15 Life-Changing Moments

“Giving birth to my very cute son”
R Margarita Castañeda

“Getting divorced after 21 years of marriage, raising two boys as a single mom, and meeting my true love. Im 54 and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have no regrets!”
Barbara Jean Jurusz

“Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 46…I’m 51 now and still here and ain’t going nowhere!”
Karen Southan

“When I got to co-host The View! “
Natalie Badolato

“Becoming a Nana”
Alison Jenkyn

“When I got hit by a car and realized how lucky I was to be alive.”
Pam Anderson

“When the Lord delivered me from smoking for over 40 years. I tried everything to stop–patches, Chantix, gum– but I gave in, believed,  and now I’m smoke free, hallelujah.”
Deloris Clayton


“When I realised after a biopsy to my lymph nodes, 13 years ago, that I had sarcoids and I didn’t have cancer and wasn’t going to die..and that I had the best in laws ever. They took me to hospital and were there when I woke up and stayed till I could go home and went with me for my results. We were all very relieved…their support has been unwavering. My father-in- law passed on, but my mother-in-law is still a tower of strength to me.”
Carine Munro

“The 2016 election.”
Karan Fletcher McDermed

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  1. Deborah Joan Chadwick says:

    The day I walked away from a 25 year abusive marriage.


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