5 Reasons To End A Relationship

You meet a man for the first time, and he’s nice looking, but the moment he opens his mouth, you think AARGH! It looks like he hasn’t visited a dentist since his adult teeth came in. That’s it. You could never have a relationship with a man who has bad teeth. Other FOFs will accept the bad teeth. But catch a man cheating, and toodle–oo!

We asked you to name a relationship deal breaker. Here are your top five reasons.


“I say infidelity is number #1 because it involves lying, cheating, disrespect, disloyalty and insecurity.” Dessie Mercado


“#1 for me is LYING!” Joanne Howard Ireton


“Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial abuse!” Cyndi Lambert


21FOFs, including Renee Krider Johnson, Mary Ryan, Linda Paxson Brown, Sally Rothweiler and Melissa Smith


“There are so many! Where do I start? Drugs/alcohol addiction.” Jamie Page

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