{Style Expert} How would you fix this look?

When it comes to Fashion Week Street Style–some FOFs nail it, and others miss entirely. Then there are the FOFew that fall somewhere in between, like this woman, who wore a masculine tweed suit to the Ralph Lauren show. Her intentions were right, but the the end result was more fox hunt than foxy. Let’s not FOFashion-bash her–let’s help her fix her look. We brought in two experts, Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland “The Glam Gals” behind brilliant style blog, Fabulous After 40.


Deb: Whoa, Wouldn’t want to mess with this lady!

Jojami: She looks like Annie Hall meets the Sopranos–very masculine.

Both: A touch of femininity would work wonders. We say ditch the white shirt and tie for a soft silk blouse with a loose bow. Oh, and get some Spanx to smooth out that tummy.

Zara Blouse With Bow Collar, $79.90; Spanx Simplicity High Waist Panty, $52

FOFs, do you agree? How would you fix her look?

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29 Responses to “{Style Expert} How would you fix this look?”

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Replace the tie, unbutton the collar and wear a pretty necklace that has a hint of turquoise or lime green. The vest is just too tight. I’d leave it out entirely, or at least be sure it’s better-fitting.

  2. Angela Mogin says:

    She looks like she is getting dressed for a fox hunt. The browns are too much and she needs both better fitting clothes and a touch of femininity- a softer blouse might help but isn’t enough on its own. If she really wants to keep the blouse, vest and jacket, pair them with a skirt.

  3. Carla says:

    Clearly I’m a few weeks late to this thread, but I just can’t get over the notion that so many believe this woman needs a girdle (which we know is what Spanx are). Our own worst enemies, indeed…

  4. Hawklady says:

    She would really benefit from breaking up all that brown. Even her hair is brown. A flattering color next to her face, even a scarf would help. The slacks look like they are pleated which is not a good look for those of us with a bit of a tummy.

  5. Trisha says:

    I like the look she it trying to achieve. Unbutton the shirt, loosen the tie, a better fitting vest . Or, as suggested, a softer blouse. I’m not crazy about the tapered slacks, I think you need to be skinny to pull them off. The hair does not go with this outfit, either pull it back (best) or wear a sleeker style. At least she is not trying to look 12! Give her credit for trying, she just needs a few adjustments.

  6. Emma says:

    I like the intention and I agree with Deb and Jojami – with her body shape a longer shirt in a soft, feminine fabric, untucked with a curved hem showing below vest and then I would like to see black jodhpur-style seamed ponte leggings and black knee-high, flat soled riding boots – this way colour blocking is used to make legs appear lean and elongated, tummy is covered and so are hips (if saddlebags are an issue).

  7. dlaskey says:

    Shorter hair, shorter jacket, bootcut pants, no tie, feminine blouse, and ditch the vest (it’s too tight).

  8. Jvgend says:

    Working with her basics here: get rid of the tie, open up the top couple of buttons on the white shirt and add an interesting pin or flower to the lapel of the jacket; OR add a statement scarf worn under the shirt that could mask some of the vest, but would show a hint of the leather. Also, only one purse.

  9. Posey Thomson says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Where do I start…..hum? Not talking about anything but the outfit (the hair, makeup..lack of…..the shape of the glasses she is wearing, her purse ….much too big for today)so here goes….First the jacket is ill fitted….too long, which makes her legs look like pegs. This look makes the upper body look heavier than she really is. The pants are out-dated and too narrow at the bottom for this look to work. The tie and buttoned up white shirt makes her look stuffy and a bit messy…..not the image I think she is trying to display. The vest does not fit properly and it makes her look like she has a short waist. I can tell that this women could look amazing with the right- sized pieces. I can bet that she tried really hard putting this together so I feel kind of bad about commenting but we women need to help each other and tell the truth…. Each of us is special and unique.

  10. Rae Nolan says:

    Ditch the starched shirt, tie, vest and pleated pants. Go for better fitting flat front trousers and a softer blouse with a popo of color. A big smile would go a long way.

  11. foggy says:

    stand up straight and smile

  12. Cynthia Chambers says:

    I agree with them both, lose the vest ,get a soft sexy blouse, and get a tummy control garment . Or maybe some flowing slacks with the sexy blouse and jacket.

