{Giveaway} Wear Your Favorite Beach On This Beautiful Bracelet

Since 2010, Boston’s Dune Jewelry has been transforming favorite beach memories into timeless pieces that “make waves” anytime, anywhere! Send in sand from a beach you love or choose from Dune’s collection of sand from over 1,500 beaches around the world. The Dune team will incorporate it into a masterpiece. Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune’s founder, tells us about her company and the process.

Once you’ve read our interview with Holly, enter to win a Sandglobe™ Charm Bracelet ($100 value). To enter, comment below by answering the question: Where will your sand come from if you win this charm bracelet?

How did you get started with your business?

I was in real estate for 14 years when the local market began to tank. I felt like this was a sign that I should carry out my dreams of entrepreneurship and develop this jewelry line.

Growing up on Cape Cod I spent my summers during high school learning to surf at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, MA. Although my surfing skills never amounted to much, those days of skipping work and heading to the beach always will be cherished. I began creating beach sand jewelry for friends and family in 2007, along with my close childhood friend and artist, Kellie Quinn, of ‘Beaches and Snowflakes™.’

Where does the sand come from?

Kellie and I used to take road trips all over the East Coast to collect sand, but when the business started to grow, many customers asked if they could send in their own sand that reflects their own memories. We know that their sand is authentic and we can confidently add it to our Sandbank™.

Today, our sand collection comes from all seven continents, including from over 150 beaches on Cape Cod alone. We’ve even begun collecting sand from golf course traps and baseball parks such as Boston’s Fenway Park.

How is the sand transformed into jewelry?

We use two different patent pending processes that marry the customer’s sand with jewelry grade epoxy or resin. All of Dune’s Sandartists™ complete an extensive three-month training process before producing their one-of-a-kind creations. You’d be amazed at the vast palette of sand colors and textures, which is unique for each region.

What is the price range and the type of items in your collection?

Prices range from $40 to $350. We offer everything from necklaces, bracelets and earrings to cufflinks and key chains and have much more planned.

How long does it take to create each item?

Our handmade sterling silver pieces, all made in Massachusetts, can be finished in as little as a couple of hours, depending on the amount of curing, sanding and polishing they require. Some sand is more difficult to work with, and those pieces might take a couple of days to complete. Every time we receive new sand in from a customer, it’s exciting to see what new colors and textures we have to work with. A customer will have his or her final piece of jewelry about two weeks after the order is placed!

Why is your jewelry a great gift idea?

Many women have gifts made for their mothers, sisters and friends from sand associated with trips that they’ve been on together and from family beach houses, weddings, etc. Men’s cufflinks are hot right now, as are key chains, because they’re constant reminders of favorite vacations, ballparks or golf courses.

To commemorate Dune Jewelry’s partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center, and in recognition of World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2013, Dune will host a 24-hour fundraiser, from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. 10% of all sales placed on DuneJewelry.com will be donated directly to Joslin. Dune also will provide FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed that day.

To enter to win
a Sandglobe™ Charm Bracelet
($100 value)
comment below by answering the question:
Where will your sand come from if you win this charm bracelet?

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes November 21, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Arlene

    From Sunset Beach, Ca.

  • sally

    From Clearwater beach florida

  • Cindy LeSieur

    Mine would come from Holdens Beach, NC, where I spent a great deal of my teen years.

  • Lorraine 53

    If I when my sand will come from Fiji! Yes!

  • If I win, I would love the sand to come from Charles Mears State Park in Pentwater, Michigan. I have been going there every year since I was young. My parents bought property up there and I have many memories of that gorgeous beachy town. Beautiful town, beautiful beach, beautiful people.

  • Gianna

    From Italy.

  • Amber colemire

    A local “beach” at a lake

  • Sky Kory

    My sand will be from San Francisco.

  • Felicia

    I live in AZ now but grew up on the Jersey Shore most of my life. I miss it so much, I had a friend bring me sand back from their some years ago. They have it in a specimen bottle as a joke, this would be perfect for it. Thank you

  • Allison


  • Buddy Garrett

    Our sand would come from Myrtle Beach.

  • susan smoaks

    i would get sand from panama city beach

  • socratesjr

    I would pick the sand from the beach in Chicago for an important moment in our relationship.

  • melikegarfield

    I have sand from beaches on the East and West coast that I would use.

  • angel kendrick

    Sand from Lake Ontario

  • My would come from the Kennybunkport Maine beach that I would love to go again.

