How To Be A Great Dog Owner

Don’t stick them in a crate for hours on end. If you don’t have time to properly exercise and love them, don’t get one. Make sure it’s a breed you can handle. Proper puppy training is a big help. Patience and lots of love, healthy food.”
Patricia L. Hardbower

Get a Roomba so that you don’t drive yourself crazy sweeping all the time. I have multiple dogs and it is the best money I ever spent.”
Teresa A. Brown

Make sure all humans use the same word commands! It can confuse if not all the same!”
Joyce Milne Shand

Make sure that the puppy has plenty of ‘legal’ toys to chew up. I had one pup that chewed up both sides of a door frame, as far as he could reach! (The need to chew is strong in puppies. As they get older, it settles down, usually.) Much more expensive than the toys!!”
Pat Harrison Stein

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