{Giveaway} City Lash

City Cosmetics has created an easy-to-use eyelash enhancer, which promises “longer, darker, more dramatic eyelashes in 42 days.” City Lash should last two and half months, according to the manufacturer. The extender’s active ingredient, Myristoyl Pentapeptide, helps stimulate keratin production, creating a natural growth effect that “looks better than traditional makeup.” With a twice-a-day application to the “base of your upper eyelashes,” will this become your new favorite part of your beauty regimen? 1 FOF will win.

To enter, answer the question: When did your eyelashes become dull?

P.S. The manufacturer says City Lash “can be safely used on eyebrows to increase thickness.”

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes October 8, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • I can’t remember a time when my lashes weren’t dull and cowlick straight.

  • Ethel Johnson

    My lashes started getting dull when I turned 60. Help!

  • Lynn

    Please make my blue eyes sexy again!

  • Liz

    I have tried several eyelash growth products but no results. I would love an opportunity to try this product and get the promised results. I certainly could use thicker lashes.

  • So need this, eye lashes are thin,short and ugggly

  • Debra S

    ooo in my late 40’s.. the eyelashes began to just “go” so sad…

  • Once I turned 45 my lashes started dulling and diminishing.

  • Charlene Kuser

    My eyelashes started turning dull when my hair started turning to gray
    [email protected]

  • heather c

    Probably when I turned 30. Ack!

  • Veronica Garrett

    They became dull about ten years ago.

  • melikegarfield

    When I changed my diet they seemed to thin up (I’m vegetarian now)

  • Marie

    around 36-37 or so. i have “gappy” lashes that are shortish now

  • matthew

    my mom could really use this

  • Dorothy Hubbard

    I noticed things were begining to change in my late 40’s.

  • amanda whitley

    i cant really pinpoint a time , i would have to get it was when is started having kids.

  • Ashley Pichon

    My Eye lashes starting getting shorter as soon as I had my children. Now they are almost non existent.

  • Jennifer Moore

    I’ve never had good eyelashes, and no matter what mascara I use, they always look clumpy and spread apart. I am hoping to win this so one day I can have good eyelashes for once.

  • nicole w

    they have always been this way

  • joni

    I went through an early menopause around age 44 and my lashes feel out. When they came back they were spacey and thin.

  • Sand

    Within the last two years.

  • Kayla

    I’m not sure if mine were ever dull, but I love new make up!

  • Rebecca Peters

    My lashes have always been dull.. kinda sad
    [email protected]

  • Kandi

    They have always been dull.

  • Eileen Burke

    My lashes became dull just within the last 3 years or so (I’m 37)

  • My lashes have always been dull

  • Ariel Chiu

    have always had fair/dull lashes!

  • Brittney House

    My lashes have been dull every since I started using waterproof mascara.

  • Marlena white

    My eyelashes have always been light in color
    & shorter than most I’ve seen 🙁
    I’d love to give this a try !!

  • joyce88

    I have never had full lashes and have always wanted them. I have tried many products but they don’t work. I would love to win this product and see if I will have full lashes. Hoping you pick me.

  • yyoerger

    I wouldn’t say my lashes are dull; just light blonde, so I’ve dealt with them not being noticeable my whole life. Since about 50, they have thinned on the lower lid, which is OK, except where there is a gap on my left eye. If this could make the gap less visible would be good to try.

  • Laura Juarez

    Menopause! DEFINATELY Menopause! !!

  • DeniseG

    My lashes are bla , noticed the change when I turned 52.

  • Linda Brave

    After I hit 57 my lashes became dull and short. It’s hard to see my eyelashes because of my light complexion and hair. It would be wonderful if I can have natural looking longer darker lashes.

  • About 1 year ago I noticed my lashes seem to be thinning out and becoming dull.

  • Denise B.

    I’m 50, and my eyelashes have actually grown longer in the past year; and I want to keep them that way.

  • Janet George

    When I turned 60 last year. That’s when everything started changing for the worst.

