{What Do You Think Of This Look?}

From her bomber jacket to her aviator shades, it looks like this FOF took style cues from Amelia Earhart. But, does her outfit pass with flying colors or does it crash and burn? See what our FOF Style Gurus think. Then, share your opinion by leaving a comment, below.

Terry Gibralter: “I really like the cool, fitted cargos and and the leather bomber is always a ‘do’ but the rest of the outfit is a miss. The lacy scarf doesn’t work with the sportiness of the outfit and I don’t like the colors of the bag and shoes. All the different colors she’s wearing; brown, 2 shades of rust, green, white and black, are really keeping this outfit from flying high.”

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.

Lovey Dash: “This outfit looks uncomfortable. Too many shades of what I call ‘luggage colors.’ Everything looks outdated. Crash and burn immediately! Well, except for the sunglasses.”

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Glenyse Thompson: “She looks fabulous! It’s modern and classic at the same time. I love everything about her outfit–FOFlight of fancy!”

Glenyse Thompson is a personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.

Sherrie Mathieson: “Everything looks off–the hairstyle and over-bleached color is wrong for her and her glasses are unflattering. The black leather jacket creates too ‘hard’ of a look.The doily-like scarf is completely out of place with the outfit. The bag is way too large. Dark brown to match her belt would have been better. The shoes shorten her legs. A pair of dark brown riding boots would have been a better choice.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

Susan Sommers: “I love leather and often wear the same leather pieces year after year in different ways. And while a black leather jacket is my item of choice, sometimes it just looks better in brown. The jacket in a rich brown or cordovan would work better with this entire look. I’d then change the frames on the aviators so they are a bit more like the Ray Bans worn in the film, “Five Easy Pieces,” with thin silver or gold rims all around. The lace scarf is a nice touch.”

Susan Sommers is a personal branding and wardrobing specialist, founder of Dresszing and author of two fashion bibles, French Chic and Italian Chic.

Susan Hersh: “Too many shades of brown! A black, leather bomber jacket looks best with black leather accessories. This handbag choice overwhelms her small frame and the cognac color seems
obtrusive. I like feminine mixed with biker chic but the lace scarf is outdated. There are plenty of
feminine tops with tulle or lace that are more on-trend.”

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

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26 Responses to “{What Do You Think Of This Look?}”

  1. Vorsatti says:

    She’s got three different things going on her that don’t coordinate will:
    1) The top half would work with a classic non embellished pant, but not these trendy cargos. The lace and the top would also look better with a non tucked shirt that flows.
    2) The pants and shoes are fine together, but needs a sportier type top – perhaps a tunic and shorty jacket, but NO lace.
    3) The purse and belt aren’t working with anything and are distracting.
    Summary: Like a confusing painting, the eye is all over, and unfortunately for this gal the focal point is her belt buckle, which is an area that is not her best feature. Her best look? Is her smile.

  2. Joan McGregor says:

    I do not like the scarf,not with this outfit.maybe be a pattern blue or any other color I love the shoes but in black and same with th belt..The handbag should be smaller and maybe in a blue shade.. Her hair should be darker,too over bleached. . .

  3. Marcia says:

    Too many colors between black jacket and booties, belt and purse in varying shades of brown. It looks too jumbled. I prefer to keep it coordinated. Higher boots with pants tucked in or flats would look better with the pants. My personal preference would also be a smaller handbag. Except for the mishmash of colors, it’s a comfortable look.

  4. Llisbeth says:

    A great looking scarf and a few less shades of basic colors would have made a difference. Also, this lady has a nice figure but there are not many woman who wear cargo pants well and she is no exception… Skinny jeans would have been better. I actually have the same bag. Don’t like the hair color, a darker shade with streaks or highlights would be more youthful, along with an up to date pair of sunglasses. She could look great with a few tweaks!

  5. Connie says:

    She looks like she’s probably a very nice girl. But the only thing I like about this outfit is the shoes. Pants too tight. Jacket looks uncomfortable. Wierd scarf. Over bleached hair and very 80’s sunglasses and lipstick. Like I said, she looks nice. Please help her. She has the potential to be very pretty. Sleek pants. A cool loose jacket. A pretty pastel cashmere scarf. Updated sunglasses. A few dark blonde streaks in the hair and a nice brownish pink lipstick.

  6. Muzzik says:

    Who is she kidding? Herself! Not an outfit for FOFs.

  7. Sunn ymay says:

    It looks fun but a plaid or color would take it up a notch and set off the khaki’s better. The leather jacket looks butter soft.

