” by answering this question in the comment section below: How long did your adult children live at home?

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  12. Sue says:

    I’m a 45-year-old woman who lives with her 50-year-old boyfriend and his 23-year-old daughter. My children are grown and out of the house, I had an empty nest when I met him and so did he but within three months of moving in togather his ex-wife decided to come back from Alabama with their 20-year-old daughter, the mother moved in with my boyfriend’s mother and his daughter moved in with us. After a few months of her being totally disrespectful and running over me in the house the daughter moved out and in with her mother & for three years she’s moved back & fourth, this is the fourth time, she’s been here six months with no intentions of ever moving out. Her and her dad sent text every day that says I love you daddy and his reply is I love you little ones, she has two dogs one of which she keeps in a cage in her room and the other she just leaves in her room for a day or so at a time and so I’m left with having to go take care of them so that they’re not being neglected, she comes home anytime of the night she wants and is loud with no discretion in trying to not wake us up, her dad won’t do anything or say that would upset her because he doesn’t want to push her away but he’s willing to let her dog come up to me & pee on my shoes every time it’s allowed out of the house, it trips me, knocks me over, knocks me down & I have to do all the cleaning up after them. She has no bills the car she drives was given to her and she has an awesome job at a medical facility, I don’t know why she’s not living on her own & I don’t know if I can handle this anymore, what do I do?

  13. Fortyfour says:

    I have two sons that clearly don’t respect me. One is 19 and the other is 21. The 19 year old has done well in college but has a temper and objects to assisting with chores around the house, using profanity any time he feels like it, which is often. The 21 year old is working having not performed as a college student. He has improved on contributing around the house and is paying rent (which he knows I am placing into a Roth IRA for him). I understand it could be worse but I am really not liking the lack of respect and name calling. I also hate the late evenings we experience during week nights, especially because we have a puppy. My wife minimizes this and feels I am being overly sensitive. We often argue about our oldest and have since he turned 16.

    I want clear rules for this summer but I am skeptical we have the means to hold them accountable when they violate the rules. I really want peace in the house by 11pm and no one out of their rooms past midnight Sunday through Thursday. I am really tired of the lack of respect and I am not wanting to deal with it anymore. Any suggestions?

  14. WriterRoxanne says:

    I think I deserve a copy of the book!! I have a 49 year old step daughter who lives with us on and off (mostly on–she initially moved in for a full year, and now she’s back until she ‘gets her own place’)…But, when is that?? Whenever a live in relationship goes sour, or she’s in between jobs (which is often since she has no real profession ), she moves back in with us (darn that guest room!).

    My husband is so busy playing the ‘kind daddy’ and enjoying his daughter’s company (she fawns over him, and waits on his every need, and loves him oh so much!!!), that he can’t put his foot down and I have to go along because he feels his daughter is a good person (she cleans, does laundry when she wants to help out, she buys most of her own food)..but she isn’t paying any ‘rent’ (she’s ‘saving’ for her own apartment which never seems to happen)..

    My husband doesn’t understand.. he has me living with the Other Woman and it’s crowding me out! I end up closing myself off in my home office, or I get in the car and go for a drive when she’s home with us at night or over the weekend. It’s getting to the point where I cannot stand the sound of her voice and I get angry when she touches my dishes (even when she’s being nice and cleaning them!) I want her out of my kitchen, out of my guest room, out of my house and living her own life like the adult she is supposed to be. But my husband, he…he…just says she needs his help…God. She’s nearly 50!!!

  15. Karan East says:

    My children moved out immediately, my fiancees 30 yr old has moved in and his girlfriend and Im done. Ive told to to get a job to look for housing for both of them. Neither is doing it. They absolutely do not help around the house and his father says, let him handle it. Well 6 months later and they still feel they do not have to look for housing. Im at my wits end, I say things and they look at me like i have 3 heads. Im about to move myself.