  • Gloria Katch

    I singed my eyelashes and eyebrows a few times smokin’. Damn that was good hash!

  • I think I was in my forties when I noticed that my eyelashes were getting sparse.

  • Krystal M.

    My eyelashes has always been dull

  • Lisa V.

    I can’t say that they have become dull, but have always been very light in color and really not visible without mascara.

  • Christine

    my 50’s

  • desiree melton

    in my younger years, i always had beautiful long, thick lashes. in the last several years, i have noticed that i can’t seem to get long flowing lashes with mascara. i dont need the lashes to me thicken but sure could use some lenght. needless to say, i am game for any product that would produce the results i’m looking for because i’ve yet to find a product that works for me.

  • cheryl

    Early 50’s. I am now 58 and they are getting thinner by the year.

  • Jul

    i’m with you Marie, I’m 51 and I’m absent. I really wish we could do something about it. It gets worse when I’m nervous or something dramatic happens in my life where hair is falling off from all over the body.

  • jean olaughlin

    hardly any lashes anymore.

  • Christina Barnes

    When I put any face powder on

  • Michelle

    During my 40’s. Now in my mid 50’s and mascara does not help. I have to use eyeliner on water line/upper lid.

  • Anita L

    I think they’ve always been dull.

  • Denise Adams

    They started to become dull about 5 years ago when I turned 45

  • Pat Thomas

    Usually, all eye makeup makes my eyes red and itchy. Must be allergic to it. Just wonder if I could wear City Cosmetics.

  • Carmen

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one with disappearing lashes! Now maybe we can all get back the lashes we had in our youth.

  • Carmen

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with disappearing lashes! Now maybe we can all get back the great lashes we had in our youth!

  • AJB

    Since I have baby fine hair, it seems like my lashes have always been sparse and lackluster.



  • I miss having long(er) lashes. At age 54 they are pretty much non-exsistent. But at the cost of $79 I would have to live without them. I’d ove to try though!

  • RonniN

    For the last few years my lashes have become dull and sparse.

  • Y Ronni Navarro

    For the last few years they have become dull and thinner.

  • I never leave the house without mascara – my eyelashes are so boring!

  • Molly levegood

    Love to try this product

  • I had chemo ealier this year, and lost all my lashes; they have been very slow at growing back plus they lost their luster from the experienc. I would love to try the product to get some extra help.

  • Jenny Kim

    My Lashes are still long and in good shape, but I’d still like to win the prize.

  • I lost all my eyelashes and hair when I was very ill. They’ve grown back, but they’re just not as full and long as they used to be.

  • L. Rose

    It was so gradual that I dd not realize right away. Can you help?

  • neciahd

    My lashes started thinning when I hit menopause. My eyebrows starting thinning at about 45. I use to have very thick dark brows and lashes and didn’t use makeup on them at all.

  • Susan Chester

    My lashes started to look dull in my early 40s.

  • Chrystal D

    When I was in my 30s.

  • Louise

    After menopause; seems like my eyes are nonexistent

  • Roxanne Diesel

    My eyebrows and lashes started becoming dull and thin about 10 years ago due to a thyroid condition… then came menopause, and they have never recovered!

  • msortet

    To me, my lashes have always been dull due to the fact that they are short and I have never been able to wear mascara as the chemicals bother my eyes. City Lash sounds promising for someone like me!

  • stacy angers

    Why is it that the parts of us that we wish were “less” are more and the parts we wish were “more” are so much less? Why can I grow thick, long hair out of my chin but can’t grow an eyelash to save my life?? I can pluck like a mad women and can’t keep up with luscious locks on my chinny, chin, chin,(maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point) but can’t sprout out a single little lash. After trying lotions and potions with no results I started wearing false lashes 5 years ago because I read that long flirty lashes was a sign of youth. I left that minute to go to the local Wal-Mart and get me a pair of these “fountains of youth” in a package. I must admit that the difference in my appearance is noticeable and on occasion when I don’t wear them, someone will always ask me if I’m tired or not felling well. I would love to have the fabulous false lash look with my own lashes but because I have tried so many other products that haven’t worked, I am skeptical. I would love to her a testimonial from someone who now has “Mr. Snuffleffigus” eyelashes from using this product.

