The One-Off Adventures of 18 Women (except for Karen!)

“Marriage, three times, never again.”
Karen Rosete

“Horseback riding, UP in the Rocky Mountains. Ended up with a spooked horse and a broken ankle.”
Glenda Alexander

“Threesome! Lol.”
Nanette Rose

“In my 20s I jumped off a 100 foot bridge into water. Exciting back then, not something I need to do again — the memory is embedded in my brain for a lifetime.”
Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

“Rollerblading. Almost broke every bone in my body.”
Joan Dolan Kendzora

“Face waxing!!! I have thyroid issues, so I have peach fuzz on my face. My sister said go get your face waxed. It’ll only be red for a day. It was RED for an ENTIRE WEEK!!! It felt like a bad sunburn! It itched and looked like red splotches. It was horrific. “When I had mine done, it didn’t do that,” my sister said. ‘Are you CRAZY!!!’ I said. End of story. I will NEVER ever do it again. Peach fuzz bring it on, I’ll cover it up with some Bare Minerals makeup no one will ever notice. #crazysisterofmine.”
Sharon Prieto

“Surfing on my vacay…the wave smacked me down and I ended up far from the beach. What I thought were sharks turned out to be dolphins and that was the best part.”
Susan Earp Daulton

“Climbing up a church tower. Going up was bad, but coming down on the spiral stairs was worse because you couldn’t see the end. Claustrophobia and a vision of falling down and going down forever with no way of stopping.”
Amanda Miller

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