  • JoAnna Carpentier

    Wilmington, NC, where I live!

  • Carla S

    I would want sand from 49 Black Sand beach in HI.

  • it would come from costa rica

  • krystal wethington

    from a florida beach.

  • sand from lake erie

  • Deborah Pilotto

    Maui, Hawaii…in memory of a great guy!

  • Angela

    Jamaica, thanks for the chance

  • Tammie Venne

    I would give it to my sister in law and she would either get the sand in California or Okinawa depending where my brother is stationed

  • Jessica B.

    11 years ago I graduated a special program when I was 16 and the graduation took place at the beach. I saved a little container of sand, and that is what I would use.

  • Richard Hicks

    It would come from our favorite beach to visit and that is Myrtle beach SC!

  • Lisa Voyce

    It would come from Assateague Island in Maryland.

  • Tanya White

    I would love to go to the Bahamas so I would get my sand there.

  • Lyndi Malarchuk

    Do you have any “sand” from the moon? I’d like to have that. I’m not much of a beach girl, but I would love to have something really unique, like sand from the moon or the bottom of the ocean.

  • Karen Drake

    My sand would come from a beach in Bandon Oregon, I vacationed there when I was 15 and have very fond memories of the beach there.

  • danielle Marie

    the beaches of puerta vallarta mexico. special place for me.

  • Robyn L

    The sand that I would choose comes from Marco Island, Florida from the last place my family took together.

  • Faith

    cozumel mexico

  • nancdep5

    Probably Wildwood Crest, NJ as there are wonderful memories from there and it is my favorite beach.

  • Nancy H.

    Crane’s Beach in Ispwich, MA. Years ago, when my husband and I lived on the North Shore, we used to walk there frequently. He passed away this year after a long illness. It would be nice to have a memento of those walks.

  • Will R

    The only sand I have is in my kids’ sand box. I hope there are no surprises in there from the cats.

  • Larisa K

    I would love to have Black Sea’s sand in it as a reminder of my childhood and the place where I came from. The whole idea is amassing!

  • Phoenix

    I love this innovative concept! Somewhere on the California coast.

  • Dan Kakleas

    Salisbury Beach, Salisbury Ma.

  • Emily S.

    I’d collect and send in sand from the sandbar behind my grandmother’s house along the Elk River in Clay County, West Virginia.

  • Grace Scammell

    The Gulf Coast

  • i guess either sandy neck beach on cape cod or the banks of the connecticut river in the pioneer valley in western mass…..home & home-away-from-home

  • jo lawlor

    The sand would come from various beaches I have visited. Coast Guard Beach, Cape cod, Crescent beach Florida, Turqs and Caicos, and Bavaro Beach in the Dominican. A few of my favorite beaches.

  • Barbara L

    From the Riviera Maya, Mexico

  • Susan Fairgrieve

    If I were to win the bracelet, I would choose Sandy Hook, NJ where my husband and I spent summer days with a lot of beautiful memories. My husband passed away in December. I beautiful remembrance that would be to wear eery day.

  • Sarah Branstetter

    I would choose Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, FL. It is where my children and I first saw the ocean.

  • Tracy Brewer

    It would definitely be Maui, HI where my husband & I were married. Luv, Luv, Luv the bracelet!!

  • Donna Cunningham

    It’s hard to chose, but my most cherished family memories are from our time at Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica. We had an amazing trip, and memories to last a lifetime!!

  • my sand would come nassau island bahamas

  • Traci Zeller

    Hatteras, NC, my favorite place to go on vacation, 20 yrs. and counting. Love the bracelet!

    • Traci Zeller

      sorry don’t know why it posted twice.

  • Traci Zeller

    Hatteras, NC. My favorite place to go on vacation, 20 yrs. and counting. Love the bracelet!

  • Christine Jannino

    That for me would be a difficult choice since I too grew up around many beaches in New England and now live in FL – but I’d have to say that Ft Myers Beach would have to be the sand I would choose for the bracelet – as it has so much special meaning for my hubby and I – and our gratefulness begins and ends with Ft Myers Beach!

  • Nancy

    The white sand of the Gulf coast of Florida… Indian Rocks beach is my closest.. Treasure Island my favorite… Any where from Clearwater to St Pete beach… they all feel like home..

  • Pam Schackow

    I would give it to my sister to put in sand from Mexico.

  • North Carolina! I have a nephew and his girlfriend who live there!

  • My sand would be from Charleston.