  16. JJ says:

    I have a similar situation. I am about to separate from my wife because of it. When a person thinks it’s ok for their adult child to curse and disrespect their spouse and does not intervene time to move on

  17. tncem says:

    How about a participation trophy instead?

  18. tncem says:

    You made it, you live with it. When you’ve had enough, you’ll do something about it. But whining about it here is not the answer. Man up!

    • WriterRoxanne says:

      why are you in this forum tncem? how have you solved your similar problem ? what miracle did you come up with that you can now pronounce unfeeling judgment on others who are struggling with this dilemma?

      • tncem says:

        The Miracle is something called “responsibility”. There you have it. What “right” does an adult have to mooch and take advantage of a family member? Throw his ass out and change the locks. Or perhaps, you could take him in Miss Bleeding Heart?

        • WriterRoxanne says:

          Hey there, I was off living my life and did not see your reply until now.

          As for calling me “miss bleeding heart”, you justified my statement regarding your apparent ‘unfeeling judgment’ because, you do not know me at all. Perhaps I have a similar situation that others here have, and was only questioning your harsh replies and lack of helpful comments.

          Maybe you have no relatives to speak of, and/or perhaps none of your relatives want anything to do with you, or maybe you have actually thrown out relatives so you have no worries about this type of thing.
          I do not know you, so I am only speculating. Forgive me if I’m mistaken.

          However, since you did not answer my question (what miracle you uncovered to solve a similar problem) my guess is that you are not personally involved in this struggle.

          I never said that any adult (relative or no) has a right to linger in the residence of a family member (though, legally, you might want to enlighten yourself about the fine line of a guest becoming a tenant, even if that ‘guest’ is an unwanted relative…because at some point, there is a legal issue of ‘right’ to established residency…and, depending on the state you live in, there may be legal preclusion to throwing someone out on their ass, as you say.)

          I agree that self-reliance, self-responsibility and maturation is a crucial element in this discussion. Adulting is essential, and tough parenting/tough love is paramount and necessary.

          My central point is that when emotions, family, personal histories, psychologies and all that are figured in, it’s not as easy as you state to toss someone out and lock the doors. That is, unless you truly want nothing more to do that individual in your life. If that is the case, no problem. Plant drugs in their car and have them arrested. Infest their mattress with bedbugs. Get a restraining order. It’s easy when you don’t want them in your life at all, least of all your home.

          May you continue to live a righteous, self-righteous and responsible life and never ever ever need to seek assistance from anyone ever.

          Peace to you in this life.

    • Rachel A. Dvorak says:

      Dear tncem, first off why the hell are you repeatedly commenting the same thing, no originality, judgemental, no common sense, and no empathy? Life is not black and white (thank the Lord) there are many extenuating circumstances that come to play. Yes welcome to life and that the fact is all parents make mistakes. My stepson is 24 and living with us. He left home after he graduated and found his own house to rent, had a girlfriend, and job but alcohol and a bitch resulted in his moving in with us. Our relationship has never been great. He struggles with addiction and bc he wrecked every car it was so bad that he was having alcohol shipped to the house bc he could not drive.. His real mom abandoned him when he was in the sixth grade by moving to Myrtle Beach and he has seen her once since then last Thanksgiving. The situation is creating a toxic family and relationship. I feel like I am in a competition with him. The only private time we have is in the shower or if we leave alone. All the things my husband and I did together has changed bc he has to always be there or voice his opinion. It is really hard for me when I am growing to despise him. I’m so frustrated and I have thought about leaving but my husband is my soul mate. He has no humility and being around people like that is hard and annoying. My husband fears he is going to be living under a bridge, get killed, or commit suicide even though I know he won’t. I developed a thought defense mechanism that he is doing this to me to be spiteful. My husband and I started fighting more bc of all the bills, cleaning, and privacy. To the point I was just done and he was to. I hit a boiling point when he said to get the fuck out if you want. It made me feel dispensable when he said he would not do that to him. I don’t even feel like it’s our home anymore. So we worked on us and I asked him to send my stepson to his grandpa’s or wherever he wants to but if he wants me to be more understanding about it all or get through it he will have to meet me in the middle. So I thought my husband heard me like actually heard me and nope still there. He won’t go anywhere, make new friends that maybe they could pick up to give us alone time but he didn’t go for the weekend and I am stressed out. I told my husband that and he said he would call his grandpa. I’m lost on the whole situation. I think being a stepparent is harder than just having your own. The thing is my brother was homeless for almost two years in Colorado trying to get established so instead of coming to my house he sat in the cold weather on the street bc my husband would not like it. It only took three weeks for a door to get broken on the pantry and him kicked out. So this made me feel like shit and that my friends and family are unimportant and dumb but his son can stay. (Really late sorry bout English.) His son is putting us through trials and tribulation and threatening our relationship. I feel it is being done on purpose bc he wants to be there with just him and his dad. It’s just a hard situation.

