{What Do You Think of This Look?} Zany Ladies

You’ve seen them before — zany FOFs donning uber-artsy duds and strutting the streets practically crying out to be photographed. Popular street style blogs such as Advanced Style and the New York Magazine Lookbook are quick to call these women “stylish,” But do you agree? Just because an FOF dresses zany, does that mean she’s stylish?

“I’m a walking collage. I bring art to the street, it has nothing to do with fashion,” says Sue Kreitzman, one such ‘zany lady’ who we met on at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City, last week.

On Sue:
Necklace — Anna Tai
Bracelet — Old Earth Creates
Jacket — Sue found the fabric at a store near The Antiques Garage flea market, Lauren Shanley a well known fabric artist sewed it into a coat
Glasses — Eley Kishimoto

Image Sources: Advanced Style, New York Magazine Lookbook

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  1. Lisbeth says:

    If you just want to scream “crazy old lady” under the umbrella of being arty and independent, you are free to do so. But these get-ups are not acceptable for women who like a classic, elegant, or sexy sophisticated style. You can show your creativity and intriguing personality without looking like a circus clown.

  2. belindabg says:

    I say, MORE POWER TO THEM. I work in a position where I have to hold the rapt attention of those I’m trying to sell for anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours. People come into my showroom tired, beat up, and wanting to have fun for a change. I make it my personal goal to put some ‘life’ into what I’m wearing every single day – I’m a ‘walking show that never ends’. Not Lady Gaga, but an Interesting, Intriguing Woman with a ‘fashion sense’ all my own.
    I say, “YOU GO, GIRL” to these gals. Life is meant to be an adventure – and if you can’t have fun with your clothing, it’s not worth wearing!!

  3. Anne says:

    If they are having fun, then I say GO FOR IT! If the question had been “Are these outfits appropriate for an interview for an accounting job?” then my answer would be different. Love life, love yourself, love others, drop the judgementalism.

  4. jenreg says:

    sorry…looks strange to me!

  5. Lisbeth says:

    I hate to think that these “look options” are all that are available to “mature women”. I respect their desire to use color, but I would not admire these outfits on any woman at any age. Only the woman on the far right is wearing an outfil that even hints at being chic or sophisticated. Why is it that so many of the women you select for this feature must look so outlandish and garish? Surely you can find better role models for those of us who are just over fifty and looking to the future. These women look scary.

  6. PKW says:

    To each her own! I honestly don’t see much different in these looks than some of the outfits “Carrie” on the show “Sex in the City ” use to come up with. It is “a” style, but I don’t think it is “in” style. They all seem very happy and self assured, good for them!

  7. Tamilea says:

    I hate to say anything bad about anyone, but what I think I can say is “scary”.

  8. Sheila B. says:

    I am sorry, but all 3 look like train wreaks to me. A bit of color is great, but all their colors are fighting with each other. YIKES!

  9. Kim Sargent says:

    If it’s YOUR look and it makes YOU feel good about yourself then that’s all you should worry about. Don’t try to copy someone all the time with the latest trends, BE the latest trend! Be memorable and enjoy yourself and really! don’t take yourself too seriously! Know when you have to “growup” and wear your “big girl clothes” and always be appropiate for the situation and above all ladies… be classy!

  10. Marie Miller says:

    I think it’s great that all three ladies feel good in what they are wearing. The only one that I think looks stylish is the lady on the left, the red hair, the blue glasses, the lavender top with the fitted slacks…I think she owns that look, I love it. Not so much the others, wouldn’t want to be seen with them, but again, they should wear what makes them happy.

  11. westwind16 says:

    also agree with comment 7, and would like to add that dressing this way is sort of like putting on a costume each day to outwardly portray the “zany” character – and doesn’t let the true person shine through. I agree that we should not be slaves to fashion, and I own my share of “artsy” clothes and accessories- so I do understand the temptation to be a “walking collage.” I suggest doing what an art gallery does, give beautiful art a simple frame to be displayed in.

  12. Gisele says:

    While I admire the ability to walk on the wild side and remain comfortable in these outfits; my idea of fun and creativity does not lead to the outlandish. There ARE stylish and comfortable alternatives out there!!!

