{Fashion} My FOF Uniform

“It’s taken me years to discover my look,” writes FOF founder Geri Brin, in her recent blog entry. “I used to change it all the time, but that’s because I was trying to find out who I was. I’m thrilled that I finally found out.”

When you’re FOF, you know the value of a “uniform”–a look that fits, flatters and gets you out the door in five minutes flat. 3 FOFs share their no-fail, feel-good “uniforms.” What’s yours?

FOF Joni Fischer
Retail director of Christopher Fischer Cashmere

My uniform: A cashmere cardigan with two tank tops layered underneath, relaxed or skinny pants, a chunky necklace and flats.

“I layer a tighter tank top and then a looser tank top to smooth me out so I have no line. My cardigans are always Christopher Fischer Cashmere. Even in the summer I wear a lightweight cashmere, almost like a gauze. Prada and Manolo Blahnik have the best flats. I top it all off with a chunky necklace–antique brass or antique silver. The last one I bought is by Lanvin from Paris. One of my favorite necklaces is by a new designer, Gemma Redux, who uses lots of chains in her designs.”

When I started wearing it: “Probably for 10 years–since we opened the Christopher Fischer retail stores.”

Why I wear it: “Because I have to get dressed in a hurry; I’m always running from store to store.”


FOF Cindy Joseph
Founder of Boom by Cindy Joseph cosmetics

My Uniform: Linen shirts, jeans and silver hoop earrings.

In the summer my linen shirts are cream or white. In the winter, they’re navy (never black) with brown Varda boots. I have black boots but I feel more like myself in brown. The jeans are always men’s Levis–501s. I hate jeans that are too low cut; they always cause a muffin top! I don’t believe in buying worn-out jeans. I like wearing them in myself; they become a part of you, and everyone wears out their jeans differently.

When I started wearing it: I think I was born with this on. When I was younger I always wore men’s white v-neck t-shirts with jeans. I guess I have become more sophisticated.

Why I wear it: Its comfortable and classic. And it suits my personality… I’m very practical. I can’t wear really feminine clothes. I look too frou-frou.  I would rather call attention to myself than my clothes. It’s the same thing with my makeup.


FOF Linda Morse
Owner of String, luxury knitting store in NYC

My Uniform: Black pants, a black top and black flats.

The pants are made of a silky material and range in cut from straight-leg to tight. The tops are always oversized and long–to the elbows, at least. Every five years I’ll switch my flats since trends change. Occasionally, in the summer, I’ll substitute all black for all white. I have versions of this outfit in all different price ranges. I mix and match pants and tops from Eileen Fisher, Yeohlee, Laura Biagiotti and Eskandar.  But if you didn’t know me, you would think I always wear the same outfit.

When I started wearing it: In college.

Why I wear it: I don’t feel comfortable in anything else.


Portrait of Cindy Joseph by Heather Weston
All other images by Katherine McPherson for

What’s your “uniform?” Comment below to tell us.

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  2. Lisa says:

    My uniform is the classic white top and black pants. In the winter I wear light weight cream or white sweaters and black knit slacks. In the summer, white blouses and the basic black plants. I find that using this as a base I can accessorize and come up with a totally different looking outfit Everytime. I love rouse accessories to complete any outfit. I find now that I am almost 50 keeping to the simple basic colors, plain colors works best for me. I can add a dash of color with a scarf or jewlery. Or stick to the tones in the basic top and bottom. I tend to stay away from too much pattern in my clotes since I am a plus size. Accessorize!!! Works for me!!

  3. Turning FOF: 50 Things Every Woman Show Have and Know | Fab Over Fifty Blog says:

    […] A signature look […]

    • Monika says:

      I like Cindy Joseph was born with a white shirt and jeans on!!!!

  4. Led Bulbs says:

    It’s really a good piece. If you want to know more about KW, we can have an exchange.

  5. Moonchime says:

    I adore Cindy Joseph’s style. She is my fashion icon.

  6. Kim Reed says:

    I can totally relate to Cindy Joseph. My closet is full of white and cream shirts and I wear them summer and winter. In the winter I sometimes add a vest in shockingly bright colors but my accessory of choice is earrings and chunky silver bracelets.

  7. teresa says:

    my winter uniform is black cotton knit straight pants, and coordinating tops i find at the thrift stores. some are solid black, some are patterned with black accents. all have round neck rather than v neck. i may accent with an interesting chunky necklace, also found at thrift stores. i wear black suede ballet flats with this. none of my clothes are expensive, but they’re so basic and classic looking you really can’t tell how much they cost. plus, many thrift store items are expensive brands that someone just doesn’t want any more, so many of my tops are expensive brands. my summer uniform is skirts, which i prefer to pants, and most are straight, or pencil skirts. some are black and some are black with patterns. i wear these with solid black tops, or tops with black accents. also with the suede ballet flats. i also like unusual jackets and scarves to accent. and ofcourse, i get all the items at thrift stores!

  8. C Burns says:

    My “uniform” has been a solid color top and bottom with either a textured or complementary colored scarf. I have found that the right scarf can brighten up a plain oufit as well as hide various signs of aging. Summer scarves are great, but I have 30 knitted scarves, too. I love to knit, but in So California we have less opportunity to wear delicious winter scarves.

  9. Jane Hardin says:

    My uniform is a non uniform…I love color! Color in my clothes and my accessories. My friends call me the “Queen of Accessories”….I love scarves and funky jewelry…I teach grad students and they get a kick out of my style

  10. Heather says:

    I am almost another Linda Morse. Linda… I love your understated classic look. My basic wardrobe is black that I usually dress up with interesting, and unusual, often ‘one of’ handbags, totes, scarves, and flat shoes. My favourite totes are all individually made by Graggie Australia from fabulously rich and wonderful vintage and antique Japanese silk kimono obi sash/belts.

  11. Karen says:

    My uniform hasn’t changed since college–crisp white shirts with jeans or slacks. Anything on the feet from flats, sandals or heels and simple silver/white gold jewelry and the equivalent of a man’s sport jacket or cardigan. My daughter commented that I “always wear the same thing,” but what she doesn’t realize is that I have about 50 white shirts and about that many jeans/slacks!

  12. Judileigh says:

    I absolutely live in black pants and a black tank or turtleneck (summer/winter) and top it off with fun jackets or blouses and chunky necklaces that coordinate with the jackets…usually a Chico’s or Coldwater Creek type jacket. I have well over 100 jackets and blouses and a large section of closet devoted to the necklaces. The constant change in jackets/blouses/jewelry keeps everything fresh and updated…always looks like a new outfit! While I have several different styes, I own ONLY my black pants/tanks/turtlenecks! All my shoes are black…

  13. admin says:

    I love to wear a silk shirt that hits just at the hips (to disguise them a bit!), skinny pants (jeans or leggings) and definitely flats.

  14. Sara says:

    I have two “uniforms”… a long flowy shirt, skinny jeans or leggings and sandals (usually gold)…in the winter I wear flat black boots instead of sandals. My other uniform is a blouse tucked in to a high-waisted skirt, sandals and a unique necklace. My favorite necklace is from the Young Designers Market in NYC.


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