{Style Expert} Channeling Liz Taylor . . . on the cheap.

Finance experts will tell you that clothing and handbags are among the worst investments you can make–they rarely appreciate. This did not hold true for Liz Taylor.

One of the greatest couture clients of all time,” Liz was said to have still been “buying clothes right up until she went into the hospital for the last time.” And this week, Liz Taylor’s wardrobe was auctioned off for many multiples of it’s estimated value, breaking world records and racking up over 154.2 million.

Couldn’t make it to Christie’s auction house last week? Or, let’s be real, couldn’t swing those record-breaking prices? There’s still hope for you, FOF. We found 10 Liz knock-offs worth investing in.




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  19. sharon910 says:

    I loved Liz in Diamonds. Her beauty was one of a kind. Her eyes were amazing

  20. etangel says:

    Elizabeth Taylor set the standard for glamour! Loved watching her movies and still do!

  21. Fashion Flash – The New Year Edition - Fab Over Forty | Fab Over Forty says:

    […] Want to channel Liz Taylor on the cheap? FabOverFifty shows you how to get Liz’s look for less. […]

  22. sandy eckstein says:

    liz was a one of a kind woman. ‘the less’ looks great and works well.and no one will know it’s the ‘less, unless you tell them or they read this web site!

  23. D says:

    Elizabeth Taylor was an extraordinary woman.

  24. Becky says:

    A one of a kind person can only do “one of a kind ” anything! Beautiful!

  25. Margarida says:

    Elizabeth Taylor was such a classical beauty, actress and human being. She excelled as a spokeswoman for AIDs and in her love of beautiful jewellery.

  26. MaryAnn says:

    I could never pull off all that jewelry on my petite frame. Would just look gaudy and awful. Liz on the other hand could wear anything!

  27. Janet Keyser says:

    She was one of a kind!

  28. Ann says:

    What a fun story. I know most women consider Chanel, Hepburn, Kennedy as their style icons….I have finally found mine: Elizabeth Taylor.

    P.S. I’m so glad charm bracelets are back!

  29. dmnyes says:

    Liz was unique and a rare jewel in her own right, her jewelry only reflects her as a woman.

  30. sattalia says:

    Liz looked magnificant with or without jewels.

  31. vclark500 says:

    Nobody wore jewelry better than she. Liz was made to be draped in jewels. What a beauty!

  32. Debe says:

    She could pull off wearing different pieces of jewelry and outfits as she was so beautiful. I looked online at her jewelry and clothing at Christys – some gorgeous pieces.

    • Julia Ray says:

      Liz! What a woman! She had an incredible “eye” for good Jewelry. She always said that the museum collectors’ pieces, like my fave, the pearl worn by Queen Mary, La Peregrina, were hers only as their carer, because jewelry would last several life times, as proven by this pearl with a 500 year history.

  33. Diane says:

    Liz Taylor was “one of a kind” and most of her jewelry and clothing were also “one of a kind’s” and looked especially wonderful on her. I always looked forward to her movies as well as seeing her when she made public appearances. We lost a legend when she passed.


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