  13. gwtw19361939 says:

    As the youger girls say- OMG!!- where is the lady under all that.
    Is that a Hlloween outfit or are they THAT desparete for someone to look at them?

  14. Oh Wise One says:

    Less is More.

  15. Cécile Wheatley says:

    Bonjour everyone!!

    Left to right: Yes…she can get away with it… center non, non, non..go home and lose two thirds of what you are wearing, and right: what is that dangling at the end of the neck chain? not too attractive…
    I admire moxy and creativity and boldness in dress. But outragous clothes just to attract attention… well.. you can go the opposite extreme, total lack of clothes and achieve the same result. even a booking… !!!

    Have a great week-end everyone!!!


  16. Laura Borud says:

    I really don’t like the coat but if it was hip length maybe instead of crazy bag lady dowdy then maybe. But the shoes, I hate, hate, hate, crocs. With this wild an outfit a neutral color shoe would have worked better and be safer to wear, one little wet spot and she’d be sporting her art in a rehab recovering from a broken hip.

  17. Hotforfifty says:

    I like the originality of the outfits. A bit of eccentricity is fashionably good.

  18. nancdep5 says:

    Not a fan of any of the 3 looks and that’s all I can say. Way too much going on for my taste, and quite busy. Takes away from the person.

  19. Sweetie Girl says:

    Any way we choose to dress is our artistic expression. This is so much better than someone in sweats and sneakers, or men’s t-shirts and jeans. I see a woman who expresses the joy in her life.

  20. TexasDuchess says:

    Sue, pick one thing! Not everything all at once!

    Also, I hate the bag, the shoes, and the glasses (very unflattering).

    Re the other two ladies–what is it with redheads and their unfortunate tendency to wear pink, or purple? The hair needs to be toned down, too–the color is very Bozo, the clown.

  21. Betty Kurecka says:

    No. I would not call these women’s looks stylist or cool or attractive. But they got moxie and that’s what counts as far as I’m concerned!

  22. jetlag383 says:

    I love her spirit and zest for life.
    This particular outfit makes me think she is lost and looking for the shower.

  23. Carla says:

    Well, I’m addicted to the Advanced Style blog and I love them all (though I do draw the line at Crocs)–I hope I have their kind of moxie as I advance in my years! Stylish? Absolutely! Fashionable? What does that even mean? As someone noted below, attitude is everything. If I approached one of these women on the street, I would be utterly delighted and entranced by the feast for the eyes that they offer to the world. I can’t think of anything better. And I especially love that I can’t take it all in at one glance, so I’d be constantly on the lookout for them. Brava, ladies!

  24. AMOGINESQ says:

    she was right- that outfit has nothing to do with fashion or even a personal sense of style unless she was trying for the bag lady look. Someone wearing that outfit is definitly unapproachable.

  25. amanda6 says:

    I like understated, but different strokes for different folks! I wouldn’t say the preppy lady in the pink blazer on the far right looks particularly outlandish, maybe the hair just a bit.

  26. Marcia Robinson says:

    I guess these ladies think that at their age, they can get away with anything. I only have one word for them and that’s “OMG!!!!”

  27. Beth says:

    I also agree with Christine! This outfit is WAY over the top!

  28. Lollie says:

    These women apparently have never heard the old adage, “less is more”.

    In my opinion, Christine, #7, is the winner. She succinctly summed up my thoughts.

  29. Barbara says:

    whatever floats your boat…..

  30. Jan says:

    I am all for being unique and different. But I am not into being a laughing stock.

  31. b (sirrot) says:

    Our wonderful Ari Seth Cohen has an eye for the outrageously dressed older ladies. His photographs are wonderful. I have always thought that these women wore what suited them best. I, on the other hand would never try to copy their eclectic style. They are in fact one of a kind. Two would be just one too many!

    b (sirrot)

  32. suefaulkner2002 says:

    OK I agree, we do have the right to dress to make ourselves feel good. But, isn’t less is more? I have a friend that dresses similar to this and I think, personally, that she takes away from the woman she is!! I love all the things this woman is wearing and I would wear most of it but, not at the same time. How can you appreciate such great items if you can’t focus on any one? I want people to look at me and see the beauty of me and what I am wearing not what is wearing me.

