{What Do You Think Of This Look} Matching Mom and Daughter

“Like mother, like daughter,” never rang truer. We spotted these tourists from Europe outside of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Both are sporting the same look–oversized scarves, teeny cross-body bags, tailored blazers and standout sneakers. What do you think? Is this the mother (and daughter) of all outfits or mother-daughter disaster?


Sherrie Mathieson: Sorry to say, mom’s attempt to mimic her daughter is only accentuating her personal style ineptitude. The daughter’s scarf is overwhelming–she tried for hip and missed the mark, but it’s forgivable at her age. As for mom, she takes it to a totally heightened silly and inappropriate level. They would both truly would benefit from my book “Steal This Style: Moms and Daughters Swap Wardrobe Secrets.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.


Terry Gibralter: What’s not to love?  This stylish, adorable mother-daughter duo look great! I love how they’re wearing the exact same items (boy blazers, fitted jeans/jodhpurs, cross-body bags, high-tops and long scarves) but the colors and cuts are totally their own. Mom is incredibly youthful so she can really pull this look off. The daughter looks like she’s learned at mom’s knee.  Very cool!

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.


Glenyse Thompson: “You have to wonder–did the daughter dress her mom? The daughter looks as she should, like a teenager. Mom could have easily made this outfit a ‘do’ by switching into fitted pants or leggings, and adding a pretty flat.”

Glenyse Thompson is a personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.


Susan Hersh: “Mom had fun sporting jodhpurs, a long-sleeved pink tee, piped jacket and a leopard print scarf–quite the unexpected look! However, the custom Nike sneakers are a miss. Sneakers for touring are acceptable, but she should have opted for a cleaner cut such as Converse ‘Jack Purcell.’ The daughter has nice flair at such a young age. The scarf is a bit oversized for her tiny frame but…does it really matter?”

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.


Sandra Soich: “They look great! It’s interesting that the difference in style between generations is minimal. They’re both casual chic with a European flavor. I just think they should have swapped shoes!”

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.


Lovey Dash: Love this look! They brighten up what looks to be a dreary day up with their outfits. Love the custom Nikes, Louis Vuitton leopard scarf and trendy snake bag on Mom. Everything just works. The daughter is right on as well. Her yellow sneakers are adorable. A dynamic duo!

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.


Jojami and Deborah: “This Mom must have had the song ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ stuck in her head when she purchased these crazy tennis shoes. While we are all for having something creative in your wardrobe these just look like she is trying too hard to keep up with her little fashion plate of a daughter. While this FOF is certainly youthful-looking, if her daughter wasn’t standing next to her, you would think, ‘why did she put those shoes with that outfit?’”

“Glam Gals” Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland co-write the brilliant fashion blog,  Fabulous After 40.

Photographer: Sivan Askayo

0 Responses to “{What Do You Think Of This Look} Matching Mom and Daughter”

  1. fashion shopping says:

    her daughter is so pretty,I love her outfit,perfect!

  2. Marla says:

    The daughter looks cute, but the mom, no dark wash jeans and cute shoes would’ve been better.

  3. katie says:

    From the waist up Mom looks great. The pants and sneakers are a miss. The pants a sagging at the knee and the sneakers look like she is trying too hard to look cool. Subtle would work better. I agree with some of the above comments that the scarf on the younger fashionista is too big for her frame. Downsize the scarf and she would be perfect.

  4. P. Brown says:

    Not cute. Not cute at all.

  5. Rosa says:

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  6. Deborah Shade says:

    Sorry but if your old enough to have a teenage daughter your old enough to dress like an adult when you go out in public. There is absolutely no reason for a grown women to walk out in public looking like this. She is way to beautiful. She needs to realize that she is the mother and not her daughters bff. why do women have such a problem looking and acting there age?

  7. Skye Wentworth says:


    They look ready to do a lot of sightseeing. Bravo for moms and daughters!

  8. CJ says:

    Love the daughter’s look – she’s the more ‘put-together’ of the two. Mom looks good … until you get to those hideous sneakers.

  9. Carol says:

    I agree with everyone who said Mom needs different shoes to pull off the total look.

