The 12 Types Of Women 45+ You’re Likely To Meet Online

We all know who they are, and sometimes, we’re even like one of them. The internet brings out all sorts of intriguing, irritating, entertaining, and hysterical behavior.

1. The Expert

know it all
A self-proclaimed authority, she tells you “everything you need to know” about a subject, but she actually doesn’t have the credentials.

2. The Self-Congratulator


Hardly a day goes by when she isn’t celebrating herself and her accomplishments.

3. The Oversharer

She gives you the details about almost everything in her day-to-day life, from what she ate for dinner last night to her husband’s latest medical test.

4. The Humble One


She doesn’t post often, but when she does, she actually has something compelling to say.

5. The Grateful OneTONYSrecord

She makes sure to thank all her Facebook friends for their undying “support” for everything she does.

6. The Cheerleader

She’s forever commenting on how adorable, smart, beautiful, and amazing everyone else is.

7. The Humanitarian

8612210069_1affee9d21_zForeign & Commonwealth Office

She’s always promoting some cause of the day.

8. The Fund Raiser

She goes one step further than The Humanitarian and often solicits donations for causes about which her family is passionate.

9. The Photographer

She makes sure to capture every moment, from her latest haircut to her trip to Target.

10. The Trendsetter

IMG_8555copy Advanced Style

She’s actually so cool, that you can’t wait to see what she’s wearing, doing and thinking.

11. The Gamer

She’s so addicted to the latest gaming apps that she wants everyone she knows to play with her.

12. The Mystery Woman

She constantly tells you about her new clothes and spectacular beauty treatments, but never ever shows a photo of herself.

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0 Responses to “The 12 Types Of Women 45+ You’re Likely To Meet Online”

  1. Petulia Home says:

    Hmm this describes every blogger on the internet. These come in all ages, not just the over 45s.

  2. lorrwill says:

    So this post is what you call “substance”? I am extremely disappointed that a site that claims to be for women of substance would consider this a worthy use of space. This will be my first and last visit.

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Lorrwill,

      We think that women of substance like to have fun, too! Sorry you’re leaving.

  3. Antionette Blake says:

    Yes, I am a combo of several.

    • Jen says:

      Coughing my head off. .. yup, I’m a combo, too, Antionette! LOL!


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