  33. VJ says:

    Christine (#7) sums it up perfectly, I think. I like a little zany thrown in but perhaps one piece at a time.

  34. maxie says:

    Oh Please. Even if these zany ladies look at themselves in a mirror before leaving the house, what they see is style. Their Style. They are more than zany – kooky crazy ladies. To each her own. Not my style.

  35. Loie Docter says:

    I agree with many of the comments. We have a right to dress however we please. She is confident in her look and has a gorgeous smile. That said and because we have been asked, I think it is all about proportion. The look might work better if she had a shorter (hip length) jacket of the “loud” fabric paired with her long dark skirt. Or the jacket was altered to 3/4 length, above the knee, with a black, tapered-leg pant. She would look more stylish and the total look be more flattering. Re the jewelry, for my late mother’s last birthday several years ago, she received many pieces of jewelry as presents and donned them all during the gift opening. Some of our best photos of her and of the immeidate family were taken that day, her looking a bit garish, a word one would have nver used to describe her sense of style. Again, the pieces were beautiful on their own, together competed and she looked a bit silly. We did love her sense of humor about it all. Attitude is everything. That goes for this woman as well!

  36. linda caricofe says:

    I agree with # 7’s comments.
    I will say, although she is a sweet little lady, and I love the jewelryl
    I just can’t comment negatively because she has the sweetest smile…she is very proud of her look…so, I don’t have the heart to comment..but , # 7 handled the comment perfect 🙂

  37. Diana Verner says:

    If ever someone was in need of a makeover, she is the one. It is not the pieces thatshe has on that are horrible. It is the fact that she wears everything at the same time. This outfit could be appreciated if the coat was suited for her body type. And is she could understand that a little goes a long way. Having said that, I feel that the print of coat is more than enough boldness and the other added pieces makes her look clownish. Sorry, but thats what I see.

  38. kathleen says:

    Just one word “AWFUL”!

  39. Sallyjoy says:

    I see women dressed like this many, many times at quilt shows and fabric stores. They love the fabric so much they want to cover themselves in it.
    I love her jewelry!
    Let’s not get so homogenzied we lose our indivdual personalities. She is not trying to look 20 and has a fantastic smile. I’d like to know her, she looks like a fabulous person.

  40. Kathy P. says:

    Not for me – and I couldn’t bear to look at any of them – they make her look like an old, freaky lady.

  41. Karen says:

    P L E A S E! Fashionable, I don’t think so, but creative yes absolutely. Some of us love fashion, to me fashionable is to flow with the times and adapt what is hot to what looks good on our bodies and that includes what is age appropriate for us to look great. These women are using their apparel as a creative statement, which is a different element entirely. Creative dressing and fashionable dressing, no matter what one’s age is, are two different statements.

  42. norma.byrd.45437 says:

    Funky over Fifty? NO, NO, NO!!! Christine, Jo Ann, Nana, Mick—all 100% right on. If you want everyone to think “all old ladies are dotty” dressing like a bizarre bazar is the best way to achieve it. Wouldn’t you much rather be noticed for stunning good taste and style than as someone who just escaped the loony bin? Of course they can do whatever nutty thing they want but I don’t appreciate women in Halloween costumes representing me.

  43. Janice says:

    What a shame-beautiful individual pieces and impossible to focus on a single one of them. While she is certainly old enough to wear what she wishes all it accomplishes for me is sensory overload! The items worn individually againt a neutral background would have been much more effective in allowing the beauty of the “art” to shine.

  44. Janet Keyser says:

    Her looks gives me a headache almost. It is too busy and too out there, but it is her right to dress any way she wants. I am more conservative overall.

  45. Mary says:

    Tthere is fun zany that brings a smile to my face when I see it, regardless of the age [or sex] of the wearer.
    None of these ladies are my idea of fashionable and zany, but as long as they are having fun with it, I applaud them.
    I am often envious of those who are comfortable with themselves and have fun with their clothes.

