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If you’ve never heard of the website,, I recommend that you click your way on over there, pronto! stands out in an e-commerce world of sameness and mediocrity because it uses short, informative videos to show and tell about each product it sells, all selected by stylists, makeup artists, nutritionists, and other experts, who really do know the best from the busts!

I’ve found scores of cool and clever, unusual and uber-useful products that let us effortlessly solve everyday problems. Here are 5 of my favorites.



get back

Stop endlessly rummaging through messy drawers jam packed with unfolded T-shirts, and get your hands on the ingenious Miracle Fold. It folds your Ts (sweatshirts, sweaters, camisoles, even towels) neat as pins, in seconds, so you can line them up and see every single one when you open the drawer.


Give the souls of your feet some TLC, just in time for sandal and beach weather. The Footmate grips the shower floor with suction cups, and lets you rub your tootsies back and forth over its bristles to clean, exfoliate, soften and stimulate circulation for a little massage action.



Firm, smooth and lift your neck skin in less than 30 minutes a week, with this easy-to-apply Glamtox mask from Rodial. Imparting essential amino acids, wheat protein, decapeptides and hyaluronic acid, the mask plumps, moisturizes and increases the cell metabolism so you can hold your head up high.



Birkenstocks never looked so cool and you’ll never feel as comfy as when you slip on these thong sandals. Featuring great arch support, a roomy toe box and deep heel cups,  they’ll form to your feet and keep you stepping lively. The super fashionable Oscar winner, Julianne Moore, wears them. So should you.

perfect lip_2


Everything is unique about Lipstiks, from their rectangular shape to their ability to stay on and stay moist, without caking or smearing. Better yet, their straight lines let them double as fab lip liners, saving you time and money. A carefully selected trio of colors flatters every skin tone, for every occasion.

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