Anxiety Doesn’t Solve Problems

Snuggles with our hubbies help some of us, but others relieve our anxiety in more elaborate ways. Living with apprehension is no fun, and worrying just seems to exacerbate the situation. So, whatever it takes, get that anxiety out of your system. Pronto!

“A cup of hot tea and no TV. Try to relax and not to dwell. If it’s really hard, I have medication from my doctor that relieves anxiety. Sometimes, just sitting outside or taking a walk helps a bit. Talking to someone who understands also helps a lot. It’s not easy.”

Barbara Stanisci

“Learning to relax with Reiki therapy has helped me a great deal. Took meds for 18 years. Been off all meds for almost 10. Natural healing is MUCH BETTER than drugs.”

Karin Palm Coburn

“Snuggling with my hubby always helps.”

Sharon Weeder-Smytheman

“The gym and lots of water! I’ve been drinking teas, instead of coffee! Lots of hugs!”

Lisa Renee’ Neisslie

“Tried every natural remedy-meditation, acupuncture. Suffered for years. I did not want to take meds, but after years of suffering and moments that were ruined because of it, decided to start taking medication. Now, I feel perfectly fine and I have my life back. Taking a low dose, just enough to relieve the excess and I continue to take care of myself in other ways. A mix of medical and natural.”

Sophie Crête

“Deep breathing and being appreciative.”

Cathy Foote Mountford

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  1. Agnes BeaderBubbe says:

    I dont have anxiety….I dont worry about things I cannot change…but if I did I would settle down with a good book and a glass of wine…..wait, I do that anyway without anxiety.


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