  10. Hawklady says:

    Not so much, or maybe – way too much! Love the daughter’s yellow sneakers but mom should lose hers along with the pants.

  11. Ruthie B says:

    Mom looks ridiculous! The daughter gets a pass.

  12. Noone special says:

    Looks stupid on the mama. Stupid. Really.

  13. linda lukich says:

    The sneakers look a little silly but to each his own

  14. kathy says:

    Mom isn’t a FOB, so I don’t know why this photo was chosen. She looks ridiculous especially the sneakers. I think the daughter is adorable, although the scarf is a bit much.

  15. Linda Lande-Brown says:

    The mother has the confidence, youthfulness and figure to pull this off. She does not look like a stereotypical mother which is good. She opts to dress in a fun, colorful style. The similarities in the outfits make a statement about mother /daughter relationship which appears very positive. Dressing should be fun and not dictated by what is “appropriate to wear.”

  16. Jody says:

    I think the moms outfit is fine except for the shoes. Some gladiator wedge sandals or booties would help her dress her age and differentiate her from her daughter. Or maybe some platform pumps to match “one” of the animal prints, then get rid of the other one.

  17. Janice says:

    Don’t care for the “look” on either one of them but daughter is only experimenting and trying to find her “sty;e” while Mom on the other hand is old enough that she should know hers. This “outfit” looks like a last minute in the dark grab for clothes to get out of the house.

  18. Dindy904 says:

    I think they look darling…thet are just dressed In a casual fun way….not like they are dressing alike for a formal affair…

    I really think they look happy..

    Old or young…people should be more accepting of others..both in style and in general.

    The days of hair cut short and permed, house dresses, etc etc are over…and I say YEA !

  19. Corky says:

    Mom looks like her daughter’s older sister (but I bet she’s not FOF!). She’s very slender and has the long hair of a youthful person. Is it possible daughter is copying her mom? This look, after all, has been around for a very long time. I have no problem with anyone’s look if she is comfortable wearing it. They look hip and adorable.

  20. Laurakb says:

    Love the mom’s sneakers! Neither are wearing my style but both look good.

  21. saretta says:

    I think they both look dynamite. The only thing I would change are the mom’s shoes, they’re a bit loud.

  22. Susan Grant says:

    Exchange the sneakers on Mom for a more sophisticated shoe and this is one adorable duo.
    Scarves on Europeans are like another body part and although the one on the daughter is slightly oversized, she’s probably been wearing one since she was a very young child and there’s nothing contrived about it, nor is she copying her mother or anyone else.

    Most Americans could learn alot about style from Europeans.

  23. mlh125 says:

    they look like the got dressed BEFORE they went to bed..slept for 12 hours after tossing and turning all night and then got up without consulting a mirror…what a sloppy mess for both of them!

  24. Liddy says:

    This is a sad comment on this mother’s connection to her daughter. Maybe she should put more time in being her mother instead of her girl friend. My daughter is thirty and I don’t want to dress like her either :\.

  25. stella111 says:

    The mom looks like she lost a bet. The outfit is ridiculous and she looks like a fool. Such a pretty woman, such an ugly outfit. There are many ways to be casual and stylish and no need for her to look like a clown. She’s trying way too hard.. but to do what??

    The child looks cute but I’d worry about the safety of the voluminous scarf — the possibility of the fabric getting caught on something and choking her.

  26. kcolor273 says:

    I think there are a lot better ways to have a youthful look without looking ridiculous, like this mom.

  27. Susanach says:

    Why do people accuse women over 30 of “trying to recapture their youth” when they wear anything that doesn’t look like granny clothing? The mom’s outfit isn’t slutty or tummy-baring – she looks like she has fun with fashion. Is that not allowed in anyone who is older? (Not that this mom looks older at all.) I doubt very much that she is trying to look like her daughter. in fact, the reverse may be true. Americans are appallingly ageist (Europeans really aren’t.) Good lord people, lighten up.

  28. Karen says:

    Some people need some lessons in fashion sense… this woman looks ridiculous… oh well at least get rid of the shoes…

  29. Laurie J Felch says:

    They’re cute!

