{Style} Fall’s 10 hottest hues, plus, the ones that will flatter you most.


Pantone, a company known for their proprietary color matching system, produces a report each season on colors they predict will be trendy. But, as every wise FOF knows, just because a color is en vogue, doesn’t mean that it’s flattering on every FOF. Here, Hollywood’s “guru of hue” Jill Kirsh takes a closer look at this season’s 10 coolest colors and matches them with the FOF celebs they flatter most.

Jill, has a color theory system based on hair color, and believes that any FOF can look younger, thinner and more radiant when they are wearing their best shades. Read more about Jill’s color system, here.


Examples: Catherine Zeta Jones, Courtney Cox, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore

Pantone Colors to try this season: French Roast, Pink Flambe, Ultramarine Green

Jill says:“Cool dark brown or black hair is highlighted and balanced when you wear these cool, clear, true colors. They’ll compliment your features and highlight the intensity of your hair.”


Examples: Geri Brin, Debra Messing, Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford

Pantone Colors to try this season: Tangerine Tango, Honey Gold

Jill says: “Warm brown or red hair is perfect with these hues. The warmth and intensity of these shades even out the skin tone, bring out the eyes and will pull your entire look together. Consider combining these Pantone hues with teal blue, avocado, russet & ecru for more glamour and fun.”


Examples: Ellen Barkin, Goldie Hawn, Blythe Danner

Pantone Colors to try this season: Bright Chartreuse, Tangerine Tango, Olympian Blue

Jill says: “The warm tones of blonde are totally aligned with the warmth of all of these shades. They’ll help you create a look that’s totally in sync and not fragmented or distracting. Also try: ivory, coral, camel and turquoise.”


Examples: Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis

Pantone Colors to try this season: Rose smoke, Rhapsody, Titanium

Jill says: “The cool, dusty nature of these Pantone shades are totally in sync with these cool hair colors and will enhance the skin tone and bring attention up to the eyes. The gals in this color palette would also look amazing, this season in rose, taupe, mint and french blue.”

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  1. Bess Heitner says:

    Every year the powers that be come up with some shade of green that’s IT.
    As a jewelry designer for over 10 years I have to say that green is the single hardest color to sell in jewelry (some shades more than others) followed by bright orange. Just my experience

  2. Which of Fall’s 10 Hottest Hues Will Flatter You the Most? | Pairents says:

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  3. janmarbol says:

    what if you’re a “neutral” blond? My veins look blue (so technically I’m a cool tone) but sometimes blueish-green… my skin tans golden. I have a natural platinum streak, rest of hair is a neutral dark blond… eyes blue, but change to blue-gray or even blue-green. I’m a chameleon.
    As far as colors, I don’t prefer any. I am a creature of change and go with what I feel best that day though I prefer black most of the time. I do well in orange when I am tanned, but also do well in pastels. I guess I’m not so locked in neither mentally nor physically when it comes to what colors to wear. It depends a lot on my mood.

  4. Beverly says:

    So the question is do you go by your natural hair color or the color you are wearing currently? Because my natural color (before gray and hair dye) was warm brown – now I’m sort of a golden brown with some highlights….my skin tone of course is fair…

    • Jill says:

      Hi Beverly,
      You go by your present hair color, as it frames the picture – your eyes, your smile – and you want to incorporate it to pull your whole look together! Your “warm brown” natural hair color is in the same color palette as your present “golden brown & highlighted” hair.

  5. kellykat says:

    I’m a brunette (‘tho underneath my “born with” color I think I’m more grey or silver) love to wear vivid colors or black & white.

  6. Marcia says:

    I am a dark brunette with brown eyes and I wear brigth chartreuse extremely well! Get compliments on it all the time! I like the other colors and wear them as well.

  7. BlueBear says:

    As a woman with gray hair, delighted to see French blue and gray as colors for me. They’re two of my favorites!

  8. Francy Cat says:

    I am a “warm blonde” who gets complimented on the rare occasions when I wear turquoise or camel. I am drawn to, and most often wear rose, taupe and French blue. Hmmmmm Wonder which is more is more important.


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