{Weekly Roundup}

Make like a tree and “leave” for the weekend, FOFs. But first, read these fab posts from around the web this week:

Secret beauty weapons for FOFs

Colored denim

Pink and gray

SJP fashion on her “I Don’t Know How She Does It” tour

The best museum restaurants in Paris

Clutch me if you can

12 tips for how to travel with a new partner

Berry galette

FOFs captured with Instagram

Until Monday…

P.S. Secret code for 30% off Beauty Bash tickets is: “BB30”. Use at checkout and shhhhh don’t tell a soul!

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{Weekly Roundup}

Freshen up on your beauty and fashion knowledge, FOFs. Read these blog posts from around the web this week:

FOF Madonna in Vionnet

Meet a 70-year-old fashion designer

An FOF and her pencil skirt

Antique shopping in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld for… Macy’s!? Yes it’s true.

Just because we’re not in high school anymore doesn’t mean we can’t still drool over these school supplies!

A pretty country house

10 essentials for your Labor Day tote bag

Meet Roll + Mix…together “they form a rolling pin, separate them and you have a mortar to grind things and a bottle to hold oil.”

14 pairs of unstoppable sexy red pumps

Until Monday…

P.S. What are you doing October 1-2nd?

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{Weekly Roundup}

Why not take your rose-colored glasses and start the weekend early by gazing lovingly at these fab blog posts around the web!

Why fast weight loss works better.

Vanessa Bruno offers chic on the cheap.

This FOF rocks an Hermes Studded Belt like nobody’s business!

A website that delivers recipes customized to your taste bud’s preferences?….yes, please!

Helen Mirren = Goddess.

As if we needed another reason to dig into something delicious!

It’s almost the end of summer…Consider catching some beautiful cushions right before the fall.

The Best Hats For Summer.

Tiny Skulls…A girl’s best fashion friend!

Until Monday, FOFs.

P.S. Which one of these FOF celeb wedding gowns would you wear?

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{Weekly Roundup}

We’re prancing out of here before sunset FOFs. Check out these fab blog posts from around the web this week:

Haircuts that make you look younger

Glad to be grey

Meet the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

“Ornately wrought rings are at their most powerful in the hands of those who have lived.”

Classic games get grown-up updates

Style inspired by The Help

A dozen things that keep us looking young

What one FOF did with fifty pounds of tomatoes

Fitness tips for travelers

Tomato tarts

Vintage brocade jacket

Until Monday, FOFs!

P.S. Weight loss and energy secrets from an FOF Biggest Loser contestant.

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{Weekly Roundup}

In case you were wondering… Here are some great blog posts from around the web this week, FOFs:

Plastic surgery on your hands?

FOF style maven Patricia Field to the rescue

Hamburger cake!

Man Men inspired clothing line hits Banana Republic…(very soon!)

Parisian picnic primer (woah what a tongue twister)

Retro cocktails

Health tips for women travelers

Hat head

Dry hair shampoo is back

Don’t retire…retread your tires

Until Monday, FOFs…

P.S. Bat wing busters!

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{Weekly Roundup}

The “finishing touch” this week — fab posts you may have missed from around the web:

A fanny pack is a fanny pack

Wild thing

Vain glorious

Golden wonder

The joy of summer

May I ask where you got your glasses?

Women in the roaring twenties

Classics with cool

Are pantyhose back?

Until Monday, FOFs.

P.S. Stop hating your hair!

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{Weekly Roundup}

Try not to wilt from the summer heat, FOFs. Get inside and catch up on the best blog posts from around the web this week.

Urban boudoir

Summer essentials

Visit a penthouse in Rome

A much needed summer accessory

Burn notice

High style, small space

Release your energy flow and realize your beauty

The way we wore

Weight loss secrets from an unlikely guru… a cookbook author!

Trending: Tortoise shell

Elizabeth Taylor’s baubles

Jeepers Creepers

Until Monday…

P.S. Living room makeover on a $350 budget!

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{Weekly Roundup}

Bookmark these great reads from around the web this week, FOFs!

Give your shoes some T.L.C.

Want to play outside?

Pack like a pro

Let there be white

Little luxuries

Wine for your skin

Zen moments

Window shopping

Beach getaway

Best chocolate chip cookie recipe

When two FOF bloggers meet

Until Monday, FOFs…

P.S. “You have to read this.

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{Weekly Roundup}

It’s all in the wrist, FOFs!

In the mood for modern love

Summer style

Perfectly polished

Here, kitty kitty

Breakfast in Tiffany’s

Sun or shade

Happy 65th birthday…bikini!

“I love these jeans

A flip flop you’ll flip for

Peaches and cream and a Pie party

Nectarine and blackberry galette

Until Monday…

P.S. Four books that might save your soul….

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{Weekly Roundup}

Wave goodbye, we’ll be back after the long weekend, FOFs.

“Wish I was there

Eye cream tutorial

You’re invited to a showhouse

Endless summer tan

Stuff your suitcase with style

Dress to impress at work

Different strokes

Dry clean only

Dressing like a French cliché

Fashion’s new it girls — FOFs!

Streep style

Your private Paris restaurant

Until Tuesday

P.S. The long and short of…shorts!

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