  30. Jeanie says:

    Mom needs to get rid of the scarf and find a flattering tennis shoe. I agree- converse is the way to go for a tennis shoe. If Mom wants to wear a scarf opt for not such a heavy looking print. The daughter’s jacket is adorable- such a shame the scarf hides it, get rid of it and wear one not so bulky as well.

  31. Mrsfitz says:

    Very attractive ladies! However the scarf does overwhelm the daughter and make her look like she’s trying to look older (which makes her look younger….like she’s playing dress up) . I think Mom’s outfit is cute Except for the accessories. The sneakers are ridiculous, even for a kid, she looks like shes trying to look younger (which makes her look older!). The snake skin purse with the leopard scarf is too much of a good thing. Stick with the scarf and get a nice leather bag , maybe in one of the gorgeous on trend jewel tones…and some comfy driving mocs in the color of the trousers to lengthen her already perfect legs!

  32. susan says:

    groan. Remember on Absolutely Fabulous when Edina’s character conveyed trying too hard by wearing clothes that were too young and did not fit? yeah, like that, sadly.

  33. Charley says:

    Mom’s poor posture suggests she’s not comfortable with herself. They are both lovely. Personally, I don’t care for the way they are dressed, but seeing Mom and Daughter together is refreshing. I have a feeling many years from now they will see pictures of this trip and get a good laugh.

    • Wendy says:

      I think the biggest issue with the mom is posture. Good posture helps any outfit look better

  34. Nannaof2 says:

    Well neither of them appear able to put together a look that is attractive. I like the mom’s jacket, but that’s about it. Does FOF go out scouting for bag ladies, attention seekers, and the tasteless? Just not understanding the problem with FOF and the constant parade of freakishness when it comes to “fashion.” Is anyone in charge here? I have written several times about this problem that FOF has and it just seems to continue. What’s up? I am ready to deep six FOF.

  35. Christine Remo says:

    I think the mother looks ridiculous. You do not have to dress matronly just because you are a mother, but conversely, you should not dress as a juvenile either. When I see a woman dressed like that I am thinking one of two things – either she has horrible taste in clothing or she is trying too hard to stay looking young. It is like the heavy set woman who wears clothes that are too tight because she thinks they will hold her in and make her look slimmer when in fact clothes that fit properly will achieve that purpose far better. Instead of making this woman look youthful this outfit makes her look like a middle aged woman playing dress up in her daughters closet. Something tasteful and relaxed from a place like J.Crew would look MUCH better. This looks like her closet threw up on her. Nothing goes together and works.

  36. Connie says:

    The girl is cute and stylish. The mom looked ok, but for the sneakers and wrong color leggings.

  37. maxine kell says:

    I think they both look ridiculous. There could be a compromise. The blazers are stylish and could be used in a level that would flatter both mother and daughter. Create your own style to both.

  38. Mick says:

    I love the daughter’s look! The scarf is oversized, but her color sense is strong and she is cute, cute! She should have given Mom pointers. Mom is less well put together and in spite of a good try, the shoes and colors and the slumping dowager shoulders (stand up straight for heaven’s sake!) miss the mark by a mile. Ditch that mostly white Chanel piped confused reptile accented jacket for a solid color with pop to it. A strong color could rescue this blah stone colored mannequin. A pair of shiny reptile flats would compliment that animal print scarf instead of fighting with it !

  39. BlueBear says:

    Pure frump for the Mom. Teen is just a teen and expressing herself. When are Mom’s going to realize they are NOT teens anymore and trying to look like one with your daughter is ridiculous and makes you look like you’re trying too hard? You are a PARENT! Look like one!

  40. patatwell says:

    The mom is so attractive, her jacket, pants and shoes just take away from her. Almost like she is trying to hard. The daughter is adorable, just a smaller scarf. With all that said, there is nothing like mother/daughter time.

  41. tarheel4ever says:

    I think it’s great to see a mom and daughter out together whatever they are wearing as long as it’s not inappropriate (meaning slutty). Even though their style may not be my own, it certainly isn’t worth bashing. 🙂

  42. travelgirl says:

    I think they are both dressed in a very fun, kind of funky yet stylish way. I congratulate that Mom for her free spirit, and her obvious creative fashions. She is teaching her daughter well.
    Why should anyone really care or criticize her, it is her body, her life, and if she is comfortable with it, that is all that is important. There was nothing offensive about her outfit. “You are as young as you make yourself”.