  • lisa m

    Oh my god, I would love this. I’m blonde and have super small lashes and they are so light…if this would darken and grow my lashes..I would be in heaven!

  • Sandee

    Dull and thinner hmmmm right around 50ish I guess! This would be a great product to try.

  • Kim V.

    At 34 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My medication helped but when I reach 45 it started again. They do respond well to products like this, City Lash is on my “to try” list.

  • ginafaulkner

    Early 40’s

  • Jackie leDoux-Trouard

    My lashes started fading between ages 45 – 50. I use to hear “your eyes are striking” now I hear nothing. Without mascara and liner you don’t even notice I have lashes. I hope this works.

  • Sue Ellison

    My lashes have never been long and thick, but I did notice them falling out more when I turned 40.

  • cttopflight

    Let my kids tell me, it was at least 10 years ago…….they say “mom you don’t have any lashes”

  • Shanna

    After being pregnant/having my twin daughters. They are a mess lol

  • I would love my lashes to look fuller and more healthy

  • Phoenix

    In my 40s.

  • sarah woods

    [email protected] have never worried about the lshes secondary to hard to wear contacts this would be a definite for the eyes for sarah woods

  • kgritts

    Mine really starting thinning out after my hysterectomy 5 years ago.. Gone downhill ever since. I have tried every mascara out there with so-so results. Friends suggest fake lashes or extensions but I don’t have the time or the money!

  • elaine

    Would love to have lush lashes again.

  • Gayla

    I would love to try this product. My lashes needs some help. As I age my eyes need to be brighter.

  • Emily Fussell

    Mine went to little nubs several months ago when I got off HRT. Yep, I got nubs & hot flashes, lucky me.

  • Paige Miller

    Age has definitely taken its toll on mine. Help!

  • Violette Chef

    In the last few years, I’ve noticed my lashes are not as thick as they used to be–they are still
    pretty long. What is also disturburbing are the number of white eye brows I’ve developed–
    if I don’t use a brown powder and clear mascara on them they look pathet-a-sad (mine own word).

  • Kathi

    I would have to say my lashes became dull in my late 40’s, I have pretty blue eyes but need more lashes to make them really PoP! I have tried false eyelashes, but I am not too good at applying them. I would be so Happy to win “City Lash” because this is what I need to really complete the look to my pretty eyes ! 🙂 Thank You for this opportunity.

  • Angela K

    Sometime after 30…

  • Pamela Sergent

    Would love to win and try the City Lash. Thanks

  • I’ve never had long lashes but they seemed to get thinner when I hit about 45. It would be awesome to have long thick eyelashes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Rinda Freeman

    When I was about 40

  • Zeke King

    Lousy eyelashes….always

  • Kai W.

    I would like to have great looking lashes at my sister’s wedding.

  • Connie Williamson

    Omg. I’d love for my lashes to look like that.

  • strawberry3d

    when i turned 42

  • PJ

    As I get older my lashes have been getting thinner and shorter.

  • janis

    when I was about 45 they started getting they seemed to have gotten worse. They have always been light in color but now nonexistent


    I have notin the last few years my skin has become duller, along with the brightness in my eyes and lashes. Have tried different products, but so far nothing seems to work, so I am very excited to hear about this new product.

  • Laura Borud

    While never having nice lashes they became really sparse and invisible around the time I turned 50, also the time I went through menopause. Lots of mascara helps but they look so heavy and unnatural, not to mention the clumps and clumping.

  • Christine Norman

    I don’t think my eyelashes are dull, but they could stand to be enhanced.

  • Rhonda Holt

    My eyelashes and brows started disappearing when I was 47. 🙁 Now they are almost non-existent.

  • S. Carter

    I used to have great lashes but they have thinned due to a medication.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Would love to try City Lash for my disappearing brows and lashes!