  19. tncem says:

    Sounds to me that you created that mess. You made the bed, you lay in it.

  20. tncem says:

    Tell her she is more than welcome to go with them. Problem solved.

  21. tncem says:

    That’s because you let him. Stop enabling the behavior.

    • Lynette says:

      I’m willing to bet each case you have given your oh so understanding advice to has probably/hopefully resolved their situations????

      • tncem says:

        And if not, who is STILL to blame? That’s right…..they are.

  22. Judy Goupee says:

    I have a 37 yr old daughter that left her husband, took the 2 children my grandson and grandaughter with her. Asked if I would let them stay with me temporary. We are now in our eight year. I just turned 65, divorced 2 years ago from her stepfather , I work 45 to 50 hours aweek. Gone thru most of my savings and 401 pkan. She contribute no money, at first she did a little here and there it helped with the oil. Does no house work until last year, I was in a bad accident the bathoom was disgusting and I took pictures before I cleaned. Gave her the pictures and told her it was her job from now on. I can not get on my hands and knees and clean up. I raised 2 sons beside her that are married with children she is the yougest.
    I laugh to my self, Becus I say this situation is worse then any marriage. I live in a household of 4 and no one talks.they hide in their rooms. As years went on I made it more comortable for them, got rid of my exercise equip turn that room into a bedroom, same with my office room turned it into a bedoom. She does get food stamps for her and the kids. I ask for nothing. I’m told I’m not a lovely mom grandmother to wish them a home outside of mind.
    What I should have done is put them up in an apt, life would be different.

  23. Aladdin Smith says:

    I have a 34yr old daughter has finished college has a good job been living in my house with me and my estranged wife, I have told her she needs to leave, she’s always saying she leaving but continue to stay. There’s a problem she’s support my estranged wife in all the negative things that my wife is doing to make my life miserable the is telling her she can stay I want her out.

    • WriterRoxanne says:

      yeah… I have a 49 year old step daughter who lives with us on and off (mostly on–she initially moved in for a full year, and now she’s back until she ‘gets her own place’)…whenever a live in relationship goes sour, or she’s in between jobs (which is often since she has no real profession ), she moves back in with us (darn that guest room!). My husband is so busy playing the ‘kind daddy’ and enjoying his daughter’s company (she fawns over him, and waits on his every need, and loves him oh so much!!!), that he can’t put his foot down and I have to go along because he feels his daughter is a good person (she cleans, does laundry when she wants to help out, she buys most of her own food)..but she isn’t paying any ‘rent’ (she’s ‘saving’ for her own apartment which never seems to happen).. My husband doesn’t understand.. he has me living with the Other Woman and it’s crowding me out! I end up closing myself off in my home office, or I get in the car and go for a drive when she’s home with us at night or over the weekend.