  • Susie West

    My sand would be from Panama City Beach Florida, wish I could be there all the time.

  • Robin Johnston

    Orange Beach or Gulf Shores Alabama. My place of peace. No matter what the storm of life, a day on the beach, winter, summer, spring or fall will cause me to see the greatness of God. So much sand, so much water and he knows every grain and every ounce of water. Nothing displaced, nothing out of order. And I realize, my problems are nothing for a risen Savior!

  • Egypt!

  • Wow have to think about it. I think i would like the sand from the white sand in Porta Rico.

  • So original & pretty! Brings the beach with you.

  • The beach I was baptized on!

  • Laura Shangraw

    Waikiki or Moorea. Hard choice

  • Natalie Yeoman

    Los Angeles

  • Susan Ladd

    I would pick Pensacola, FL, which has the whitest beachs on the Gulf Coast. I have lived here all my life the sand is the whitest it can get and we have some of the best waters in the area. We also, have some of the best people you will can hope to meet in this area. We hope to see you down here some time. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep 🙂

  • yummyfaerie

    Horseneck Beach is a beach local to us that we love to go as a family in the summer.

  • Dorothy borgese

    Pink sand of hawaii

  • I GUESS my sand would have to come from my daughter back yard in Hunting Beach CA

  • Luanne Kleiman

    My husband and I plan to spend our 35th anniversary, next March, at Lido Beach and I would love to have a keep sake from the sand there!

  • I would choose Waikiki Beach. I went there once about 25 years ago and it still calls my name.

  • Diane baum

    My sand would come from the beautiful beaches in Aruba

  • Kelly

    Siesta Key, FL

  • Tracy L Davis

    Coney Island

  • kim

    My sand would come from the beach where I live Topsail Beach NC

  • Chris MacDonald

    THe sand will come from my favourite local beach – Sandbanks

  • Jaclyn

    I would love to have sand from the Great Barrier Reef in my charm to show where I would love to go someday.

  • Kimarie Stebbins

    Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI

  • strawberry3d


  • I would use sand from california to remember when I got to go there to visit my granddaughter

  • I’d use sand from Ireland because this is where my husband family is from and I’d hand it down to my daughter.

  • Mindy Mue

    Cancun – the first trip I went on with my now husband!


    Definately South Africa. My hubby & I visited there last year & went to the beach. It was the most amazing & beautiful site ever.

  • Susan

    Ocean City, NJ where my husband and I met 42 years ago!

  • Janet Morris

    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • Debra Fransen

    I have no sand and would select one from the 1500 sands available.

  • FRAN

    great summers at Scarborough Beach in RI with Mom and my brothers as a child

  • vanessa martinez

    From Akumal, Mexico. I love going there. Such a beautiful peaceful place and you get to see Sea Turtles flurishing! =)

  • Nags Head, NC!

  • My sand will come from York Beach in Maine. I would go there for a week at a time with my grandparents over the summer and would take day trips there with my family. So many wonderful memories from a calmer, simpler time!

  • Judith S.

    I just read your story and I too was in real estate for 20+ years when the market tanked. Wish I could say the results where as good as yours but I haven’t found that fulfilling niche yet.
    I think I have found a great gift for a dear friend. Since I left real estate I ended up with some serious health issues and friends scattered. One dear friend stayed connected. I have some sand from one of the last hiking trips (I am no longer able to hike) we did together. It is a beautiful red sand and am going to look into having this made into one of your pieces of jewelry.

  • Hawksnest Beach St. Johns USVI best beach ever!

  • I would like my sand to come from The Bahamas. While I’ve been to Key West several times and love it, their sand is imported from the Bahamas. Because of my disabled husband I will likely never again have a chance to travel so it would be a wonderful gift (and something just for ME) to win this contest.

  • Liz

    From Arcadia, Michigan, which is where our summer vacation home is!

  • Sue S.

    I’ve had a dream to live on a beach ever since I was little. I don’t think that will happen because my son is in college and every extra little bit goes to him. But, I love going to Myrtle Beach, SC whenever I can. So, that is where I would like the sand to come from.

  • fr

    I have sand from almost 50 years ago- when it was still VERY PINK.
    I understand it is no longer a dark pink due to the dying/killing of the coral reef.
    It saddens me to think that mesmerizing color is not going to be there if I ever get to go back…….

