You tell us!


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  1. PKW says:

    trash.. or a VMA look …

  2. off2thespa says:

    I agree with the Halloween suggestion otherwise this should ONLY come in children’s sizes!

  3. Reba Charleston says:

    I don’t care for these, but do love others from the BlackMilkClothing site. Thanks for sharing CB! 🙂

  4. Helen says:


  5. Christine Norman says:

    Trash, enough said.

  6. CB says:

    Yo…I have those 🙂 why, cuz, I’m bold that way. They will definitely get noticed lol
    I’ve worn them to the gym, and they came in handy last Halloween too. If you want to look at all the crazy tights made by this company, just go to:
    I like to push the envelope; and I do love the mermaid ones too!!!

  7. Carol M says:

    Funny I went into the gym a week ago and one of the trainers had these on. Take my word for it you have to have very good legs to put these on. There was a lot of double take looks. I think quite a few thought they were gross.

  8. Diane Hinkle says:

    I can usually find something good to say about any article of clothing. But this one leaves me speechless. My only good thought is that perhaps one could wear these to an anatomy class when studying muscles and muscle groups. And then dispose of them. They look like raw, scraped skin and I cannot imagine anyone wanting to look like that.

  9. Mary G says:


  10. Loesje Shema says:

    Those tights are just about the nastiest, ugliest things I have ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!


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