  • Since I have turned 50 they have become very dull

  • Leona Gibbs

    I have always thought my eyes and hair were my best features. But when I turned 60 and went through menopause I started noticing that my hair was getting thinner and so were my eyelashes. Miss them……..

  • Kathie

    My eyelashes aren’t dull but they could always use a boost! 🙂

  • Jayne

    Where can I buy this please? I live in the UK.
    Thank you 🙂

  • When I started getting chin hairs (55yr) I started losing eyelashes and developed a few thick curly hairs in each of my eyebrows. I could sure use some help getting things under control!

  • Cyndy

    Mine have always looked sparse and dull.

  • Mary Valmont

    I noticed my eyelash getting sparser in my early 50s

  • Anita C

    When I hit 50, my brows and lashes began to become sparse and dull

  • jhendon60

    I started losing my eyelashes in my40s and at 53 could use a lot of help!

  • yummyfaerie

    I think they started their decline when I hit my 30’s…Now they get beat up from too much curling.

  • Lisa lakatos

    My eyelashes are ok but this says you can also use on brows. That is where I need the help. It has bee since i started getting white brows that the became sparse. Wouls still use on lashes though.

  • Donna

    I’ll be 63 in 9 days, and although I can’t set a definitive time when my eyelashes started looking dull, I do notice that time has taken some of the natural luster they used to have. I say, if there is a fix, let’s do it!!

  • Shannon

    After chemo, my eyelashes will come in and fall out. [email protected]

  • I don’t remember exactly when my eyelashes started thinning and dulling but probably around when I turned 40

  • Ellen

    They seem to fall out more often since menopause.

  • Ellen

    They seem to fall out or often since menopause.

  • Victoria

    When the “pause” that doesn’t refresh

  • TriciA

    A long time ago. Early 40’s. My lashes are so sparse. Would love to try City Lash!

  • Myrna

    They have been dull for a long time. They are very sparce and light in color. You can hardly see them. I have to put on tons of mascara for them to look half way decent.

  • Rita Bankes

    I am 61 and have noticed fewer and shorter lashes (and getting worse) the past 3-4 years

  • Kim D.

    past few years it seems – probably stress related

  • Pamela behrend

    It looks like mine thinned early. I noticed a marked dif in my lashes in my mid 40s. Help!

  • Adrienne Gordon

    i think about 5 years ago

  • linda

    I think 60 was the age at which things really started changing noticeably, including lashes becoming sparse. I still love eye makeup, but it is so much more work now!

  • Kim Cage

    I would say they started becoming dull in the past 2-3 years. Now that I’m turning 57 this month, they could really use some help!!

  • Lashes? What lashes? They’ve always been light and thin but, over the past 10 years or so, they’ve become nearly invisible. (Ditto for my eyebrows.)
    I’d Love to give this product a try!

  • Starr Greenwell

    About when I turned 50, they got thinner. My eyebrows have always been pretty much nonexistent, so..I would really love to win this.

  • As I have gotten older my lashes are starting to thin. I’ve always used mascara because my lashes are very blonde, however, now that they are thinning, even the mascara isn’t working as well. I would love to put some fullness back into my lashes!

  • Almost a year ago I noticed my lashes thinning more and more/

  • Linda L

    I noticed my eyelashes becoming dull in my early fifties. I’m almost 60. I’ve actually tried an eyelash enhancer, but the results were not as promising as I’d hoped. There are several on the market, but who knows which works best? I’d be willing to use one that showed real benefits.

  • Anne Derkat

    In my 60’s

  • In my 50s

  • Linda

    I’ve tried several for about 2 years when they became significantly thinner and sparser. Will this one work? Remains to be seen (hopefully through longer, denser, darker lashes).

  • CMC

    My lashes began to get dull about five years ago, when I lost a good amount of weight.

  • Joyce Leathers

    I actually can’t remember when, but they are so short and small, you have to get up close to see them. I’m 56, just going thru menopause……everything is thinning, falling out (except body weight, lol). I would love to win the City Lash….thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • What lashes?

