How You Feel About Turning 50 (Or 60)

We were curious to know how those of you in your late 50s or 60s felt about turning 50 or 60.  So many different responses reveal how wildly different each of us can be from our ‘sisters.’

Here is a selection of some of the most wonderful comments.

1.I turn 60 in August, and being a cancer survivor I am so pleased to have reached this age to enjoy my grandchildren and family. I have a great loving husband, nice home and a job. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been so I’m embracing it. Age is but a number. Happy 60ths everyone.”-Sue Glover

2.Aging is a privilege many are denied. Celebrate each new decade of life with joy.”Rhonda L. Wasmundt


3.  My 40s were the best of my life. My 50s thus far have been challenging in terms of body changes, figuring out what clothing is too young or too old looking, changes in attitude (about EVERYTHING!!), transitioning to an empty nest. I hope my 60s will return me to an even keel. I enjoyed every single age and stage of my kids, I guess I need to do so with myself, too.” -Annette Secundus Ernsperger

4. “20’s were confusing, 30’s was fun!, 40’s looking for stability, mid-50’s I feel the best ever; confident, independent, happy, loving my life, I don’t put up with any drama/trauma, at piece and comfortable with my body, and I REALLY enjoy my own company. It’s an awesome feeling being my authentic self…And I love her so much!!” -Stephanie Walden


5. “Turned 50 last year. Never have I been so depressed. Just felt so old. Now I’m 51 have realised it’s not so bad after all. Have to say felt the same turning 30! I see a pattern emerging–roll on to being 70.”-Diana Gunner

6. “I don’t miss the younger years. I can spoil all the grandkids and then give them back to their moms & dads!  At 52, I do exactly as I wish!” -Chana R. Wright


7. ”I am finding it hard to adjust to losing my looks and my figure.”-Clarissa Linssen

8. “Turning 50 in November. Feeling sensational.”-Charlotte Ray Biancone


9. “I’m 52 in July and fine about it. You cannot do anything about getting older so you might has well make the most of each year that passes and enjoy yourself.”-Alison Hallam


10. Grateful to be given the opportunity to be over sixty. Many are not given this opportunity. Two brothers who never made it to fifty.”-Bonnie Trott


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  1. Christine says:

    I am 60 in 6 months and I can’t wait! I feel free even though I am separated after 36 years, more able to express myself in the way I want and I am happy on my own. It’s true as we get older we do have aches and pains both physically and mentally but we should embrace the good things for as long as we can. Life is for living while you still can!

  2. RedSoxFan says:

    I’m less than a month away from turning 60. I’m watching the immanent death of both parents, one from pancreatic cancer, the other from prostrate cancer. I’ve been single for like 15 years now, low paying food service job….honestly I hope for a fatal head on crash every fucking day…..

  3. Tanya Swanson says:

    I am 63 (64 in March), divorced after a 25 year marriage and I love my new life. Good things happen and you feel like you’re living a new life. I am in a new relationship with my boyfriend from my 20’s and we’re loving every minute!! You never know what joys await!!

  4. Skiwoman61 says:

    I am a contented 64 year old.I love being this age as I am retired,single and living on my own.Thrilled to be a grandmother.I am able to do as I want,thanks to my pension and spousal support.

  5. fastjustperfect says:

    To me turning 50 (I am 56 now) was a change. Somehow around this age I started to feel the youngest within the older ones instead of feeling the oldest within the younger ones. My view has turned from looking back to looking in the future. I started to rearrange my life, cut down in working hours and started to be more creative again with my blog. I feel that my body is ageing and needs more care, not in terms of beauty treatments, but in terms of a healthy lifestyle. The menopause is really showing me all it’s skills but somehow I have become more me, more intense, more teenie, hippie, more young in mind. More and more I am interested in topics that matter. At the end what really matters is how we humans cope with our lives, how we grow on the struggles how we don’t feel so lonely on this big planet by finding people who we feel connected to. With my age nothing is ever perfect (it never was, but when I was Young I always thought that this might happen) but to me this makes it easier to enjoy life, I do feel less pressure, which I think is a great plus in getting older. I still have many plans and will do them once I retired from work. But I do live now in this Moment, I am not the Kind of persons who says later, later I will do this and that. It might never come to this Point. My future is always here and now 🙂

  6. Barbara Flournoy says:

    About to turn 66 in a few days. My earlier years seemed to whiz by. From age 29, I became a RN and worked like crazy to provide for my 2 sons as a single mother. At 39, I took in an abandoned 2 month old baby girl and adopted her. I continued to work (even through some vacations, holidays, and off days) but was unfortunately not wise about saving or investing. Thought I would be able to work as long as I wanted or needed to. At 57, I became disabled after a “botched” knee surgery. As each year passed, I became weaker with new diagnoses like copd, osteoarthritis,emphysema and then diabetes as an end result of not properly taking care of myself during all those crazy work schedules. My children are all grow now (27 to 46 yrs old) and I now find myself feeling really old. I can’t travel (or even walk) like I used to and my two closest friends passed away within a year of each other. My advice to my children now is to be wise with your earnings because you never know when you will no longer be able to work. I am grateful to still be alive, especially after having a cardiac arrest and being in a coma last year for 10 days. I am not in a mid-life crises… I am in mid-life reality.

  7. Angel Curcio Perachio says:

    Oh My…I am a very young 62..from 45 to 57 I lost almost all of the most important people in my life…one of my daughters, my dad, my only sister, 3 of my closest friends for all my life..and my husband…I have tried everything I could think of to do to keep busy, make a new life for myself with no success….I have no real feeling about being 62 …except this is a late mid-life crisis…so much harder to make friends, meet nice single men …etc…I am alone so much…I almost feel like instead of enjoying I am waiting for my day.

  8. Roslyn Tanner Evans says:

    The last 20 years flew by and I didn’t notice my aging or even growing older. I’m about to be 77 and now, I’m paying attention. I loved all the years of my life & have had a great life, just a few complaints. I do want the remaining years to be filled with fun and adventure, good health, peace and happiness and so I will pay more attention to make it happen.

  9. Godsdancer523 says:

    My 20’s, were painful. I didn’t know where I fitted in. My 30’s were better, I started learning who I was. My 40’s, I learned to love myself with a clear understanding, that I mattered. In my 50’s, I begin to soar and embraced life with a new found vigor. My 60’s provided me with insight and the ability to know what deserves my attention and to accept and understand people are who they are, and I am to love them in so many different ways. I know longer second guess myself. I am incredibly free and strong at the ripe age of 63 years young.

  10. Corinne Garrett says:

    I retired at 55, turned 60 after being ‘free’ for five years, and will turn 63 this year. Life has never been better. Yeah I could lose 20 lbs., my hair has greys, and I have a few more wrinkles, but I am happy, healthy, traveling, & enjoying life without ‘strings’ attached. Life is a gift: enjoy every minute.


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