5 Reasons To End A Relationship

“I got to 29 reasons and don’t know which one to choose. l must be really picky.”
Janette Robson

“Not keeping your word, or denying that you agreed to something, in an attempt to escape responsibility.”
Bobbi Borders Mileham

“Infidelity, lying, bad hygiene, bad teeth and financial mismanagement. I know more than one but that’s OK.”
Celeste Edwards  

“Mamma’s boy/putting his own family first over his wife/fiance/girlfriend.”
Karen Sailer-Romero

“Someone so closed minded and shallow that they would dismiss me or someone else simply because of political views alone, now that’s pathetic!”
Cindy Rose

“I can’t be with anyone who doesn’t like dogs. And I couldn’t date someone who hunts either.”
Tammy June

“Someone who is bossy and rude to the wait staff in a restaurant, cheap tipper……..or if my dogs don’t like you. I trust their judgement!”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

“Wow, reading all the comments. I have a great guy.”
Robbie Knighten

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