  • An

    – My lashes started to thin when I turned 45. I don’t wear makeup but I’ll like to try something to improve them.

  • darlenecom

    They have always been dull!

  • kathy boyd

    When I hit 50.

  • Nance Lubenetski

    I have always had short light eyelashes. Ihave tried every mascara to make them look fuller and darker. I am still looking.

  • About 55 now I’m 58 and I miss them…

  • loralee roberts

    as i got older i started to lose my lashes now it looks like i dont have any

  • karen d

    About 8 years ago. They are still pretty decent but I can tell there is a difference, not sure why or how it happened.

  • Deborah

    Need to fill in the blanks!

  • Jody Wallem

    I have noticed some serious thinning in my hair over the past several months.

  • Rosemary Simm

    I’m seventy now and still have most of my original hair color, a good skin complexion, and
    a nice neck, however, the eye area really changed. I got droopier eyelids and now my eye lashes are so dull and thinned that they appear to be gone. If it wasn’t for mascara they eyes would be very sad looking. I really want my lashes back.

  • About 5 years ago.

  • Vicki

    My light green eyes were my best feature until my lashes started thinning around age 50. I am forever seeking a solution and would love to try City Lash.


    in my late 50’s

  • casey04

    in my 50’s

  • ACeeKayWa

    About the time I turned 62. Sigh. And I would love to try City Lash on my poor over-plucked (in my teens) and now thinning eyebrows!

  • Sue

    55 was when my short but thick lashes became spindly and short.

  • Marlene Goldschmidt

    I always had long eyelashes and lost that “look” going through menopause. I want my eyelashes and eyebrows back!!!

  • Shirley Younger

    my lashes became dull and then when I reached my 40’s

  • lizzybk

    I noticed a difference in the thickness of my lashes in my mid forties

  • luanne kleiman

    Have been reading up on this and would love to try it!

  • Sue Miller

    I stopped wearing mascara over 10 years ago so this would be great.

  • smfsprout

    I’m not really sure. One day I woke up and looked in the mirror and realized that the shine in my hair, eyebrows and lashes had disappeared. Darn that Mother Nature!

  • My lashes have just started to thin this year (I’m 53) and the ones that are there are light and short. I use mascara, but that doesn’t really do the job


    At menopause

  • They’ve just started to thin from my lush look.

  • Dawn Cronk

    They have always been dull, and short, so anything that can help would be greatly appreciated!

  • It seems my lashes have always been sparse. What’s a girl to do without some eyelashes to bat?!

  • Sheila

    My lashes have thinned out in my 50’s.I used to pride myself on my thick lashes. If I could get them back that would be great! I’d love to try this.

  • Sheila

    My lashes have thinned out in my 50’s.I used to bride myself on my thick lashes. If I could get them back that would be great! I’d love to try this.

  • Kathy Hecimovich

    I’m 61 and I’m really just noticing them now.

  • Sharron L.

    I’d say around age 50…..would LOVE to be a tester for this product! I have beautiful BLUE Eyes & since my lashes are sparse, I am constantly looking for the “Magic product” to make them fuller & longer!

  • velder dixon

    starting menopause

  • Sandy

    About when I hit my mid-40s, my lashes started looking less-than lush.

  • Beth Narloch

    Being blonde, my lashes have always been transparent and wimpy! Wondering if anything could really boost them.

  • Karen

    Would love to try this product and see how it compares to others I’ve tried.

  • After puberty.

  • Jean Antoniazzi

    My eyelashes became dull when I hit my mid to late fifties…..along with my complexion and hair! 🙁

  • Diane Hinkle

    Don’t know exactly………….it just sort of snuck up on me, as have many things as I have aged. I do not mind my white hair…………..people love it. Nice lashes, dark and long, would be an addition. My brows have thinned also. Maybe I could help them with this, too. I will be excited to see the unbiased opinion of this brand by the person who wins. It is not outrageous for 2 1/2 months.

