Memories of My Mother

“When I was diagnosed with cancer and she was holding my hand, as I was being prepared for surgery. Love you momma-, thank you for always being there for me & my girl’s. Hope you are having a blast in heaven.”
Carolyn Scott Montalbo

“The love she gave my oldest daughter.  I got pregnant at 19, and was single and thought I needed to run away, but she embraced her and loved her dearly ‘til she took her last breath. She never ever said one judgmental word to to me about Sarah.”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

Portrait of Antoinette Hurley holding her daughter Yvonne in the air, 1921?

“Being able to care for her for 8 years and having all those special memories till her passing! Love and miss you, Tilly (Mildred Louise Whitaker).”
Cheryl Anne Whitaker Denton

“My mom was such a hard worker. She was postmaster in a very small PA town for 35 years. She and my dad owned a tavern/restaurant where she put in many hours cooking and tending bar besides her regular job. She never seemed to run out of energy. Plus…she was a serious card player. She loved to play Cinch and belonged to a ladies Poker club for several years.Her granddaughters were her pride and joy.”
Rita Benigni Miller  

“All of them!!! I have so many precious memories of my mom, and each & every one is as sweet as the next, so I have no fondest memory of my mom!!! R.I.P. Ruby May Simpson 2/6/192612/20/2012.”
Sue Simpson

“Everything about her. She was the most beautiful, wonderful woman, mother, grandmother in the universe. I adored her. Still do in my memories.”
Jane Guilfoyle  

“Watching her put on her makeup!”
Jennifer Macedo

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  1. Cathy McIvor says:

    When I think of my mother, I remember how strong she was, both physically and mentally. She raised an autistic daughter, my sister, in an era that did not have nearly as many resources as mothers do now. I remember how my mother struggled with my sister as they both got older. Now that our mother is gone, I am now my sister’s guardian.

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Your sister is fortunate to have you.
      Fondly, Geri

      • Cathy McIvor says:

        Thank you, Geri. I love her very much…


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