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    I am born & raised in CT. & live next to the Niantic River, so many memories playing, swimming, crabbing on what we call the “little Beach” my dad built a lobster boat and my dad & mom loved going out in the boat catching lobsters, fishing etc. they had to leave from the “little beach” to go out to their other boat, my parents are gone now, I take my dog to the beach almost everyday depending on weather, I still sit on my favorite rock and think back of all the memories like it was yesterday, to have a piece of jewelry made with sand from the “little beach” and wear it everyday I would be carrying around my memories wherever I go, thank you for this awesome chance to have a part of my life & my mom and dad close to my heart. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


    Lake Michigan.. I want my ashes thrown there too when I die.

  • It has to come from the beautiful sands in the Caribbean!

  • It would be sand from a WA state beach. Very close to home! The beach is my favorite place to be!

  • Basya S

    La Romano in DR. My family spend many winter vacations there and it affordable place for us to escape to Summer…

  • Camilla Wilson

    ST Augustine were I spent my summers as a child.

  • Margarita Rosa

    I fled my homeland of Cuba in the 1960’s with nothing but the clothes on my back. I would love to have a bracelet filled with some sand from Cuba (listed on your sheet). Words cannot describe the joy that it would bring me just to have a little slice of my country that I probably will never see again.

  • Easy answer. Astwood Cove in Bermuda is the beach that owns my heart. You have to scramble down a cliff to reach it, but once you’ve done so, you have an expanse of Bermuda’s perfect pink sand, a turquoise ocean breaking on the reef, and the cliff-face behind you where the Bermuda longtails come to nest in the spring … and it’s one of the beaches lesser-known to tourists, so you quite often have it completely to yourself. My version of heaven.

  • desiree melton

    My beach sand would come from St. Simons Island, Ga. My most fond memories come from being raised their as a child and young adult. I was the fastest rock rocker around the beach and spent more hours that i could tell you about in the ocean searching for my beloved ocean creatures. I still have the sun, sand and breeze in my hair and mind. Unforgettable!

  • Traci Baez

    I grew up around the Central Coast of California. I now live in Arizona. For five years I drove past the beach on my way to and from work. What a calming drive. I would like my bracelet made from the sand of Pismo Beach.

  • Dea Lyn

    I would have my bracelet made with the sand from the place where my father’s ashes were scattered – his “mother country”, Santorini, Greece. Not only is it an immensely beautiful place to remember, but every day when I wore it I would look at it and think of my Daddy. <3

  • tanya

    Tamarindo, Costa Rica

  • Debbie Terry

    Maui – It would be for my granddaughter who name is Hawaiian – Malia Kai and spends her summers on Maui.

  • Sandra Warren

    My sand will come from Guam – I hope. I had it 20 years ago and after several moves I’ll have to find it.

  • Peggy

    We are in Eastern Oregon and the beach is about 6-7 hours away.
    We enjoy going to the Oregon beach so that is where our sand would come from.

  • nicole coxon

    Higgins lake michigan ever since I was little I would go there with my family and now I am doing so with my family

  • Gina Thompson

    The white sand beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

  • Michele

    My sand will come from glorious Cabo San Lucas! Such a fun and beautiful place!

  • Ruth

    My sand will come from Cape May, N.J. It is a lovely, family oriented place that is so peaceful.

  • My sand would come from Pismo Beach, California.

  • S. M. McQueen

    Orange Beach where we spent last New Year’s and hopefully will spend many more vacations.

  • Christine Norman

    I have no sand to send, so Holly can select sand.

  • R.Goodwin

    Santa cruz beach and board walk its fun an beautiful It will be a memory every time I look at it friends family an love

  • kmariem18

    A hawaiian beach – our son lives there, so we visit as often as we can – we have wonderful times and memories

  • Kai W.

    My former supervisor gave me a key chain with sand from Aruba as gift from her vacation.

  • Donna C

    Nantasket Beach. MA

  • jill

    I would like sand from Israel, because if I cannot go there, I could have a little of Israel with me.

  • Shelbie Johnston

    Santa Cruz Beach! Its always been a yearly trek there since I was small 🙂

  • kim odonnell

    Staten Island NY

  • Deb Longworth

    The pink sands of Bermuda

  • Phyllis Skoglund

    Hernando Beach is where the wild things are.

  • mar g

    tybee island, sc

  • Pamela Dickson

    From Pololu Beach, big island of Hawaii – I’ve always wanted to go there.

  • I would choose sand from Main Beach, East Hampton, NY. We have spent 37 summers in East Hampton and I never get tired of being near the ocean.

  • Beth W.