  • I am 55 and my lashes seem to be getting shorter and shorter…

  • pat ransom

    once I turned fifty and fab the lashes began to look “dull”….would love to try this product

  • maxie

    My lashes changed when I turned 60. I am 62. I recently had upper and lower eyelid surgery which looks fabulous but it would be nice if the lashes matched. I’m tired of putting on globs of mascara to enhance them and have the mascara run up to the eyelids. Would love to try this product. Pick me.

  • If this product works, should sell like hotcakes!

  • dpaget

    My eyes were always my best asset. Unfortunately, menopause seems to have affected my eyelashes, and now I have to wear gobs and gobs of mascara just to look “awake”. I’ve been looking at eyelash extensions, permanent dyes, etc., but all seem to have lots of “cons” that outweigh the “pros”. Would love to try this so I could restore my eyelashes to their former glory.



  • Judith Newman

    I’ve had good eyelashes until I tuned 70. Now, not so much.

  • I have thinking about getting eyelash extensions. So maybe if I try this and am completely satisfied, there will be no need for the extensions. Extensions are costly and require maintenance every couple months.

  • Diana Verner

    My lashes were never lush lashes and I now since I have gotten older, they are sparse and dull. They do not look healthy at all. Not interested in false eye lashes because I have heard they will destroy what lashes you have….

  • Veronica Sandberg

    after I turned 60

  • JoAnn

    They have been dull for so long. Always needed makeup to see them at all.

  • patti bell

    Have never had decent lashes! Just one in my life I would love to experience this. Would be great if I were chosen!

  • Barbara C

    Seems after 60 eyelashes become very dull so any help is appreciated.

  • michelle nunley

    When my eyelids started drooping – I need help!

  • Always had sparse, short lashes. 🙁 Worse now that I’m 60.

  • carrie obrien

    Not really dull, just less of them/shorter,,,

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    My eyelashes (among many other things) have been dull and sparse since my thyroid removal 10 years ago.

  • Nancy Luebke

    Seems like it’s been sort of gradual the last few years, along with my outer eyebrows.

  • abbygabbie

    In my early 30’s I started to notice a change. I used to have such FULL lashes without needing any help.

  • Susan Weinberg

    I need help with my lashes.

  • cheryl marsala

    Unfortunately in my 40’s, it makes me feel self-conscious and unattractive, especially since more mascara looks desperate!
    Trying before buying is a Great incentive, thank you for the opportunity!

  • Kathryn Kondrad

    If this product restores my flimsy eyelashes, I will sing its praises!

  • kathy kukla

    I use to have long lashes until my Fifties then they changed. Now at 60 they are short and light. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  • Carol Schmitt

    Getting older, everything falls apart including darn eyelashes..

  • jacqueline shuster

    I noticed in my 40s

  • Karen

    As I got older, around 50, things went south along with my lashes.

  • Eileen Saweikis

    Being a mascara junkie is becoming more challenging and less fun now that my lashes are deserting me. Lashes were my things until 50 ish.

  • debby

    started losing them at 41

  • Tricia Hope

    Sounds like a great solution!

  • MBissaillon

    My late 40’s, after Chemo and menopause.

  • Deborah Piera

    In my late forties I noticed my beautiful frame of lashes were dull and lifeless. What I would do to have thick lush lashes again in my 50’s


    Probably when I started using false eyelashes frequently! I don’t anymore, but I’m still hoping to get beautiful natural lashes.

  • Pamela Lloyd

    about 50

  • Sally Sutliff

    What Denise said…..ugh….

  • Marcelle Cole

    I would say when I began menopause 4 years ago I noted my lashes declining…………


    IN MY 30S

  • Jill

    I’m not sure, probably when the hair on my head started graying & loosing its luster too.

  • Jeaneen

    My lashes became dull around 40 and at 48 they are really thinned out…almost non-existent. I understand as time goes, you lose lashes and they will never grow back like they were in your teens and 20’s.

  • Sandy

    My eyelashes are thinner and shorter since I turned 50. Mascara barely helps them look lusher anymore. Not happy!

