The Best And The Worst Of 18 Cities

Bolsover, Derbyshire, England

Amanda B.

Lovely little town, has a castle, lots of nice shops and history, beautiful old church on the edge of the Peak District, gorgeous views, and surrounded by fields

The local council seems determined to ruin it

Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

Gail S.

Country, fresh air & quiet

Can’t make friends. If you weren’t born here, they don’t want to know you

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Helen B.

Generally a nice family community, lots of fresh produce in the summer (especially our famous corn-on-the-cob)  Close proximity of lakes, and beautiful outdoor adventures to enjoy year round

Crime rate, rising homelessness and drug abuse/mental health issues

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  1. paisleygirl says:

    I hope that isn’t a picture of the women’s march in Sacramento. If it is it would definitely be sad because these women are marching and fighting for our rights just like women have done before us.


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