What is Your Biggest “Pet Peeve”?

Most everyone has at least a couple of pretty maddening habits that can make someone else’s hair stand on end. Even someone who loves us a whole lot. One of our biggest pet peeves in seeing dirty dishes in the sink, especially when the dishwasher is inches away. And, if you know Mary Anne, don’t ever hang up on her, or she’s going to do something you won’t like!  Check below to see what it is.

People who try to save an entire row of seats for their later arrival family or friends at movie theaters.
Andrea Bledsoe


“Clerks not saying ‘thank you.’ They just give you the receipt and say ‘there you go,’ or ‘have a nice day.’”
Carol Bowyer Gravelle


LaDonna Stephens


“Christmas lights still up in April with them still turning on around 6 pm when it now gets dark after 8 pm!”
Gail Listopad-keyes


“People cracking gum.”
Carol Abood


“Just one???? Today it is bad drivers. Tomorrow it could be something else.”
Laurie Abernathey Barnett


People that can’t put their phones down!”
Linda Batey 


People being inconsiderate with their shopping carts in the store.”
Richard Alexander


“People who dye their dogs colors.”
Shar Harper


“Neighbor’s who insist on using my front lawn as a turn around spot.”
Connie Chretien


“Terrible table manners and noisy eaters!”
Margot Thompson-Henson


“People who instruct me by saying ‘all you have to do,’ as if the task is as easy as blinking my eyes. I mean really, it’s so easy a moron could do it so maybe, just maybe, if you try really really hard, you’ll do it too …’all you have to do …’”
Paula Lafleur


“People on their phones while driving!!!!!!!!!”
Paula Bernhardt


Pedestrians who push the button for the walk signal but jaywalk anyway. Drivers are forced to wait for the light for no reason. If the driver “jay drives” through the light, he might get a ticket. A ticket for the pedestrian is very unlikely. If you don’t intend to wait for the walk signal, then don’t press the darned button.
Anne Bayer


“Chewing like a cow. Moo!”
Jeanie Stiebel


“People who don’t put something back where they know it belongs!!!”
Vickey Kilde-Goeden


Don’t ever hang up on me.  I’ll hunt you down.”
Mary Anne Duchscherer
“Hands Down, RUDE PEOPLE. And there are alot of them out there.”
Marianne Creighton


“Snooty, cliquey, insecure, immature acting women. No time for a kindergarten relationship at this phase in my life.”
Michelle West Stano


A liar. I cannot stand to be lied to or lied on. It literally makes me physically sick and so angry.”
Terri Madison


People who wear socks and sandals.”
Coryne e Skulls


“Scantily dressed people.”
Kally Lewis
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  1. Cathy McIvor says:

    People who do not floss their teeth – their breath stinks!!!


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