  46. Darla says:

    Deborah Rapaport (on the left) is an artist and her textiles have been featured in museums and magazines I believe. She makes much of what she wears so I find her outfits interesting. Most of the street photo ladies look pretty clownish to me – but to each her own.


  47. Marne says:

    And the difference between this look and one from Chicos is……?

  48. Nannaof2 says:

    I’m sure they are funny loving, BUT . . . the first thing that would come to mind if I saw them walking down the street is “crazy old lady.” Their statement screams, “Somebody Puleeeeezzzzz look at me!”

  49. Mick says:

    This woman has been in the cast wardrobe for “Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat. Instead, it mimics a 70’s acid trip. I concur with most of the commenting FOFs – too much of too much. The coat would be very cute if it was hip length or shorter: the length makes her look like a dumpy circus clown, accessorized with clown shoes. The REDhead would look more striking if she simplified her clothing: the hair is the drama and it is fighting with the outfits for attention. They both have forgotten: there is a fine line between a fashionable outfit and a get-up.

  50. LydiaA says:

    If these ladies feel great and confident, why not? Women my age (early 50s) and older are superfluous in our society. Not that I agree–we rock, actually, and hold the whole flipping family/culture together. But that is how society views us…when they actually see us, that is. I love that they feel good enough about themselves to do what they dare. If I’m lucky enough to live to an age when I go gray, I’ll be looking for those blue rinses ladies used to apply to the hair back in the day.

  51. Jo Ann says:

    It is just too much of too much! Each piece is nice and colorful (well, except for the ugly skulls!) but put all together you can’t see anything. I believe art should be attractive and make us think — about a concept. I don’t find this at all attractive and the only thought I can form is OMG. I believe she would achieve her desire to bring art to the streets if she did it a couple pieces at a time instead of wearing the whole art gallery.
    I also feel that FOF women should be an example of good taste and the ladies with the bright pink/red hair are overdone (although not as bad as the art gallery lady). It makes her look like she still wants to be valued and get attention for her looks. At our age we should be getting attention for our grace, intelligence, wisdom, experience and skill not our magenta hair.

  52. Jan Vega says:

    I have to agree with Christine (#7). She expressed my opinion exactly as I wish I could have!

  53. Sheila says:

    I think the coat and skirt would look better shorter as she is tiny. Also, maybe some different shoes, not a fan of “crocs” or shoes that look like crocs.

    Overall its a nice fun look, just the coat is too big/long.

  54. Andy says:

    I admire her Moxie, but not my style.

  55. Christine Remo says:

    While I don’t feel it is my place to tell a grown woman what she should or shouldn’t be wearing…… since you asked, I feel compelled to say this outfit is screaming for the Fashion Police to take it away – far far away. Instead of displaying “wearable art” in a fashion where it can be admired for it’s own intrinsic beauty, this huge mishmash destroys each individual artists work by clumping in layer upon layer onto another’s efforts. Less is more. It is like taking a Picasso and placing it in a mosiac tile frame of similar color tones. They are both beautiful by themselves, but together they create confusion and compete to such an extent that their individual uniqueness and beauty is destroyed. If you want to wear textile art, be a proper canvas so that the beauty of the artists labor and skill can be viewed and admired unobstructed. Solid colors like black, gray, taupe, beige, white, etc. provide a much more pleasing canvas. Allow the art to softly penetrate the soul not stab the eye.

  56. Cynthia says:

    They look like they’ve escaped their keepers.

  57. Erika Bradley says:

    I love all her accessories! Unfortunately, you can’t really appreciate them when they’re being swallowed whole by her coat. But kudos for being her own person and knowing what she likes!

  58. Ann Rock says:

    Omg! Bless her for her moxie but she looks like a walking Salvation Army store….

  59. Jacqualin says:

    The outfit wears her. Your miss the woman looking at all the busyness.

  60. Joan Brigham says:

    These ladies are older, like me, and they have earned the right to dress as they please. They are each a symphony of color and the music is pleasantly lyrical. Thank you for such a fashion statement.

  61. Rhonda says:

    I love it. A woman who knows what she likes and is not afraid to wear it…. not a slave to fashion industry.


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