How Often You See Your Adult ‘Kids’

Every Sunday I make them dinner. It’s a master plan that works!”

Cheryl Caperchione

“I see my kids in spurts. I try to understand but I have come to accept it. I don’t get depressed over it anymore because it’s not going to change. I guess you have to put it in a place where it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Tamara Sanders

About two-three times a year. We FaceTime weekly. They live in two different states that require plane rides.”

Anita Woods

“He still lives with me… but i’m afraid he leaves home soon…????????????

R Margarita Castañeda

“Just about every day–married and lives 3 blocks away.”

Penny Foundas

Only in my dreams. My son went back home and I will see him when it’s my turn!”

Susan Hayes

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