  13. Pat says:

    Part on side of head not in centre.
    Vest that fits.
    Open neck of shirt. Maybe add a god necklace or brooch on lapel.
    Pants refitted so that they fall straight from the hips. It looks like they are tapering down to the ankles.
    She has chosen some unusual pieces so she’s not trying to fit into the norm.
    If she has chosen to masculinize her look she has succeeded but she has also made herself look rotund at the same time. Fit of vest (maybe a bit longer too) and pants would change the rotund look.

  14. Ann says:

    I actually like the tie and shirt …how about a more feminine jacket? Or a little shift dress in black, brown or even gold under the jacket. She actually looks like she’s pretty fit, it’s the angle that’s bad.

  15. Deborah says:

    Ditch all of it except the vest. Buy a size larger in the vest, Pair with some better fitting checked or small plaid trousers and boots. Longer jacket.

  16. HappyVal says:

    This look would be more feminine with a single change: swap out that dark tie for one in a soft, dusty pink solid color. Assuming that she could stand up straight and adjust her vest, that’s all it would take. The clothes are lovely and obviously good quality. Love her earrings – perfect with the rest. A minimal change is all that’s necessary to turn a good look into a great look.

  17. JeanW says:

    It feels like there are several different ways to fix this outfit. A different style of slacks (that hides the tummy) would help. Or changing to a larger and longer style vest. Or possibly a shorter jacket that is buttoned to hide the vest and the protruding tummy. The ‘Menswear Look’ is definitely not my style. If I were to wear something like this, I would change a number of things to make the look more feminine.

  18. Janice says:

    Since when is THAT? a tummy? I don’t know who that woman is but she looks amazing. Must women all wear spanx? I am 5’3, 110 lbs, 61 and still have a smidgen of pooch. I don’t care! When I see men in as good a shape as I am in I will worry about it. With over 2/3 of the adult population in the US being overweight I would think we could cut this woman some slack. So far as the outfit-the vest and men’s tie are too hard a look for me and would agree that a softer top would be perfect. The rest of the outfit is fine and she has wrinkles because she has been WORKING.

  19. Robin says:

    Look at this lady, she has a do not mess with posture! Do you think she really cares what we think? Way to masculine for me. Would not be caught dead in any part of this outfit!

  20. Sheila says:

    I like the look a lot but … the vest is too tight. Next size up! I’d like to see true menswear, pleated trousers, ala Kathryn Hepburn, with this instead of the tapered ones. Add a feminine touch to the shirt’n’tie by putting a lacy hankie in the pocket and add a pretty, appropriately sized pin on the pocket. And as to the Spanx thing, almost all of us need ’em!

  21. Debbie Martin says:

    I like the feminizing suggestions given by the experts, but I would say the items she is wearing are ok except the vest loOks about two sizes too small–and it’s too short for the look on this woman. Then I would be sure she had some classically feminizing accessories–heels and a touch of glam in her makeup.

  22. eddyrobey says:

    I’d wear a bright printed blouse with a bow, rather than the white shirt.

  23. Andy says:

    Start over! All over! The entire picture is way too masculine, dark, depressing. Why two bags; get a larger one and put it all in one. The fit is not good and does nothing for her figure.

  24. L Boin says:

    Other than the vest being too small, she’s good. Her slacks are fine- the static cling is causing a prob. Bet if she stood erect, all else will fall into place…

  25. Patty Smith says:

    Way too much. Must say I was so distracted by the tummy,
    It took me awhile to get to the rest. Easier pants, maybe even a
    loose tie or lose the vest…way too much going on…
    And she is a pretty woman. relax and breathe……

  26. judy friedman says:

    Definitly add the soft blouse, ditch the tie & too tight vest , and she can leave the blouse out to create a smoother look under the long jacket.

  27. Nidradeb says:

    I definitely agree on the Spanx – the pull on the vest and bulge at the waste detract from the sophisticated intention of this look. I might also go with slimmer jodhpurs with a bit more spandex in the fabric and in a darker brown.

  28. SusieS says:

    This is a most unfortunate outfit. She looks as if she might be going riding as the pants look like jodhpurs, or it could be that they are clinging to knee highs. She is trying to hard and it isn’t working!

  29. Sunn ymay says:

    It looks too stiff and matchy with the brown colors although she does have different textures. The vest is pulling and makes her appear stuffed into a size too small. The pants could drape better without wrinkles around thighs and knees. I’d like to see a longer top if shapeware is not her style.


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