{Weekly Roundup}

We’re prancing out of here before sunset FOFs. Check out these fab blog posts from around the web this week:

Haircuts that make you look younger

Glad to be grey

Meet the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

“Ornately wrought rings are at their most powerful in the hands of those who have lived.”

Classic games get grown-up updates

Style inspired by The Help

A dozen things that keep us looking young

What one FOF did with fifty pounds of tomatoes

Fitness tips for travelers

Tomato tarts

Vintage brocade jacket

Until Monday, FOFs!

P.S. Weight loss and energy secrets from an FOF Biggest Loser contestant.

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  1. Ecitsuj says:

    Oh there are so many projects that I have lined up I’m a nwebie to sewing but am feeling rather ambitious. I am planning to sew the ruffle top halter & the tea party dress for my little one. (That’s at the top of my list!). I also need to finish sewing her baby quilt while she’s still a baby and then there’s the Christmas projects (flax seed pillows and embroidered buckwheat hull pillows). GAH! So many projects, so little time.


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