Scary Things That Have Happened To Us Recently

Some of us are darn lucky because the scariest thing that’s happened to us recently was misplacing a credit card. Others, not so lucky. Life’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

“I was nearly wiped out on a motorway by a car that spun out of control in the fast lane, missing me only because I touched the brakes gently. It continued to spin, smashing into the barrier in the main lane . The driver was killed. Only time in my life where I know I could have died.”

Debbie Tynan

“My marriage falling apart and having lost our beautiful period home with pool and quarter acre block…for a while it looked like we would be homeless..and losing my son to my husband, as my son had to live with him..horribly scary , heartbreaking, incredibly sad..33 years of marriage meant nothing to my husband.”

Carine Munro

“Menopause heart palpitations.”

Debbee Taylor Melzow

“Losing my nursing job because I became very sick!”

Pauline Green

“My husband died in November.”

Karen Marshall-Salyers

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