How Would You Answer These Questions?

We’re always excited to read your comments in response to our questions on Facebook. They show us time and again how smart, creative, kind, logical, perceptive and acerbic we can be. And funny, like Pauline Coombs.

How do you deal with confrontation?

I confront it and deal with whatever the issue may be in a respectful way. Most misunderstandings are easily fixed by honest conversation. It’s only a problem when one of the parties is not being honest, whether with the other person or themselves”
Jo-Anne K. Hughes

As little as possible. I don’t do well with confrontation. I will do anything to avoid it.”
Paulette Greyn

Depends on their attitude. I am a problem solver. If all they want to do is complain, then I have more productive things to do.”
Nancy Payette

“Depends, there’s only so much a person can keep inside…then you EXPLODE!”
Sarah Bias

I face it hard and straight/truthful because I want it done with. Games make things drag on and MOST confrontation is really just misunderstanding and hurt feelings so that can be cleared up quickly if you just SAY IT ALREADY. Hahaha.”
Jet Johnson

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