    My sand would have to come from the Alabama coast. We spent 25 summer vacations there while my children were growing up. There are so many wonderful family memories from those times.

  • Tracy Schwartz

    Hawaii some day. In reality, here from my grand children’s sand box so i can look down and always think of them.

  • Michelle Willis

    I think somewhere off the beautiful coast of Florida.

  • nicole henke

    fort morgan, AL

  • Lanikai Beach on the windward side of Oahu.

  • Linda Seibert

    My sand would come from 2 of my favorite places, The Big Island of Hawaii’s black sand and the Island of Cozumel, Mexico!

  • Fiji

  • Sally Bergman

    I will blend grains of sand from each area we visit. I will start with Lake Michigan beach in new Buffalo Michigan as that is the area i spent so much of my teen years… then each beach from now on beginning with the beach near Destin where we plan to go in the spring…will add to the memories of our time and blended life that we recently began with our marriage in April.

  • susan hartman

    The Jersey Shore would be great. I spent a lot of my childhood vacationing in Wildwood.

  • Dana

    somewhere from the Jersey shore like Cape MAy

  • From any beach in Hawaii.

  • Morgan

    Lincoln City OR

  • Neila Gallagher

    Possibly from Mexico! <3

  • Susan S.

    Holly, This is such a wonderful concept! My
    choice is the beautiful Crane Beach in Ipswich, Mass.
    p.s. If you do not have this sand i can send it to you as this is the town I have recently moved to.
    Thank you

  • Francine Farmer

    Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan or Singer Island, Florida.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    Laguna Beach!

  • tarheel4ever

    Sand from the beach of Maui – the most beautiful place I’ve been. Thank you! 🙂

  • Cecilia

    any white sand from the Caribbean.

  • AJB

    A black sand beach from the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Jessad

    my sand would come from the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida – I would love to be there over the Christmas Holiday – this is a gorgeous bracelet, I love the color of this stone

  • elr

    My sand will come from the beach at Atlantic City. From my first trip to the beach as a 8 year old.

  • Debbie W

    I lived in Hawaii when I was a teenager and loved the North Shore, Hanauma Bay, and Waikiki. These days, I get my fix at Surfside in SC and St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Thanks for donating proceeds to diabetes research.

  • mizliz96

    What a cool idea! I would use some of the sand that I have from Figi. However combining the sand with various beaches would also be a good choice.

  • The Beaches of Hawaii!!

  • Maria G


  • Anita Shagena

    I would like my sand to come from Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Michigan. Truly a spectacular place!

  • Bermuda. I have a small jar of it that i saved from my anniversary trip last year. it would be wonderful to wear it everyday to hold the memories.

  • dmnyes

    My sand will come from Vanburen Point in Dunkirk, New York. I spent many happy vacations, and girls weekends at my best friend’s cottage. She now suffers from a degenerative disease which affects her mobility more each day. I fear these getaways are to be no more in the near future. This bracelet would be a lasting memento of happier times.

  • Cathy

    Easy one – sand from Elbow Beach, Bermuda, the most beautiful beach I have ever visited!

  • Susan

    My sand will come from Prospect Harbor, Maine which is the town I grew up in!

  • kattzzz

    St. Augustine, Fl beach. I lived there for a year and I’m 50 miles away now wishing almost everyday I lived back there near the beach.

  • Dianna Christman

    Sanibel Island….my last beach vacation with my father before he passed away!

  • velder dixon

    lovely bermuda

  • ann heffner

    without a doubt. Fenwick Island, Delaware, if possible from inside Treasure Beach Campground.
    Just had to give up my site there due to failing health and finances…but it will always be in my heart

  • jules m.

    i want some from the singing sands of the little island of Eigg in the Scottish Hebrides

  • Elisse

    Israel. Home. Dead Sea salt + Mediterranean sand from Tel Aviv!

  • Jean

    Turks and Caicos has the most beautiful white powdery sand!

  • Michelle

    Would love to fill that beautiful bracelet with sand from Key Biscayne, Fl. My husband of over 30 years and I had our first date there. Beach day, then dining outdoors. Thank you.

  • konny r church

    myrtle beach

  • lkish77123

    My sand would come from San Diego, CA

  • Lorraine53

    Sand from the Virgin IS or a beach for California would make my bracelet beyond Special! What a Charm!