  43. cathiecoats says:

    Who’s to say that daughter isn’t mimicking mom? I like their swag!

    • tarheel4ever says:

      Well spoken. Daughters do tend to mimic moms they admire. Thanks for making that point! 🙂

  44. donnarp1 says:

    I am not a complete fan of either looks. I think the mom would have been better off wearing a pair of comfortable loafers instead of silly looking sneakers. The daughter looked like she borrowed her mother’s scarf and was drowning in it. In all with a little tweaking I think they both would look pretty good.

  45. ogdenkruger says:

    This Mom needs help! It was said best in the NYTimes a few years ago. People came up with a new word, teenile, a mother goes senile tring to be like a teenager! I loved it! Be who you are, not younger or older, just who you are!!!!

  46. Theresa says:

    The mom does not look good

  47. Theresa says:

    Mom looks silly

  48. Amy says:

    Mom looks cute from the waist up — the pants and sneakers look silly and like she’s trying too hard.

  49. carol.geiger@gmail.com says:

    Mom’s can be dashing and stylish without copying a 14 year old. My unbreakable rule is, if you wore it the first time it was in style you can’t wear it when it comes back. I agree that the jacket, pants and scarf work for mom, but the shoes are a big no on anyone over 18. The pink shirt hanging out is messy and the bag (a SECOND animal print?!) ugh.

  50. Sandy Kay says:

    From the title of the email that sent me this email, I was expecting the mom to be wearing some “mutton trying to pass as lamb” outfit with a little mini skirt and/or midriff-bearing top.

    Instead I saw a mom sporting a youthful — but not inappropriate — look. The shoes are a little over the top, but she’s just out having fun with her daughter, so who am I to criticize!

    Mom & daughter look cute together.

  51. Anaid says:

    I think this an interesting study of human nature: how mommy-daughter outfits socially work when the daughter is 10yrs old and under, yet open for criticism later.
    My opinion on this photo is that the mother has taught her daughter well with regard to trending fashion. On the other hand, some tweaking. Both ladies have elements that are ill-fitting, posed together accentuates the fact that they’re wearing pieces of each other’s clothing. Love both sneakers, however on a wrong outfit -a mom can’t pull it off as well as a daughter.

  52. Loie Docter says:

    We all make judgements based on our own fashion prejudices and personal style, so I wholeheatedly agree – let them enjoy the day without ridicule! Refreshing look on a traveler. Also agree, (if asked advice), that the mom’s attire could be slightly rectified w/ a different choice of shoes. It works, barely. Dale Chihuly can wear spattered sneakers but in this case, let them be the statement not distraction. I would have preferred it if they switched their shoe choice! Remember, in Europe they sometimes scoff at the “ugly Americans” wearing white sneakers in cities. Again, let the daughter experiment, perhaps it’s her mom’s scarf. She cares about her appearance, how great! The mom looks fit and healthy, can pull off dressing younger, they are stylish, I hope they had a great day together!

  53. Loie Docter says:

    We all make judgements based on our own proclivities prejudices, and personal style, so I wholeheatedly agree – let them enjoy the day without ridicule! Refreshing look on a traveler. Also agree, (if asked advice), that the mom’s attire could be slightly rectified w/ a different choice of shoes. It works, barely. Dale Chihuly can wear spattered sneakers, but in this case, let them be the statement not distraction. I would have lpreferred it if they switched their shoe choice! Remember, in Europe they scoff at the “ugly American’s” wearing white sneakers in cities. Again, let the daughter experiment, perhaps it’s her mom’s scarf. She cares about her appearance, how great! The mom looks fit and healthy, can pull off dressing younger, they are stylish, I hope they had a great day together!

  54. mandrada says:

    How much fun to be like daughter like mom another reason to bond, share and dress up! We are not afraid of colors and defy the trend, it is FUN, FUN, FUN!

