You Won’t Believe What Her Husband Called Her!

Do you ever stop to think about how your partner would describe you? When we asked you to tell us, in just five words, your answers were priceless. Ladies, you’re the best!

Beautiful person inside and out
Lisa Fielden

He says he only needs one word – Awesome! Awwweeee – he’s so sweet!”
Barb Linares

Grumpy grumpy grumpy grumpy grumpy.”
Marie Regan

Crazy dog lady, loyal & caring.
Diane Atkinson

Patient, understanding, caring and loving.”
Larry Adamson

He says ‘loving, caring, motherly, sassy, skinny.’”
Brenda Settle Nelson

Keith says ‘caring, loving, sexy, beautiful and smart.’”
Polly Smith

Nutty as a fruit cake.”
Erica Pumford

A fighter with a huge heart!”
Sophie Crête

“She is my best friend.”
Paulette Greyn

Mysterious, loving, loyal, beautiful, intelligent…”
Karen Henry

She’s crazy but she’s mine.”
Karen Salyers 

Exciting and hard to handle.”
Sidney Waldorf

Can be a real “B” 😳😂
Kathy Rogers

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