{Weekly Roundup}

“You can’t hide your true colors as you approach the autumn of your life.” -Anonymous

We’re prancing off for the weekend… See you back here on Monday, FOFs.

The mother of all makeovers

Diane von Furstenberg revamps the hospital gown

Betsey Johnson’s show is over-the-top. Surprised?

Jane Fonda is making a comeback and writing a book!

Love Lauren Hutton

Too old to be cool?

“Perfect isn’t really that interesting”

Bring back elegant gloves

Leopard jacket: compare and contrast

Age-inspired jewelry

P.S. Love or hate Hillary’s dress?

Image by Richard Avedon

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  1. fashion apperal says:

    A very funny post. 🙂

  2. Emrah says:

    Congrats Sue! You’re doing great!We’ve been watching the neerndigits in the foodiePrints’ kitchen and choosing lower calorie options when we go out these days. Jenn’s training to get back into running shape. She ran her first 10k in 10 years this past Saturday. Me, I’m following suit, walking more, biking, and trying to enjoy the outdoors. There’s this thing called sunlight that I’ve been missing out on apparently! 😛


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