  55. Lisa says:

    I think there are many ways for a mother and daughter to share a wardrobe and share similar styles, but not when a mother is trying to be her daughter! If they are both comfortable with themselves, and with each other (!) then what does it really matter what any of us think? On the same topic, please see this post from my blog, with another example of mother-daughter style

  56. Candee says:

    I think they look just dandy, but would have opted for a smaller scarf on the girl and maybe leggings on the Mom…for the non-believers, who dressed you for your photos…?

  57. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I don’t think it’s too bad, but I would suggest a couple of changes for mom: Dark wash skinny jeans and a little bootie, such as Isabel Marant’s. Other than that, her bag is more “upscale” than her daughter’s bag, and the leopard makes it age appropriate. Agreed that her daughter’s scarf is overwhelming, but she’s adorable, so who cares?!?

  58. Pamela says:

    They are from Europe….light years ahead of the “fashion curve” and it’s second nature to them! They are adorable!

  59. Michael says:

    Think its cool that they want to be the same but mom’s pants are lousy and the shoes should be more conservative. The scarf on the daughter is over kill, waaaaay too big,

  60. Delisicia Washington says:

    Love it !!!! I would surely wear it with my daughter & I would not change a thing. If you got it flaunt it.

  61. Terri says:

    I like it..she is thin nd looks greatIi’d wear it.

  62. Andy says:

    Is there anything much more sad than a woman trying to hold onto her youth by dressing like her daughter? Style conscious, this is NOT!

  63. Mary says:

    The daughter’s scarf is way to much for her. The mom’s jacket is way too short and small for her and she shouldn’t have her picture taken with her hands in her pockets. I don’t like the look at all.

  64. Sher says:

    Why are we so concerned about whether people look ghastly or good? This judging other people’s appearance and clothing choices is all over the internet. I get sucked into it, too. It saddens me. Don’t we have better things to think about?

  65. linda caricofe says:

    Somehow it appears to be a mix up.
    Mother looks as though she is trying to recapture her youth.
    Daughter looks like she is trying to be adult.
    Both need style advice…normally, I say to each their own style, but, this pair seem to want to look ” in style “, so, they need advice.
    Clothes that fit correctly is most important.
    Next, coordinate those colors and prints correctly.
    Also, each needs to dress their age, no matter what the style…the age appropriate attire is most important.
    Women that dress too young, only draw attention to their true age.
    But, other than the way they dressed, let’s hope they had fun together. If they had fun together, the, the way they dressed can be excused.
    Mother and daughter enjoying each other’s company easily overrules the way they dressed.
    Best wishes, Linda

  66. ann says:

    Mom looks a bit clownish. If they switched outfits, it would love better on Mom. Daughter can wear either.

  67. Ctgal says:

    I think they look adorable! And you always have to cut tourists some slack with their shoe choices. I actually like Mom’s sneakers. If she can pull it off, more power to her! And maybe she doesn’t want to be a grown up fashion plate on vacation. I like it!!

  68. WLONGMAN says:

    The daughter looks cute, but even mom’s youth, great figure, beautiful hair and pretty face can’t overcome her ill-fitting and frumpy get-up!

  69. mb2432002 says:

    She has a body that beautiful clothes are made for, why wouldn’t she use it?

  70. kakkie60 says:

    When people travel or are out for a day of bonding, I do not think ‘HIGH FASHION’ is any ones’thought process when getting prepared. I believe that comfort and practicality supersede fashion in everyday life for the majority of us. I also think that it is unrealistic to expect everyday people to look like celebrities or the super wealthy in everyday life.

  71. Diane says:

    Just my personal opinion…………..I am not a pro! The teen looks like most teens………….cute but a bit overdone with the scarf. Mom, to me at least, just looks silly. There are many nice, fashionable, comfortable looks to wear sightseeing. This most certainly would not have been my choice. Mom looks like she dressed in the dark and from a box of cast-offs! But, to each her own! Both are quite attractive and have very nice hair!

  72. PKW says:

    I think they are cute! This mother daughter duo have their own signature look and are set to enjoy a day together. I don’t like sneakers for anything but exercise, but I can tell you after spending a day sightseeing sometimes I wish I had worn sneakers.


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