  8. Victoria says:

    Wow, the experts don’t agree much on this one! I think this would look better with a pair of boot-cut black jeans and black boots. Or if you’re gonna go with brown, don’t wear a black jacket. I know it’s bad to look too matchy-matchy, but this would look more pulled together if the colors were more coordinated. This woman isn’t overweight, but still, tucked in skinny pants, especially in a light color, are risky, and I wouldn’t do it. Black boot cut pants are super flattering and edgy looking and would really improve this outfit.

  9. Laura Borud says:

    The jeans are too tight and I’m not thrilled with the 3 different shades of brown with a black leather jacket. Her hair color seems off but what do I know, I don’t dye my graying hair.

  10. Diane says:

    I like it all except maybe the scarf. She looks fun, looks like she is headed for a good time.

  11. jennifer t. schultz says:

    too many shades of brown. purse is too big. personally, i dont wear leather. too cruel. lacy scarf does not look right with this sporty look. shoes are not quite right. hair would look better with lower shades of blond, blond is too hard.

    • Lahn says:

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  12. Sally says:

    I personally don’t care for skinny cargo pants. The pocket placement makes the leg look deformed. Shoes look awkward with skinny pants too. Flats or boots work better. The colors are boring as they are. I think a colorful edgy necklace or scarf would have set the look off better.

  13. ewhatley says:

    I’ll preface my remarks by saying everyone should wear what is comfortable to them, flattering or not. However, if I were a stylist, first I’d tone down the hair color and shorten it to flatter her face, maybe a classic bob or something short and wispy. Too many colors here so the look is “messy”. Tone down bag and shoes to a dark brown. The pants are so tight they look uncomfortable but again if she’s comfortable… She is very attractive and looks like a lot of fun.

  14. Soledad says:

    Her glasses and bag are too big. I think the pants are too fitted. The lace scarf doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit. She could use a better hairstyle. Other than that, she’s fine. 🙂

  15. Sandy L. says:

    She doesn’t look together, to me.

  16. Kim says:

    I think I would have worn a brown leather jacket, and made sure the boots and belt were the same color brown. I would probably have worn riding boots or mid-calf laceup granny/combat type boots. I’d have added a pop of color by choosing a brighter, smaller bag. Her scarf could have also added a pop of color that would blend in with the bag, but not quite as fussy as her lace scarf. I like aviator style glasses on most everyone, and would have kept them or something similar. I like the cargo pants too! I own 2 pairs myself. I also think a mock turtleneck top or turtleneck sweater would go better with the look. But, who am I to advise on style. I wear my VS sweats around the house. LOL! It’s a cute idea for a casual outfit though!

  17. Debra S says:

    I like it ‘cept for the tight pants!!! I just don’t like them, unless you are REALLY fit.. and a lot younger… Otherwise, it looks nice, no clutter, just sleek.

    • Trisha says:

      I agree with you, Debra. The pants are way too tight. Makes me feel uncomfortable just looking at them.

  18. Diana Tenes says:

    The scarf is too feminine for the outfit and pants are too snug.
    If she added a large wool shawl instead of the leather jacket this would work much better. Or a boyfriend style blazer in a tone to blend with pants.
    She looks comfy and ready to go.

  19. Pat says:

    Just “rhyme or reason” to the outfit.

  20. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I’m with Sherrie and Susan on this one. The scarf is just wrong with the outfit, and too many shades of leather. I think black booties, and bag with color, would have pulled it together as long as she loses the scarf. I’d love to see some lowlights woven into her color and a different cut. It’s just a bit harsh looking, and she’s too pretty to look hard!

  21. Ann says:

    Is it just me or does she look like an arrow? She’s a lovely slim lady but the jacket and huge bag make her look large on top and her head pointy. The slim trousers just add to the shaft of the arrow look. I do like the scarf and jacket….the lace feminizes the hard look of the jacket . I’m sorry but the jeans are just a mess. Unflattering and frankly, ugly. Something more tailored would have suited better. I also think she could have coordinated her accessories more artfully. Perhaps one of the trendy jewel tones would have been a better pick? Sister you’re a great looking woman…dress to flatter !

  22. cathiecoats says:

    She’s got a great vibe and looks, well, “comfortable in her jeans/genes.”

  23. Debzella says:

    I think the brown accessories clash with the jacket. Black leather short boots would have looked better and tied the outfit together. Plus skinny jeans should be tucked into boots, not the other way around. One note: I have this leather Guess jacket. I pair it with black boots and bag, and it works quite well. 🙂

  24. PKW says:

    She looks Fab! Effortless spunk and get up and go in this outfit. Looks like she is an engaging and easy person to talk to.


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