  24. Anders Burden says:

    oh oh oh …let’s change the locks to begin..Jose! Listen to me….time to tell him…TIME TO TELL HIM…to go….to go..TO GO! Sorry so late..I suppose he has gone by now…

  25. Anders Burden says:

    oh dear Ken, oh dear, what have we done with our children. We cared for them, we nutured and kept them safe, and we grew them into healthy young men, so why don’t they want to go and seize their own life… because we enable them to never leave the nest. It’s too comfortable. Question: Can you live without the car for a few months? Can you de-register it..? .I can assure you, once he cannot obtain what he wants, he will winge (god how they know how to winge) and then he will wander off. Start having meals without him, have them earlier..let him know you are in a different pattern, go out and don’t tell him where you’re going, explain that you have your own life and friends, start having card nights and friends over…explain to them you have a “failure to launch” let’s face it Ken..you do. Be honest with your friends, they may give you their own experience and advice. You have to muscle him out of your life and allow him to leave and create his own. good luck Ken

  26. Anders Burden says:

    There’s no easy solution Chris, you just have to tell them both to leave and be resolute. They will call you the worst names in the world and will make you feel like absolute crap but to have a life, a sweet life, with your partner, it has to happen. Be brave and help them pack. It’s over, you’ve raised him to be an adult, now it’s his turn. launch him…he will thank you in 10 years and curse you for nine, but the birds have to leave the nest, they’ve overgrown it….. good luck Chris… I have just done the same. I pleaded, I negotiated, I compromised. Nothing lasted. Just say it’s time you were gone, we love you, goodbye. best of luck …

  27. Anders Burden says:

    Dear Katie I am 3 years late..so what happened?

  28. Dorothy Kimberly Thi says:

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    • Justme Darlin says:

      Shut up, Dorothy. This is about big stupid kids still living at home with big stupid parents who let them. It’s living hell, and your only concern is having your cheating ex back? Please do not breed. You will create worse monsters than the rest of us.

  29. Dorothy Kimberly Thi says:

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  30. Denise James says:

    Are there no replies to any of these posts??? If so, how do I see them??

  31. Kaye says:

    Our oldest son, my stepson, is 37 and has been living in our home for the past 2-months since his incident. He injected himself with an infected needle. He is (hopefully was) a steroid user, a weight lifter. He spent 16 days in the hospital with a near death infection and a massive amount of surgery to the arm. He had always lived on his own with his 14 year old daughter. Prior to this he was in the midst of looking for a new place to live and his vehicle is broken and in the shop. His daughter has been living with his stepsister for awhile. He came home to us from the hospital, no one else could help. He indeed was unable to work at that time, and we cared for his wound daily. Since then (Christmas) he has healed significantly. He still has no transportation of his own so we have take him to and from his work, cleaning parking lots and doing maintenence. Whenever he does get money he spends it. A lot goes into rental cars, gas, and travel to see a long distance girlfriend, 4 hours away. He is able to work some, and should be capable of savings for a vehicle of his own, or pay to repair his vehicle. He is very secretive, and everything concerning him is private. He lies chronically. We receive no financial help or offerings from him. He comes and goes as he pleases. He is not allowed to use our vehicle because he is very destructive on things. He has Toraiat Syndrome and he won’t consider meds for it, so his tics are extreme. We do want our home back but can’t figure out a plan to get him motivated and challenge him to set some goals. He is exhausting and wearing on my last nerve. Stress is over the top. How much longer should I give him?

    • Denise James says:

      Wow! I have the same issue. My stepson has been with us for the past 2.5 years. Recovering (we hope) alcoholic, no job, no car, no motivation and lies like you wouldn’t believe. He is so good at lying we can never trust what he says. He tells us he has a job, always “loses” his pay stub and hubby finally went to see if he was working….found him in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Son came up to his Dad and asks. .”what’s up?” just like there was nothing wrong. When asked why he wasn’t at work, “oh, they didn’t need me today”…still no paycheck. We don’t want him using our cars, but have an old one he uses. We have put him responsible for paying car insurance weekly and also a temp. plate. This Friday he will need $75.00 to do both and hubby says he will take the keys if he doesn’t. Problem is, we leave for a 7 day vacation Sat morning and I don’t know if hubby will follow thru.
      My main concern is getting him out of our house. He is very comfortable where he is. I have worked with him on a resume, printed 100 out and even text him with new jobs that pop up locally. I am about ready to give him an eviction notice but don’t know how hubby will back me up on that or not. Hubby gets depressed easily, I work a full time job and get to come home every night to see him depressed, son no job, and I just want to run away.

