{Giveaway} Tickets To An Unforgettable Musical

Attention New Yorkers and all theatre fans who will be in New York before April 6. Check out our interview with Ruthe Ponturo, a divorcée who turned her break-up saga (and the sagas of many other women) into a true production—the clever new musical, Til Divorce Do Us Part.

FabOverFifty is giving away two pairs of tickets ($150 value) to Divorce, playing at the DR2 Theater in New York City. “The music and lyrics are delightful, the stage sets are colorful and creative, and the three women leads are captivating. I enjoyed every moment,” said Geri Brin, FOF founder.

Happily married? Not a problem! You don’t have to be divorced to get a kick out of Ruthe’s Off-Broadway production!

To enter to win,

comment below by answering the question:

When was the last time you saw a musical in New York?

2 FOFs will win. Tickets must be used by April 6, 2014. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes March 20, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Donna ginsburg

    When my mother took me over 15 years ago

  • Thirty years ago I worked as a flight attendant and lived twenty minutes from “the city.” My budget allowed me to stand in line at a ticket booth for a chance to purchase an unsold seat at half price. I love the theater and promised after I quit “flying” I would return to NYC to see plays among other things. Then I guess Life happened and my plan to return never materialized. One day I will go back, I promise. I miss the sights, I miss the hustle-bustle of the crowds, I miss the unique smell of street vendors burnt pretzels,I miss the sky scrapers, and I miss the way I felt with the man I used to love.


    It was 3 years ago and I saw MaMa Mia! I would love to go again it’s time, it has been too long!

  • April 26, 1983

  • Ellen S

    last year, I saw Zachary Levi in First Date.

  • Teri Hilger

    Rock of Ages

  • Barb Stenby

    The last musical I saw was Phantom in September & just recently saw The Bronx Bombers in February. I live on the Island so I like to goo often. This look good!

  • Michelle L.

    I am only a train ride away from NYC, but the last time I was in NYC on Broadway I saw a Chorus Line, and this was more than 20 years ago.

  • Shelley

    December 2013, I saw Joplin. It was fabulous!!

  • Larisa K

    last month actually. I am New Yorkers and I love BROADWAY!

  • Sarah Colesky

    I saw wicked a couple years ago

  • Janet George

    Took my BFF for her 60th B’day to see MOTOWN with two other GF. Great show.

  • Nancy Gordon

    I don’t remember the exact date, but it was the day New York had its coldest day in a century. I stayed the week and saw Mama Mia and Hair Spray.

  • Just saw ONCE 2 days ago!

  • mandradany

    I haven’t seen a musical in 5 years, wish I could before my 55th bday…would be a great celebration treat!

  • I can feel the tears slipping down my cheek, as I read the question. Why you ask? Because I’ve never had the opportunity to visit New York, let alone be immersed in the excitement of experiencing an actual live musical, especially so far from California. If I win, will you supply oxygen to revive me from the shock? :):)

  • Sue Miller

    2007, it’s time to go again!

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    I am a huge fan of Broadway and musicals are my favorite. Unfortunately my work and family takes a way too much of my time and budget, so the last time I went to see Kinky Boots was 2 months ago. I live in New York… I should go more often…

  • Felicia Estrada

    I Love Musicals, I love Broadway period, and I used to go all the time unfortunately my husband lost his job and my daughter became ill and is also dependent on me. So its been all work and no money for play.

  • Carol Cotton

    I used to go to musicals all the time until my budget changed when I got separated from my husband. It is almost four years since I have been to a theatre to see a musical or a drama.

  • Lisa Fues

    I went to NY in Jan. 2013 for a girlfriends getaway weekend. We had the good fortune to stay near Times Square and enjoy nearby theaters. I’d love to do it again!

  • i never been or have seen a musical in new your, a small vacation is overdue

  • diana shenderovich

    in 3 days i`m going to see a new musical

  • Dorothy borgese

    As a child my father took me to raisin in the sun