{What do you think of this look?} Avant Garde or Buckingham Palace Guard?

This FOF that we spotted in SoHo works for a worldwide organization that provides interview suits and career development to low-income women. What a mensch! She tells us she once went two years without repeating an outfit and does most of her shopping at Goodwill. Thrifty can be nifty…but did she take it too far? What do you think, FOFs–does her outfit look avant garde or like a Buckingham Palace Guard’s?

Lovey Dash: She looks like a 70s thrift shop buyer. Now, there is nothing wrong with the thrift shop but when shopping there, you really need to know how to put yourself together. If you opt for fur–at least make sure it’s all in the same animal family!

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Karen C. Hughes: Avant garde? Buckingham Palace? Au contraire–she looks like a woolly mammoth! It’s fun to show off your fur, but unless you are in the tundra it’s hard to look stylish all ‘furred up!” Why not just try the hat with a great wool topper and jeans with some leather boots? For now, stick with fur as an accent piece.

Karen C. Hughes is an Atlanta-based style and image coach, her company is styleYOUniversity.

Sherrie Mathieson: How about Roger Rabbit or Bugs Bunny? I would much prefer a Moncler-type down coat in a neutral color and then perhaps a fur and leather hat in a more youthful aviator style. Hope she’s warm because the look is really awful.

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

Deborah Boland and Jojami Tyler (The Glam Gals): Maybe it’s because we just saw the play, but this gal’s outfit reminds us a little bit of the uniform worn by the Wicked Witch’s patrolling guards in The Wizard of Oz…ooh ee ooh, ee, ooh, ooh! In all seriousness, she’s a cute gal, and it’s a fun look. If she likes it, go for it.

“Glam Gals” Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland co-write the brilliant fashion blog, Fabulous After 40.

Glenyse Thompson: More Buckingham Palace guard! She’s beautiful and looks warm, but it’s a bit matchy-matchy. A wool fedora in black or brown is a great cold-weather option and alternative to the hat she is wearing. It would be a fabulous update for her double-breasted vintage fur coat. Add a hat pin to make it more unique.

Glenyse Thompson is a personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.

0 Responses to “{What do you think of this look?} Avant Garde or Buckingham Palace Guard?”

  1. Nicolene Richards says:

    The look is overdone. To much fur (faux I hope). Style does not require an extravagant price tag, and the fact that the outfit may be thrifty, is completely irrelevant. I like the colour accent of the bag, and would perhaps have left the fur hat which bears down very heavily on the already very heavy coat. I do however love the colour scheme. The look may have been more flattering had she worn a felt hat in a different colour.

  2. Louise says:

    How about no fur. That way fashion without pain. That aside, I think she looks like a clown.

  3. Pat says:

    Maybe she was in a hurry and didn’t look in a full length mirror. Its to much!

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  8. wendymcmonigle says:

    Probably perfect in a winter blizzard… however it is a little too much fur…. even if trend says fur is in.

    I would go with the accent approach.

  9. Shelley says:

    I have to say that I like the coat. But then I remembered that wearing any fur is NOT PC. If I knew that the coat fur were faux, I would say go fur it !

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  11. Jennifer Essad says:

    I think it is outdated! Not what I would wear. first off black is the wrong color for the boots, gloves and bag. Brown or natural would better accessorize the look. I feel it is definitely outdated.

  12. Diane says:

    I personally just do not like the look. That said…….if we all dressed alike, what a boring world it would be. So, go for it. If you feel good, wear it!

  13. Esther Bradley-DeTally says:

    Very dated unless she was in an obscure northern post and needed all that fur!

  14. avonlady says:

    I don’t like the look at all. Too much fur all around.
    I do like the boots, gloves and purse tho.

  15. Darbi Rash says:

    Fur is cruel and inhumane – I would not want to wear it or even see anyone else wear it. If you watch even one video of how they get the fur, you would never put it near you again.

    Fur is totally Out of fashion.

  16. Allyson says:

    You know how they say you should never wear denim with denim? That’s what this reminds me of. Maybe wear the hat OR the coat, just not both together.

  17. Ann says:

    I think she looks terrific. I know it may not be fashionable but I like the matching hat and coat….she provides interest with her red bag and those lovely black boots. The best FOF style for my money. Well done! I guess I’m totally out of it given the experts comments…..

    • Christine Norman says:

      I totally agree with Ann. Very nice comment. I think this lady looks stylish and warm – a great combo.

      • saretta says:

        I agree wholeheartedly! Her coat is smashing, fur issues aside, and the hat may be a different shade, but I bet she is warm and toasty. Personally I think she looks cute, stylish and … she does not look like she is over 50 at all!

  18. Soledad says:

    The coat and hat don’t seem to go together. She should only wear one of her fur pieces with a wool coat or a felt hat.

  19. dbbie says:

    This is a beautiful young lady but the coat and hat does nothing for her complexion or hair. Each piece separately isn’t that bad but you have two different furs, two different blacks (one leather one suede) two different leathers (one black one brown)You just need something to match to make an outfit. If you got rid of the hat and the bag you might have something you can work with.

  20. Anne says:

    Personally, I don’t like fur, it makes me think of fleas. Her look makes me want to break out the caviar and vodka. 🙂 If she’s warm and happy, though, what the heck!

  21. Robin says:

    One word, YUK! She is lucky someone from PETA hasn’t come after her. I wear leather shoes but I will not fur coats or hats, even rabbit. Not stylish. I am sure she is warm but still YUK.

  22. Debra S says:

    LOL wow ladies, when it is COLD outside- you ought not to care over-much about being “chic”… LOL you don’t look too chic with snotty red raw nose or when your legs have frozen spots.! She looks WARM AND stylish. I like it.

    • LydiaA says:

      I live where it is cold. Sometimes VERY cold. I agree: Give people a break when they need to be warm.

  23. Kim Marie says:

    I think the hat would be better paired with a great short black jacket, jeans and high boots. The coat should go back to the vintage rack!

  24. Susan H says:

    I love vintage clothing, and I think the coat is wonderful but better without the hat, just too much.


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