The One-Off Adventures of 18 Women (except for Karen!)

I’d never heard of speluking or Arrow Tag, but now that I have–thanks to Jaki and Patty– I wouldn’t even think of trying either. I’m also not so sure I’d venture where Karen did, even if my darling grandson begged me.

Which of these adventures have you tried, and would you do them ever again?

“Spin class (seat hurt my cro*ch), water skiing (did a standing split before I wiped out, and couldn’t walk for a week), river tubing (wound up on the opposite side of the river), Brazilian waxes (NO man is worth that agony), and finally any form of a ‘romantic’ relationship.”
Lorraine Marie

“Spelunking ~ we were sent down the wrong hole ~ extremely difficult to get out again!”
Jaki Taylor

“The Scream Machine Roller Coaster At Six Flags Over Georgia in the 70’s. I said I would try it one time, and believe me NEVER AGAIN.”
Becky Swords

“Arrow Tag…way more bruises than I expected.”
Patty Erickson

“Swimming in a shark tank with my 12-year old in Punta Cana.”
Karen Haines Stroud

“Snow skiing. Broke my ankle getting on the chair lift, with the instructor next to me!! Suffered for 23 months because it was broke INSIDE the joint, and the doctor I had wouldn’t accommodate my request for an MRI. Total jerk!!”
Kimberly Wallis

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