Keep Those Cool Compliments Coming!

“The best compliment that I have ever received was ’you have a sweet spirit and I noticed the minute I met you’.”
Eva Walker Todd

“That I made a friend feel better.”
Barbara Stanisci

“Someone thought I was my granddaughter’s mom, and I said I was her grandma. That person said I looked so young.”
Heidi Bubeck

“You’re one of a few friends who make me laugh until I cry.”
Fiona Cramer

“Someone at work said my hair was ‘beautiful.’”
JoAnn Brown-Masters

“I’m a good mom.”
Carol Wall

“’You have a kind and gentle spirit.’”
T.J. Olnick

“My mirror told me I was beautiful.”
Sue Natalizia

“‘I miss you’ is the most flattering comment.”
Jan Bouchard Macintosh

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