  • Margaret

    I’ve heard this stuff is the BEST! Now, I would like to know for sure! If it is, I will shout from the rooftops and certainly, make the buy!

  • teshgirl1

    I honestly don’t remember, over time nothing is the same when you look back.

  • Debbie Dodge

    Noticed lashes became dull and more sparse when I turned 40…City Lash…bring back my youth 🙂

  • Nancy Krueger

    early, at age 35

  • Pat

    Radiation treatments in my 20’s had them falling out they grew back but rather sparse. I am happy to be 62 but would love younger
    looking eyelashes!

  • Sherry

    My lashes became dull after my hysterectomy 5 years ago. Tried supplements and other things. Nothing worked! I would love to try City Lash!!!! But then, who wouldn’t! 🙂

  • Beverly

    I never did have nice lashes. :/
    But it’s gotten worse with age.

  • danielle brigandi

    my lases are thin and sparse.i would love to try city lash

  • Carla

    As I quickly approach the age of 60 I am noticing that my long, curly eyelashes are diminishing. I would love to try a healthy product to promote lash growth and health.

  • sierrasmom

    I didn’t start losing my eyelashes (length and amount) until a few years ago — in my late 50’s. I had a complete hysterectomy in my 30’s, so I can’t really say menopause was the culprit, but I wear mascara so my eyes don’t “disappear!” Without the eyelashes I used to have my whole face looks washed out.

  • Need longer lashes

  • Nancy L

    I am now 66 & had a complete hysterectomy which put me into immediate menopause at age 39 — so for 27 years eyelashes have been sparse & dull. Would love to try this wonderful product!

  • After going through chemotherapy for breast cancer four years ago, I was grateful to have retained at least some of my eyelashes, dull or not, and thought they would come back eventually. I’m still not back to my so-called normal, and at this point would welcome a chance to encourage additional growth using a safe product. Believe it or not, I dreamed about fuller lashes just last night. Could it be a sign?? Hope so!

  • Christa L.

    mine started getting dull around age 30.

  • keizerfire

    My eyelashes starting turning pale and falling out when I was in my forties. They are very sparse now, and come in white or clear, which, quite frankly is a little strange.

  • Imelda

    I have thin lashes to begin with but at menopause they became more prone to breakage and falling off. I need something to help with lash growth. This may just be it.

  • anita

    I agree, once I turned 60 my eyelashes at the outer corner of my eyes disappeared!

  • jill


  • My lashes began to get dull and thin after menopause. They really need help.

  • ciaobella70

    I’d love to try it!

  • Menopause came and the eyelashes just couldn’t seem to take it, so they left 🙂

  • Loretta S.

    After surviving Cancer, coupled with menopause – my eyelashes fall out ,, don’t grow at all like they used to. Knowing City Cosmetics from the industry- I would love to try this. The depressing thing is my eyes were always my best feature!

  • Carol

    They’ve been downhill because of years of wearing false eyelashes.

  • B. Lerner

    My lashes started to become dull when I started menopause.

  • Flo Zoltanetzky

    Never had great eyelashes – maybe this will help.

  • Sue Smith

    A few years ago I started noticing that they were becoming sparse. I still have some, but would love to see them thicker.

  • Stephanie Hartman

    About a year ago.

  • deborahf2

    I saw a definite difference in my 40’s…used to be able to run out the door with just a swipe of lipstick, but with sparse and light eyelashes I always looked like I was still asleep…lush lashes are sooooo important!

  • Deborah

    As I entered my fifties

  • Bonnie

    My eyelashes became dull when I was in my mid 30’s. Now in my 50’s, I have to use all kinds if lash enhancers! I would love to try City Lash and have just one product. Please consider me!

  • I started noticing problems a few years ago, menopause??


    My lashes were always dull and started thinning about 10 years ago…

  • mmont55

    Well that would have to be about 27 years ago when I lived in Arizona and my propane oven blew up in my face. I used to have long luxurious lashes it has been a struggle to get them to grow since. They are sparse and dull as far as the eye can see.