  • Stephanie

    I would like my sand to come from St. Pete’s Beach in Florida and Nassau Bahamas. Both places have very fond memories for me. Growing up, St. Pete Beach was the first time my mom, sister and I went on vacation to a beach. And… Nassau Bahamas was the second time my mom, sister and I went on a beach vacation. Since my mom recently passed, this sandglobe charm bracelet would remind me of those great times and that my mom is always with me.

  • I would like my sand to come from Mrtyle Beach South Carolina That is where we went for our honeymoon 41 years ago.We also spent every summer there until we moved to Colorado in 1989. It is really a special place for us and I would love to win
    this special charm bracelet!!

  • Michelle jadaa

    Well hubby is from Kuwait and im from sussex England so id go with a mix 🙂

  • Aneta

    It would come from Baltic Sea beach, where I grow up. I stl go back to that great morning when my parents, my sister and I as a child , had a breakfast while watching the sea. Now I live in USA and hope one day I will take my daughter there and show her that plays …. anfortunelly without the grandparents…

  • My sand would come from Greece! In particular Kephalonia where my father’s family is from and some of them whom I have never met still reside there! That to me would be very special as i lost my dad to cancer in 2010. I would think of my dad’s family whenever i wear it!

  • I Would love to put the white sand from the beauty beach of St Lucia in the Caribbean..

    • I would like my sand to come from Barbados. Great memories from there.

  • Karen

    Pass Christian Beach in Pass Christian MS. This would go to my grandaughter who is grown up now and spent a lot of time digging in the sand there when she was a little girl.

  • Adrianne B

    My sand would come from 305- Ambergris Caye in Belize. That is where my husband and I honeymooned.

  • Kim

    Sand I collect at Ocean Isle Beach, the beach where my family has vacationed for the past 20 years and the place where my youngest daughter was married. Those little grains of sand hold so many happy memories.

  • Marsha Crain

    My sand would come from Mission Beach in California. I remember a lot of good times there-even learned to surf there!!!

  • janet

    Sand I collected at Aberdeen, Scotland–the North Sea!

  • Pamela

    From the homestead of my maternal grandparents in Arkansas–far from beaches but dand of memories no less

  • Nadia Glasner

    Harbour Island is located in the district of Bahamas and is famous for its pink beaches (due to the red corals in the waters). I think would make a beautiful charm.

  • Delia Sadler

    Bermuda. I have many memories walking the beach there. The pink sand is unique and the rock formations jutting from the ocean are awe inspiring. Truly was a spiritual experience for me.

  • Linda

    Oh, Fenway Park would be an awesome way to commemorate a winning season and a really special team (yay, Sox! Boston Strong!). . . I also love three of my hometown beaches and might think of combining their sands: Good Harbor, Cressy, and Wingaersheek: lots of memories! What a choice: salt air, seagulls, and crashing waves – or peanuts, beer, and the sweet smell of victory? lol

  • Teresa E

    Destin Florida

  • Ianete

    I have some black sand from a beach called Kalapana. It was given to me prior to 1990. Kalapana was one of the largest and nicest black sand beaches. But in 1990 Madame Pele (the Hawaiian volcano goddess) changed the landscape by causing molten lava to burry the beach. I treasure the black sand from that beach and would love to have it memorialized in a lovely piece of jewelry.

  • Deborah Stinson

    I would get my sand from Vilano Beach in Florida. I lived there in 2011 and plan to move back there. It’s beautiful and so is the sand!


  • liliMarlene

    One of my favorite beaches wasn’t sandy, it was rocky and pebbly–standing on the shore of
    Baltic Sea just outside St. Petersburg–I felt at one with my ancestors who where residents of
    that lovely city.

  • eddyrobey

    Estero Beach, in Baja California


    This is a beautiful collection. Would love to win the bracelet.

  • marlene

    Living in Los Angeles area, I have many beaches. But I would choose sand from Carmel’s beach. Carmel is magical and I love walking on the beach there when we go for a vacation.

  • beautiful Waikiki beach


    I agree, tough choice. I think will be from somewhere in Austin TX, the area I live or near Niagara Falls where I plan to vacation next July.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    The beach that is right outside my door: Umbrella Beach in Montauk! Nothing is better than waking up in the morning to the site and sound of waves crashing on the shore!

  • Trisha

    My ideal beach sand would come from Blackpool, England, my first experience on a beach. My grandparents took me there on holiday, my Mother was working and my Dad was in Korea. My next choice would be Sanibel Island, FL sand. I spent a few vacation weeks here when I was working, and still have the shells I collected there- about 30 years ago.

