10 Ways To Bend The Rules

6. Let emails, texts, and calls go unanswered two days a month

7. Tell someone, twice a year, why she or he really ticked you off.


8. Take one impromptu weekend a year, at least 150 miles out of town, with your best friend


9. Decline a dinner invitation, even if it may be “politically incorrect,” twice a year


10. Enjoy one ridiculously rich, decadent dessert a month (unless, of course, you have a health issue that precludes that)


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  1. mncold says:

    I like most of these. There are actually some businesses that allow one day off for “mental health” once a year, and I think one friend worked where you got one per quarter.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Thanks, mncold. Days off for mental health is a great idea!


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