  • Nina Brown-Lane

    Probably shortly after menopause which, for me, was VERY early in life. I also suffer from Hypothyroidism and have a tendency towards thinning hair, eyebrows and eyelashes included.

  • Holly Kennedy

    I’ve always had thin lashes, but 40 seemed to do a number on them.

  • Linda Myers

    I would love to win. My lashes are almost non-existent!

  • sussexr

    Started thinning out about 5 years ago after a rough time in my life. They are a little better but not like they used to be. Would love to see if this works.

  • Lisa Kerr

    My lashes started to become dull and thin when I was around 35, Im 45 now.

  • Diane Lutz

    In my late forty’s, my lashes and hair thinned, and all thre hair on my legs and arms disappeared. Not having to shave my legs is all gain, but my hair and eyelashes thinning was awful.

  • mintjulie

    My lashes changed (among other things) when I had to have a complete hysterectomy which put me into immediate menopause. I noticed them not as full or long.

  • Vicki McClure

    At nearly 63, I’ve definitely noticed my lashes are sparser, and being blonde doesn’t help.

  • Mary Gillis

    When I was sixteen. Eyelashes were always dull and after I plucked my eyebrows, they maintained the very thin shape and never grew back! Need help!!!

  • Donna Role

    My eyelashes started to become dull and sparse about a year ago. I am 56 and I would like my eyelashes to be stronger longer thicker and darker that would be great!!

  • Patricia

    I’d love to bat them….if I only still had them. 🙁

  • Cindy

    Age 55 everything changes.

  • konny r church

    They are not dull yet.

  • Mary Gillis

    since I was sixteen!

  • Michelle

    My eyelashes have always been light and fine, but menopause (bearer of all bad news) has shoved them over the cliff.

  • My lashes started becoming thinner and more sparse in the last couple of years. I had 2 separate cancers (breast and colon) less than 11 months apart. I think between radiation treatments and extreme stress, it really taxed out my whole body.

  • Tracey Elbein

    I would say around age 50 I noticed that my long full lashes were not as long and full as they always had been. I also like the fact that this product would darken the lashes because I now spend $ every 6 weeks to have my very blond lashes dyed.

  • Naheed

    They have always been like this. I would love to give this product a try.

  • M Gibb

    just with age …they went away and are very thin

  • This is an awesome gift and I would love to win this!!!!! My eyelashes are no where to be found. I am 50 plus and need something to add color and depth to my face; I am feeling drab!

  • My eyelashes have always been ‘just there’ but people have always commented on my eyes. Since I have turned 50 my lashes have moved from ‘just there’ to ‘no where’.

  • mag

    I started noticing a difference in eyelashes at around age 52. I am 54 now and feel naked without eyeliner and mascara. Would love to enhance the eye area.

  • When I started having problems with allergies.

  • JoAnn

    This mascara sounds great — anything that looks good and is healthy is a plus in my books!

  • Cathy

    Lashs are super thin! After some health problems they just seemed to thin away too! Be nice to have full lashes again!

  • Michelle H.

    My eyelashes have not been as long as I would like for around 5 years.

  • My eyelashes have never been great- so I could always use some brightening.

  • LeeAnn P.

    they’ve lost any natural curl they ever had and now they’re thinning too!

  • Connie Fischer

    I would so love to win this. When I was younger, I had the longest, thickest eyelashes ever and had so many compliments on them. Today, they are as nice as they were and I wish I could find something to make them better. PLEASE choose me! 🙂

  • I guess my eyelashes began to diminish when I became a Grandma, so about a year ago. I would love thick long eyelashes!

  • I noticed a difference in my post menopausal mid 50s.

  • Cynthia Madsen

    Thinning in all the wrong places! Lashes are no longer lush and bottom lashes are going the way of the Dodo bird-could really use this! Thanks

  • Denise J.

    Menopause! Need I say more?!? UGH!

  • I started losing my eyelashes at 40, so now, at 55, they are all but absent!

    • I hear you. My lashes are so darn sparse too.