  • Diana Devlin

    While I would love to have the sand come from some place exotic, I’d choose one of the beaches in NJ. It’s where I grew up my whole life and it would be a tribute to the rebuilding of that area after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

  • skipheart

    My favorite place….Nantucket MA….specifically the beach in Sconset.

  • Tricia

    Maybe you can mix the sand. LOL
    Fort Myers Beach & Siesta Key beaches

  • I would love to win a bracelet with sand from Dowses Beach in Osterville, MA, on Cape Cod, where we raised our 5 kids including foster kids!

  • Belize

  • Pamela Oates

    Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea

  • Sydney Gilbert

    My sand will come from Bermuda

  • Christine Williamson

    Presque Isle, on Lake Erie in Erie PA

  • Joc

    I really would like my sand to come from Hawaii – I would really love to go back and visit one of the other islands.

  • Debbie Welch

    My Sand will come from Goose Rocks Beach
    Cape Porpoise, ME

  • Oh darlin’, this is and easy answer. This Ozark Farm Chicks sweet Mama and little sis live in Brownsville, TX…a simple few miles to South Padre’ Island. Woohoo!!!!

    I adore this beautiful ‘sand’ necklace, Farm Boy and I enjoy evenin’ walks on the beach…what a keepsake this would be!!!

    From the ‘lucky’ hills and hollers of the magnificent Missouri Ponderosa, ya’ll have yourself a wonderfully blessed and beautiful weekend!!!

  • The sand would be from Cape May, New Jersey and could even contain some tiny Cape May diamonds!

  • liz grover

    Tahiti (lol) I wish! JERSEY SHORE 🙁

  • sandra phillips

    cape cod – or the bahamas

  • elizabeth

    Robert Moses beach on Long Island.

  • marcie brilcat


  • Mary in MN

    I would use sand from Sagadahoc Bay in Bath, ME. That is where my husband and I started our married lives together and where our sons were born.

    I might ask for a few grains of sand added from Higgins Beach in Maine, my father told a story of rescuing my mother from 2 inches of water there and also of swimming and seeing sharks under him, so it would be memory of my parents and their lives together also.

    I might think for a few moments of adding some from Illinois, but they have none from Joliet where my husband is from.

  • Mine would come from Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn, NY.
    My family spends all Summer weekdays there.

  • 561 GA St. Simons Island @9th St.

    My parents live at 14th street – i have spent my whole life going to this beach for summers as I have my children and it is also where my husband and I married and renewed our vows, as well as where we baptized our first child. 🙂

  • Such a fabulous idea. Everyone has a beach in their history …and would love to carry a piece of it with them each day. Great job!

  • deb stoy

    I’d love to wear it with sand from Rehobeth

  • Taylor Emery

    My sand would be from the white sand beach at Panama City Beach, FL where I first visited the beach and ocean as a child and try to get back to whenever I’m able, which is not often enough. With the bracelet, I could wear a piece of my peaceful, relaxing beach.

  • Diane

    Actually, from my back yard! I live on the Tennessee River and rivers also create sand. I have found petrified mussel shells and all sorts of treasures when the water is at winter pool. This area is controlled by a dam, Fort Loudoun, and it is raised and lowered at different times of year. My sand would be from “close to home”.

  • Jeaneen

    My sand would come from Jamaica.

  • Catherine Sweeney

    My sand will come from the beach I grew up on — Riis Park — because I was there as a child and love it still as an adult. I may also opt for a ring to be made from sand I bring back from my most exotic trip yet — Costa Rica!!!

  • My sand would come from Galveston, Tex. I grew up swimming here and so it has a special place in my heart.

  • kathy d

    Ocean City Maryland

  • teresa scarborough

    sand will come from Miami Beach

  • kate60

    the most beautiful sand in the world- rincon,nayarit, Mexico.

  • Sherry

    Gulf Shores, Alabama 🙂 A southern girl’s heart!!!

  • wizardewu

    Wadi Rum in Jordan

  • St. Lucia

  • I am going on a cruise with my husband in January. It has been a tough year and this cruise is a splurge to give us something to start a better year in 2014. I am thinking St Lucia, the place I chose the cruise for.

  • karan

    Local sand – Gulf Shores, ALabama

  • Barbados all the way!

  • Linda Peavy

    I would love for it to come from The Bahamas since I got to go there once. But, I think it would have to be from Galveston since I was born there.

