The Many Minds of Single FOFs On The Subject of Dating

Whether divorced, widowed, or never married, single women “of a certain age” don’t equivocate about about the topic of dating.  They either love or loathe the idea, and have definitive reasons why!  A couple of guys also weighed in.

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“No. And likely never will. I have no desire to raise a man child at my age. Men my age just want a maid and caretaker. No thanks. I’m good.”
Tammy Velasquez

I am newly divorced so I am so looking forward to it.”
Colleen Dungca

I’ve just joined a dating site, fun times ahead. If I find ‘the one,’ then all is good, and if I don’t my life is already complete…..a man is only ever supposed to be the icing on the cake.”
Sarah Tranter

I don’t need it, and I’m not looking for it, but if I happened to meet someone I liked, then I would. But until then I’m content being single. Plus, I have a cat. So. Yeah. I’m good.”
Liz Schwartz  

Nope….men over 50 have more issues than Time magazine.”
Kathy Cooper

Yes…almost 5 years. Living together….no marriage.”
Maria Frances Gogolkiewicz McDonald

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