      • tncem says:

        You can’t fix what you created, and now you cry unfair? Interesting.

        • Kim9 says:

          Wow. Someone asks for help or advice, and it’s one smart remark after another. No $hit he created this. So, no one is allowed to make mistakes then realize they did so, and need help. You’re a total a hole.

          • tncem says:

            Suck it up buttercup. This is a result of YEARS of coddling. This didn’t happen overnight. Looking back at it now doesn’t automatically make it a mistake. This is the result of continuous bad choices. No mistake about it. YOU made it, YOU live with it!

          • KerryAnn Lewis says:

            Screw you!!! You know nothing! Big and abusive adult sons are scary and think they own the house. So if you haven’t lived it go away! Be grateful!!

    • tncem says:

      Change the locks and let him go…… YOU CANNOT FIX THIS!

  32. chris boston says:

    I have a 37 year old stepson who moved back in 9 years ago. His son has problems and raises hell every time he comes to the house. My wife backs her son all the way and he is completely disrespectful to her. He does not pay rent, any utilities, and does not even take out the garbage. He lets his 12 year old son treat my wife the same way. He needs to pack up and leave. I am, and have been fed up with him for a long time. We went through his EVERY DAY temper tantrums when he was a teenager calling his mom a b…, telling her she was pathetic, and every time I got in the middle of it-I WAS THE BAD GUY AND STILL AM!!!

  33. matt says:

    my fiance and i have been togehter six years. her adult son, now 27, has been with us for 5. when he dropped in on us(totally unexpected) we agrred that he had to follow our rules and within a certain time frame, get some sort of job. that initial time passed and no job. so we set another. again no job. since day one he has broken the rules over and over. in 5 years he has done nothing but mooch of his mom and me-which she seems to be ok with. she actually sneaks stuff out to him like tp, soap, bread,crckers,etc. i have asked for her not to do that-he can get a job and pay for his own stuff. oh, i buy all the household food and items and prepare 99.9% of all meals. in addition, i have told her it is haveing an impact on our re;lationsghip, and i mean ALL parts of it. she continues to do nothing, and when talking wiith her mom on the phone, lies about how good he is doing.aarrgghhh! and she gets on my case about being grumpy… what to do?

  34. Ken says:

    I have a 33 year old step son that has now been back home for a year and a half. We allowed him to move back in after he and his girlfriend broke up. They had lived together for about 2 years. Before that he lived with a male friend for 2 years , and before that he lived with us for 6 years. He last month started paying us 200.00 per month for rent at my insistence. His car has broken down, now for about 6 months, so he bums rides to work, and once a week uses one of our vehicles. He does not eat here. He orders out everyday. He teaches guitar lessons as his job. He has no high school diploma. We have encouraged him to get his GED to no avail. he is going no where in his life in my opinion, and I am sick of him being here. At this point I think we should give him a deadline to move out. What do you think?

  35. heather says:

    Hello;i have a 27 almost 28 daughter living at home,never left,gone all weekends with boyfriend, comes home Monday to Thursday to eat,wash clothes,do nails etc.but does not help out with anything.husband will not support me about getting her out or to pay rent,set rules.so frustrated!what can I do?

  36. Jose A. Beltran says:

    I was just put into a very awkard position where my 29 year old son would not move out, but managed to bring in his new girlfriend without asking permisssion or if it was alright or not. And when I asked them to leave he wanted to make me feel guilty as if I were the person that was wrong. today I told them both to get the heck out of my house. For 29 years he has not paid not one cent towards any bills or rent, has a job but is always claiming he has no money. My heart is hurting right now, but he left me no other choice. Oh lets not forget the amount of money I pulled out of my 401K to bail him out of jail!! Am I wrong or did I do the correct thing?

