How To Be A Great Dog Owner

Don’t hit your dog. I have two dogs and have never seen the need to hit either one of them. Yet, I have a neighbor that has a beautiful white dog that looks like a Golden Retriever, and she is forever yelling and hitting her. And to think, she rescued the dog.”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

“Buy the highest quality food you can afford. Just like people, the better your dog eats the healthier and happier they will be.”
Trudie Harrington

Before you go out and get a dog make sure to do your homework. What breed is suitable for you and / or your family? If you can, adopt a puppy or dog from a shelter.”
Debbie Stacey

Have a word, a phrase that makes them come back to you and reward with a treat. I’ve headed off a lot of running out onto the road or running after people by using a word that the dog associates with a reward, and they always come when I say it. If they dart out the door, you can always get them back. Repeat the word over and over again as you go to the treat jar and keep saying it as you give them the treat. Puppies learn fast.”
Sue Broomer

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