{Street-Spotted} Hannah Schildknecht

Ich bin ein FOF! We spotted this Diane Keaton doppelgänger, Hannah Schildknecht, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. A retired banker, Hannah hails from Germany and is visiting New York City for the first time with her husband. They spent the first seven days of their trip hitting every museum from MOMA to The Guggenheim, but she’s looking forward to spending their final three days shopping. Her husband–not so much. “He’s so nice to come shopping with me!” says Hannah.

Name: Hannah Schildknecht

Age: 61

What do you do? I am a retired banker.

What stores have you shopped at in NYC, so far? Just Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s because we’ve been touring, but we will spend our last 3 days at all the interesting shops.

What was your least favorite part of the trip? Times Square was terrible!

How do you describe your style? Sporty and elegant.

What is your favorite store? Cinque

On Hannah:
Glasses: Arnold Booden (bought in Amsterdam)
Pants: Cinque
Watch: Armani
Shirt: Doesn’t remember.
Necklace: Bought in Amsterdam

Photos by Katherine McPherson for faboverfifty.com

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  1. Kaye says:

    She looks like Diane Keaton to me, as well.

    • Alaine says:

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  2. daniwear says:

    She looks like Diane Keaton!


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