Wish I Was There

So many to choose from. I always thought it would be nice to see Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt or FDR.”
Sandra Welch

The birth of my great grandchild…not too soon!”
Sharon Shepperd-Wolfson

I’d like to go back in time to my daughter’s wedding day. I had a gut feeling twice for her not to marry him. I wish I told her.”
Debra Allen Demusz

Woodstock 1969. I was only six at the time and my parents weren’t into that scene.”
Tina Howe

MLK Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech!”
Teresa Varn Fivek

Giving my husband a hug and kiss before he suddenly passed away.”
Dawn Eato

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  1. Bessheit says:

    If the planet isn’t destroyed, my greatest wish would be to find other life forms on other solar systems (which I KNOW there are) and even travel to them. Sounds like science fiction, but I believe this so much. Every day life gets worse when there are so many wonders we could be exploring. High hopes for Elon Musk.
    Bess Heitner


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