Tips For Planning The Perfect Christmas Day

Are you hosting Christmas Eve or Day this year and concerned how it will go?

It’s far easier than you think to plan, organize and execute the perfect holiday experience for your friends and family. Remember one important thing: Your guests want good food, good company and the chance to relax with those they love. Get all those ingredients right, and you’ll be well on your way to Christmas success!

While you might not need an Excel spread sheet to keep track of things, it always helps to think ahead and do a bit of advance planning. You’ll surely want to know that you have all the food you need, so order anything important as soon as you can, especially the centerpiece of your Christmas meal, whether it’s turkey, goose, beef or a vegetarian selection. Make certain you have enough food for the number of people you’re hosting, and don’t forget the accompaniments, like sauces, stuffing and gravy. You’re better off having leftovers than not enough food in the first place. And, of course, make sure you have an ample supply of beverages.

Opening presents keeps everyone busy while you’re preparing the meal, so try to have everything ordered, delivered and wrapped, as soon as you can. Once you can cross gift buying off your list, you’ll feel like every other task is a breeze.

Clothes always give joy and they can be ordered online and delivered to your door if you don’t want to fight the holiday crowds. What man doesn’t loves an updated selection of polo shirts in the latest handsome shades, and what woman wouldn’t adore something to keep her stylish—and warm—like this jacket from Cotton Traders? There’s a style to suit every important lady in your life, whether she’s classic or funky.

Another thing: Always ask for help. Just because you’re the hostess doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. There’s usually a lull during Christmas festivities, and that’s a perfect time to ask someone to set the table, help with the dish washing, clear away the wrapping paper or pop the cork on the bubbly. The more people get involved in the preparations, the more Christmassy things seem, so don’t be shy about asking.

Once you have everything under control, it’s time to pop upstairs and change into your Christmas clothes. You’ll look like the perfect hostess in a pair of smart black ladies’ trousers, teamed with a glittery top and high heels, and your man will look dashing in chinos and one of those smart casual polo shirts you bought him as a gift. We love this Cotton Traders men’s polo shirt. Now that you’re both dressed, find your glasses of champagne and head into the Christmas spirit!

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