  • alisa

    would love one from Lanikai beach! Hawaii

  • marsha

    Either the black sand from Hawaii or the pink sand of Bermuda.,,,…

  • Debbie Fry

    I would love a nice mixture of sand since I am from Kansas. This is such a cool idea and such a great conversation piece.

  • the sands of New Zealand

  • christine

    Cedar Beach in Babylon.

  • Christa

    My sand will be from the beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, where my son now lives, and where my husband and I hope to retire.

  • Marie Demarais

    Jersey Shore!

  • Pamela

    Playa de Bavaro, Dominican Republic! I celebrated my Fiftith there this year!

  • My sand would come from Egypt near the great pyramids where I had my honeymoon back in ’78. With all the souvenirs I brought home…I didn’t even think to bring home some sand!!!

  • Jayne Zabrowski

    My backyard….Lake Michigan Beach!

  • Lynn Salvatore

    It would be Catawba Beach we have had so many great times there as a family

  • Paula Pile

    Mine will come from Beaufort, NC as my husband and I got engaged there. We will be married 25 years on April 1, 2014 so this place holds many happy memories for us!

  • I don’t have the money to travel so it will have to be a local beach in NY or perhaps Point Pleasant Beach in NJ.

  • Kathleen Nation

    From the beach of my childhood and innocence, Popham Beach, ME, USA

  • Cindy

    Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • Susan Parham

    My sand would come from El Puerto De Santa Maria, Spain.

  • Irina

    It would be Virginia Beach the best US destination.

  • Bonnie L. Fisher

    My sand will come from Turks and Caicos

  • kgritts

    I know it sounds crazy but I would want the sands of Biloxi, MS even stained with the oil spill from the Gulf to remember all the animals killed and maimed from the spill.

  • Franee47

    I love the rugged beaches of Maine so I would choose anywhere along that coast to create a long lasting memory.

  • mag

    Hilton Head Island S.C. I am hoping to win one for my best friend and buy one for myself! We both plan to retire there and spend lots of time with our dogs on the beach!

  • Thomas Hardy

    I would fill it with sand from Wales & Ireland.

  • Lisa Shelton

    Where will my sand come from? If I am lucky enough to win this very “unique bracelet and idea”. No question, it would come from the sands from The Outer Banks in North Carolina, I spend 1 week every summer there raising my children, and praying that next year I can save enough for my kids and now my precious 4 yr. old grand-daughter….. we have been trying for 3 years now to go… think 2014 will be the year.

  • BeckyIA

    Mustang Island, Texas. A friend and I used to go camping there and my husband and I got married there at sunrise on the first day of spring. Very special memories from that beach!


    The Jersey Shore.

  • edie greene

    From Melbourne Florida, I visit a friend there every year.

  • Connie Fischer

    I have visited many beaches in my lifetime but I have to say that the beautiful sand of Sanibel Island, Florida is just gorgeous! I would love to have this with Sanibel sand!

  • Judith Sharp

    My sand would definitely come from Hilton Head Island, SC!

  • Linda Flack

    For many years my family and I spent two weeks in February in St. Maartin. We have wonderful memories of our times there. Can’t go anymore, due to physical problems, but this would keep the memory alive.

  • Deborah Heath

    On my next planned trip hopefully to New Zealand!!!

  • Michelle Garrity

    Siesta Key sand is the best!

  • My sister’s favorite beach is Long Beach NC – this is for her!

  • Definitely my sand will come from St Martin! I love that island!

  • Mine would come from beautiful Biloxi beach on the Gulf Coast.

  • Linda Wilson

    My sand would come from Maui.

  • I would say on a beach in the northern United States. It is just so beautiful up there…..
    Thank you

  • Jacquie

    My sand would be from Hanalei Bay, HI. I think it’s one of my most beautiful. I also reminds me of my last trip to Hawaii

  • DS

    My sand will come from Long Beach, NY! Long Beach has come back from utter devastation after Super Storm Sandy. Way to go, LB!!!

  • Vicki

    Sand from Pacific Beach in San Diego or from Ocean City, Maryland. Current memories from SD, past memories from OC.

  • Beautiful and unique. I often visit Wellfleet as t’s near to my home

  • Ann

    Love to be seen wearing it.

  • Sharyn

    I would love it to have the sand from Wellfleet in Cape Cod. It’s where my husband and I went many times and now that he is gone, it will bring back great memories.

  • Bunny Wilson

    I would love to have a bracelet with sand from Crete. I’m 58 yrs old and probably will never see Europe. At least this way, I’ll have a little Europe with me 🙂