Fashion Over 50: Do’s & Don’ts!

Diane Roth, owner L’Armoire boutique in New Canaan, CT, has dressed ladies for the Oscars and for other iconic film ceremonies.

stylistShe is the straight-talking best friend you need when you want to make a fantastic first impression. Diane and her team of five offer consultations about style, trends and complete wardrobe overhauls. She’ll even pack your luggage for vacations, whether you’re traveling for three days or three weeks!

Diane hosts regular in-store events and has established relationships with New York based designers, including Christian Siriano, Maggie Norris and Cynthia Rose. Her fashion and estate jewelry trunk shows are said to be dazzling.

Consider what Diane recommends, and ridicules, when it comes to our wardrobes. “Clothing should be our friend as we age. Like makeup, it should accentuate our positives and camouflage our negatives,” she says.

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0 Responses to “Fashion Over 50: Do’s & Don’ts!”

  1. SuperJacquieC says:

    “Don’t buy a look out of a fashion magazine”
    “The women who look best in most of those clothes stopped eating decades ago” –
    I think this comment was uncalled for. Some people are naturally thin.

  2. Naia JoAnn Williams says:

    Obviously you still believe the lie that men have perpetuated, about heels. Heels are horrible for your back and heaven forbid you ever need to run for any reason. Heels were made to change the angle of a woman’s body so as to make the vagina more accessible. Most women I see on the street can’t even walk properly in them. Women, regardless of their age should wear what they feel comfortable in, not what somebody else has decided is “attractive”, or”appropriate”. Women after 50 have most likely already spent decades doing what pleases others. It’s time for us to please ourselves!

    • Michelle Hoefling-Chilicki says:

      RIGHT! so why all the rules? wear whatever pleases you.

    • Riki Pavillard Deans says:

      Exactly. Not to mention, all of the things we did when we were young, like, softball, gymnastics, etc. have caught up with us. Neither of my knees or ankles will tolerate heels of any size. And me? I already went through menopause and got fat. I don’t want to look like a bowling ball on stilts!!!

  3. Deborah Joan Chadwick says:

    Ok, I get it. I agree with it. Mini skirts aren’t right for anyone. No matter how old. I hate tight cloths, always have. Never been big on heels though. If you can’t comfortable run in them, you don’t need them. they are not good for your back anyway. I ditched the heels a long time ago.

    • Lp says:

      heels look great ! I wear them when going out for dinner or a special events because they polish an outfit and make me feel tall and elegant. I would never need to run in them and don’t often wear heels but they are flattering. hands down.

  4. Cheryl Barker says:

    I can’t wear heels anymore because of an ankle and a knee that give me trouble because of old injuries. Darn it, huh?

  5. Louise Cook says:

    When I was raising my two sons alone money for my wardrobe was practically nil. I had 3 black pencil skirts, 1 pair of black heels, a white blazer, a gray blazer, and a red blazer. The blazers were good ones and I saved forever for them and bought them on sale after season.. I had quite a few blouses that went with everything. I worked for years with that wardrobe. You can do it, but it takes strategy. My boys are adults now so my money is my own so I can go a little crazy but I follow the same plan and always look fashionable.

    • GeriFOF says:

      You sound like a smart woman, Louise!


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