    • sue says:

      your absolutely right. my son has pulled the same crap. he is 24 yrs. old. moved away for 3 years and came back for 2 weeks, that turned into a year. but the sneaking a girlfriend in at all hours is where i drew the line. its very hard to respect that kind of girl and she and i will never have words. he did the same thing about turning everything around on me. i guess that is the thanks we get. i am a big believer in karma (whatever it is!!!). i am just glad they are not here, in my space. i will take the lose of money and never loan a dime again. i left home when i was 18 and all my dad said is “never come back!!” that blew me away at the time, but, i have never moved back home nor asked either parent for a dime. today, i could help take care of either one of them if they needed it.. stay strong and dont think……sue frye

  37. L says:

    Still going on. She graduated in May and has a full time job locally. She’s building her savings up, and we enjoy having her here.

  38. WLONGMAN says:

    There are critical milestones in life, that if not met within a defined window of time seriously effect development. Independence, is in my view, THE critical milestone of young adulthood. I believe it is my duty as a parent to push my daughter out of the nest, forcibly if necessary, when she graduates college. We are trying to help her gain confidence in independence incrementally — dorm life first year of college to subsidized (by us) apartment for the rest of college. Although we pay the majority of her rent and utilities, she is expected to work part time for food money. If she chooses not to work , well, like I always say, hunger is a strong motivater. She is also well aware, that upon graduation, she is on her own financially. This mama bird expects her baby to fly.

  39. Mick says:

    Post college kids should NOT move back home. They need to have a job or internship in junior & senior years to gain hiring advantages if the parents are paying their bills during college. Coddling people does not help them stand on their own; prior planning & goal setting does. Let them live at home during college to save money if you must, but once they graduate, they should be well on their own. This doesn’t mean cronic helicopter parents can’t send over a care package & help them out, but living at home as an adult? No. Unless there is some sort of serious handicap, parents shouldn’t go there & buy the trouble that comes with allowing it.

    A gazelle stands & runs with the herd or dies within an hour of its birth. After 4 years of college & being in your 20’s you are as prepared as you will ever be to live on your own. Lose the excuses, grow up & function as an adult.

  40. Mary Ann says:

    One lived at home until they were 26 and the other until they were 24. I think it all depends on the circumstances and you can’t really put a certain time or age on this.

  41. cl says:

    I do not agree with 1 1/2 years. Our son was homeschooled, then went to college and graduated in 3 years. We said stay here, save money for a home, why pay rent? And so he has. He has always been an excellent respectful son and we will miss him very much. He is now 27 and next month he is getting married and moving into the home he bought and is fixing up. He does not make a huge salary, so this was a great way to save. Never being a spender, and because of his discipline, he is able to have what he would not have had if he had paid for an apartment. We were glad to have him here and we charged him nothing. He is our son and we were more than happy to help him get a start. We loved him being home and have a great 37 year marriage, so that was no issue. He has good decent friends and is busy all the time.
    BUT I think it also depends on the kid-their attitude and lifestyle.

  42. katie says:

    Help!!!!!!! My adult son (27) moved back in last August when he broke up with his girlfriend. He also went to rehab to get off drugs and alcohol. He has been clean for 5 months but I need help getting him out of the house. I am afraid if I throw him out he will relapse but I know he needs to be on his own and I want my house back.

  43. CJ says:

    After I graduated High School I went to College and worked full-time while living at home. My parents asked for a nominal rent – probably the equivalent of half what I’d have paid to rent a room in a dorm. When I did move out my parents gave me back half of it. They’d saved it, without telling me, to help me with deposits, etc. My parents are smart and I’ve never had to move back!

  44. krystal says:

    i’m emailing this to my mom so that she’s aware that i made the suggested 1.5 year cutoff, hopefully i get some sort of reward…


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